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Ceres found that he was lonely, and has been since his creation. There was no explination for his creation, he just was. From himself he created an alternate being, his sister, Hel. Together they created the world. There was light and prosperity, lush forests, and deep oceans filled with all sorts of creatures. The mountains were mineral wealthy, animals of all sizes roamed about, and the people of the world never had to go hungry.

Hel didnt see the world as perfect as her sibling did, and requested that they add darkness to even out the world. Ceres dismissed her, causing a hatred to build inside and she found herself ready to burst with anger. Until one day her anger grew so dark and repressed, she cast aside her brother, and split the world in two, creating the two worlds known as Valoria and Haskilia.

Ceres became the God known for Light and Prosperity, his Valorians serving him thoughtlessly until one day Hel grew so tired of watching this mindless following, she opened a pathway between the two dimensions, letting her Haskilian's and Infernal-Blooded to mix with his Valorian's and Aasmir's, creating two worlds where there wasnt just good or evil, where both worlds had to fight to survive, and nothing came 'easy'.

Valoria's lands were lush, the Vossar Peaks stretching out across the northern borders of land. The Tharlian Stronghold; where the soldiers from the Illocity trained until they could return, rested upon its second lowest peak, and right behind it, reachable only through a thick steel door, was the Stairway to Heaven; mythed to be the only way mortals could possibly reach the Gods above without being dead. The Iron Mountains held both of the worlds mineral wealth, curving around Haskilia, and stretched across the border. On the Valorian side, at the end of the mountain's rests the Grand University; a place where scholors and mages go to learn all they can about the worlds. Bordering the Skys Ocean was Illocity, the booming capital of Valoria, with many villages and smaller cities found all over the lands and in the mountains.

Haskilia was hot, baren, with no plant life surviving upon its surface. Small villages dotted the land, and in the center rested Cyanteen Citadel, the capital of Haskilia. A more prospering area of Haskillia was Midnight Vale, known for the thick clouds that seem to darken the sky even when the sun was at its highest. Haskilia housed bandits, demons, Infernal-Blooded, and anyone that dared to venture over the safety zone of Valoria. The Bloody Sea that ran from many streams through out the land, bordered around Haskilia, stretching out so far no one really knew where it ended or even if it ended. The Neverwhere forest was the border between the two worlds, where the two ends touched. No man could enter one side of the forest and hope to exit on the other side if it wasnt for Hel creating the pathway, making the invisible joint disappear.

For a century, things worked well, but tensions were rising between races and between the gods. Only decades later, races began to take sides and they started a war. The 'good' battled the 'evil', and though after a century the war seemed to come to end, many still fought against each other, never being able to give up the differences between the races. The war was infamously called the Centuries War, although it seemed the war wasnt truely over...

Kain's dark brown, nearly black eyes surveyed the blue sky above him, the clouds floating along, birds singing happy tunes in the trees around him.

They disgusted him.

He strode out into the light, the grass bending beneath his booted feet. Behind him, the Infernal-Blooded followed, snickering to themselves, leaving a trail of deep, smoldering foot prints where ever they walked. He could see a small village just two miles to his left, and he contemplated going there. He knew he needed to find the jewel, but what would a village know of it?

'You will search everything.' The sudden voice in his head was heated an full of anger, causing a headache to rise up after the presence left. He owed the life he had now to the She-Devil. At first, he remembered cursing her for what she did to him, though his curses always fell short when he remembered that he agreed to her terms.

He was once the mortal son of Hanrod, the God of Blacksmithing, and he found himself thrown into the Centuries War, fighting with the Valorians and all those that fought for the 'good'. It only seemed right that he be there since he was the son of a God. He could still remember that he never wanted to join in the war. He just wanted to fish for the rest of his life. Kain could still smell the salty breeze of the ocean, hear the soft splash as the waves broke against the sand.

He set off towards the small village, his eyes drifting to the ground. The grass suddenly becoming bloody, bodies of fallen comrades littered the ground around him. His heart raced, hearing their screams of pain, the roars of the demons in the distance. He remembered how exaughsted that last battle had left him, and when he had put down his guard for a second, a sword had smoothly entered through his back, the sharp pain he felt as it sliced his spine in half was only a distant wincing memory now. He could still see the protruding blade as it burst out of his chest. The blade had shone in the firelight, his blood dripping off its edge.

Kain winced, remembering the tightness he felt as it was wrenched from his chest, falling face first into the soggy ground.

He stopped, holding his hand up to the demons following him. They were a mile away from the village, and Kain was almost surprised that the villagers hadnt noticed their death marching for them. But from what he could see, they were all doing their daily business, completely naive to the world around them.

He spat on the ground, trying to rid his mouth of the taste of blood, "You will stay here and wait for my signal." He turned to face them, their red flesh bright in the sunlight, their black eyes soulless and eager for blood. "You will not come a moment sooner, or I will peronally kill you myself."

His second, Ra'lun, shifted where he stood, his eyes bright, "I will keep them here, Kain."

