you smile and its nonchalant
kiss the flame to the bowl you packed
i wonder if you think i'm cold
hold my words and keep control
we take hits and feel just fine
i smile and i'm not sure why

watch your hands their trailin' sparks
touchin' things and breakin' hearts
fingertips like lit matchsticks
heavy heart like a thousand bricks

i calculate like grade ten math
interpret love like a heart attack
i breathe in hope and blow out smoke
you leave off so i take a toke

careful now i'm wearin' thin
got a black hole heart but i'll let you in
wrapped my dignity around my waist
kissed your lips and liked the taste

youre deep like craters and smooth like glass
i know what were doing and i want it to last
you got up to leave and i asked you to stay
looked at me like i'd got my way

you smile and there's something there
kiss the flame to the bowl we'll share
i know i'm cold but you keep me warm
melted my heart like a firestorm