Don't be afraid to scare off your shadow,

Just fling some dignity into the sea,

Get your hands a big mess and your feet all wet,

And stomp right on into an afternoon tea.

Liven up an abandoned house,

Pull a prank on your best friend,

Live and let the others thrive,

Off a bit of your lost innocence.

I know that you want to,

Everyone does,

So go and do it and merely have fun,

Finally and just because.

Live life without a care in the world,

Be able to say honestly,

"Worries? They stay miles from me."

Don't let the little things get you down,

Don't let authority boss you around,

Live and breathe and in between,

Laugh and paint the town.

It's safe to say you'll be free of regrets,

Unless you wrote all your concerns,

In stone rather than wood,

'Cuz it's a little bit of deviance,

That does a person good.