Kain turned away from them, feeling a deep seeded hate for those ugly son of a bitches. The one called Ra'lun was the same demon that killed him almost a century ago. Every once in a while he could still see a killer gleam in those eyes, and he knew in the back of his mind that given the chance, Ra'lun would try to kill him again. He grinned. The only one with the power to kill him was Hel, and she's already made it clear she was keeping him around for as long as possible.

He closed in on the town, the dirt road that ran through the village was only half a mile long, a stone house sat at the end, almost as if the road was leading him there. He walked there slowly, his brown eyes watching the simple villagers as they walked around him, very few even glancing his way. A store owner stood in front of his open doorway, his arms crossed, glaring at Kain as he walked by. A couple children ran past him, one bumping into him. A snarl erupted from him as he turned on the frightened child, but it stuck in his throat as he gazed upon the childs wide eyes. He relaxed and turned away, picking up his pace.

As he grew closer to the building, an elderly man walked out of the house, a white robe on his surprisingly strong frame. Behind him two slim girls followed, coming to stand on either side of him as they waited for him to approach. The girls were tall, about 5'6, their skin the nearly color of gold. They had long black hair, one had it tied back into one thick braid, her bangs pushed to the side, and the other had hers in a high pony tail, her bangs falling into her gray eyes.

There was something about them, and he kept finding his gaze on them. The old man straightened as the visitor came to a stop, gray eyes analyzing him. "What can we do for you, visitor?" his voice was strong for such an old man, but then again, his build wasnt necessarily that of an old man either.

Kain shifted his weight onto one leg, his hand resting upon the pummel of his sword. "Ever heard of the Jewel of Kharishna?"

Something flashed in the old man's eyes, his lips forming a stern line. "And why would someone be searching for that?"

"Its really none of your business," he replied, tensing. His ears picked up the stillness in the village behind him, his eyes watching the girls glance at each other. "Its just pertanent that I find it."

The old man's eyes narrowed, and he came close, stopping nearly a foot from him. He leaned in and sniffed the air around Kain, eyes closing. "You have no scent," he whispered, eyes opening quizically.

Kain smirked, "Isnt that just strange." The man's eyes widened as cold steel caressed his neck, "I know you know something about the Jewel. Tell me, and I wont kill you, those precious girls, and I wont destroy this pitiful village."

The old man closed his eyes, inhaling deeply, "Its hidden deep in the Neverwhere Forest. But you'll never find it. No one has, and no one will."

Inside his head, the feminine voice purred, "Neverwhere, hmm? So close, yet so far away. It could possibly be a ruse, but just to be certain, search it."

"I will find it. I promise you that," he replied, both to the old man and to the She-Devil in his head. He slid the dagger across his soft throat, warm blood flowing from the wound. The old man held no surprise in his eyes as he fell, and Kain spat on his body. He lifted his bloodied hand to the sky, a roar erupting from his chest, echoing around him. In the distance he could hear the responding roar of the Infernal-Blooded, and he grinned wolfishly, turning his gaze to the terrified girls.

They were huddled together, hands grasped in one anothers, gray eyes watching him come closer. The demons were upon the village in seconds, their delicious screams filling his ears, the smell of burning flesh and wood filling the air. He welcomed the chaos erupting behind him, a small part of him protesting against this destruction, but the demon in him pushed it back with a devilish roar, filling his bloodless veins with a surge of power.

He moved towards the girls, and to his amusement, the twin on the left swiftly brought out a battle dagger from the sheathe behind her back, holding it up in front of her as a form of protection. She glared at him, the fire from behind him lighting up her eyes. Kain chuckled, "Do you really think that will do you any good?"

She spit towards him, moving to stand in front of her sister. He shrugged, sheathing his weapon. If she wanted to fight, he might as well make it fair. As soon as his knife clinked in its sheathe, she was in front of him, blade moving to cut open his jugular. He leaned back just in time, his hand reaching out to grasp her wrist. He pulled her forward, trying to get her off balance, his spiked hand moving in to puncture the back of her neck. She swiftly bent forward, and twisted out of his grasp, the battle dagger slicing into the cloth covering the back of his knee.

Kain watched her roll away, coming up in a crouch. She was quick, he'd give her that. Behind him, the Infernal blooded had finished killing the villagers and were now approaching him. Ra'lun stopped beside him, looking from the two girls to him. "Shall we kill these two also?"

Kain shook his head. "No. We have no time to waste killing these two. We head for the Neverwhere."

He turned and followed the Infernal blooded out of the village, stopping halfway to turn and wait for Ra'lun. The second was still watching the girls, and Kain could tell he was contemplating on whether or not to go again his orders. Kain called out to him, almost warningly, and Ra'lun turned away, his face full of anger. Kain was going to allow them to live. For whatever reason he did not know. Maybe because the one twin impressed him. The sting on the back of his knee brought a smile to his face. He was hoping to encounter her again.