I'm beginning to hate this place

For all the scars it's left undeniably on my face

How can one moment change everything?

These memories leave me with nothing

Tell me, do you enjoy my pain?

Do you feel me trembling?

Can you picture my lip quivering?

Does it satisfy you to hear the way I cry?

This place contains fear of which I cannot hide

So frightened by the coldness

And scared of the bitterness

Which road do I choose?,

When either way I'll lose.

Is there anyone left to help me try?

Who cares, tell me, who is not a lie?

This place; it's heartbreaking

I wonder, why was it mine for the taking?

What secrets are left to be revealed;

What mysteries that would be better off concealed?

What nightmares await me tomorrow?

How much more heartache, how much more sorrow?

Why was it me, why this young face?

Tell me, Why was I chosen

To die in this dreadful place.