Isn't it amazing how your perspective of someone can change in an instant? For example, one of my uncles (we'll call him uncle K for now) was my favorite uncle. He had a hard past but he grew up and learnt how to overcome it. I looked up to him. One of my favorite memories was from the 2011 summer when we were both at my grandma's and we watched the MTV VMA's together.

Everything was awesome until I went to Edmonton and had an interesting conversation. My mom and I were staying with our cousin and his wife. They are not religious at all, he is in a death metal band and she's Wiccan. Somehow we got on the topic of homosexuality. My mom brought up the fact that even though most of our family is super religious (I'm talking shrines to Jesus) we aren't and that we're okay with homosexuals (I'm not out to anyone but my best friend). The thing she said that bothered me so much was that my uncle K, is homophobic.

Normally I just accept it, most of my family is homophobic, but this was different. This was my favorite uncle. I'm scared; I don't know what he'll do when I finally come out. I don't know if it will change him, or he'll ignore it, or if he'll hate me.

So just like that I thought of him completely differently. If only everyone could get along, hey?