Chapter 1: The Dream

Mikoto couldn't go back to sleep after that dream. Almost every night she had the same dream and didn't know why. It was about 6:45am and it was about time to get up for school. Even though most of the time she didn't even bother to go. She was buried under her covers, feeling so warm and comfortable that she didn't want to leave. But she built up enough energy to manage to roll out of bed and onto the floor, the covers still wrapped around her like a caterpillar in a cocoon. She still couldn't manage to take the covers off her because she was only wearing a T-shirt and underwear, which she wore every night and complained the next day that she's cold because she sleeps with the air conditioner on.

Her school uniform was hanging on a hanger on the back of her door. It was an all-white button shirt, a black mini shirt with a black blazer that matches, with the school logo on the front. E.S.H.S, which stood for East Shinjuku High School, was sewn on the blazer in bright red letters. She took her uniform off the hanger and went into the bathroom and turned on the light so she could see herself in the mirror. Mikoto had long black hair that went all the way down her back, stopping at her waist. She had creamy white skin, big chestnut brown eyes, pink soft looking lips and a round face. There was no doubting that she was a very beautiful girl.

She turned the sink water on warm and throws water onto her face and grabbed a towel that was hanging on the rack and dried her face off. And that's when flashbacks of the dream started to come back to her.

"An overactive imagination." She said to herself. "That's all it is…"

On the way to school, she took the long way. She wasn't in a rush to get to school like she should. But lucky she didn't live far from it. Mikoto lived near a park that had a path that lead her to the other end of town, near where her school was. It was a big wooded park where many people would go to ride their bikes, take walks and take people on dates. And since it was morning, it was very quiet and it made a great place to think. She could only think of that dream. Every night that dream has been haunting her sleep and every time she dreamt it, it became more vivid and clear like a movie playing in her head. Every night was the same, about a man with crimson red hair destroying an old looking village and a girl with light hair fighting him because of it. And in every dream, they ended confusedly.

The man strikes at the girl with a full blow. She could hardly keep her balance because she was left using only her left hand. Her right hand was out of commission because she used Raiden way too early in the battle. The man knew he had only that one advantage over her, but only by a little. He was badly injured as well and he could only use half of his power. He kept throwing his big sword at the girl as she desperately kept trying to keep up with his quick movements. With every strike she took from him, she kept taking steps back. And it seem like everything he threw got even more deadly.

"What's wrong" he shouted, "Hehe. Can't keep up? Is this all the black butterfly is good for, hmm?"

The girl ignored his arrogant comment. The girl took one step back and lost her balance and fell on her bottom. The man quickly saw the opening and made his way to her with his blade but she quickly rolled out of the way leaving her katana behind. She was completely defenseless. The man locked his eyes on the katana and she knew she had to get back to it. Without a second thought, she hurried to reach for it, but he kicked it out of the way from her and stabs her in the palm. Her eyes widen in shock as she looks at her bleeding palm and…

"Watch where you're going!" a girl who Mikoto bumped into yelled. Mikoto came back to reality when she started to hear the horn of cars and the talking teenagers making their way down the street. She didn't realize that she been daydreaming all this time.

"Miko!" yelled a loud and girly voice from with the crowd of Shinjuku High students. Mikoto knew exactly who it was. She looked in the direction she heard it from and realized that it was a tall girl with short black hair. She waved at Mikoto, then ran up and gave her a big bear hug. She was squeezing Mikoto so hard that she couldn't breathe. "Oh Miko, I've missed you so much!" exclaimed the girl.

"Midori… too tight!" Mikoto said, barely getting her words out. Midori noticed quickly and let go. "Oh, sorry." She laughed as Mikoto took a deep breath in relief.

"It's just great to see that you're alive. You haven't been to school in a week."

"I'm still alive and kicking," Mikoto said as she started walking down the street alongside Midori. Midori was extremely noticeable because she was the tallest among the girls in Shinjuku High. She was tall with a slim figure. If you put her in a dress, she'd look like a super model. She had short black hair that kind of spiked up at the top, just a little, bright gray eyes, and a long face. You could never find Midori without a smile.

"So what's new?" Mikoto asked while walking beside Midori.

"Well, nothing really, it's the same boring school."

"I don't even know why I even bother to ask," Midori laughed.

"Oh Miko, school isn't all that bad. By the way, what made you want to come to school today?"

"Well, I have to show up sometimes."

"Yeah, yeah. I know why. First semester exams are in two weeks. You already missed most of first quarter. How do you even expect to pass?"

"Like the way I passed my other tests," Mikoto answered.

"That is?"

"Studying. duh!" Midori rolled her eyes.

"Oh," she said, sounding unconvinced.

"What do you think I'm doing when I'm not in school?" Midori thought of all the clichéd things that most rebellious teenager would do within 20 seconds of thinking time. "Well at least you're studying…I guess."

They finally arrived at the high school, where many students were getting ready for class. Mikoto sat in the seat that was nearest to the window, second to the last seat at the back of the class. Outside of the window were the school fields, where you could see many kids who had PE class doing lap runs and an old cherry blossom tree that was kind of blocking the way to the field. Mikoto didn't care because she enjoyed counting petals as they fell from the tree. In the front of the class, was a crowd of students who were talking, taking naps in their desks, and finishing last night's homework. Mikoto was the only one who was doing nothing. She stayed to herself since nobody really paid her any mind.

"I think my eyes are playing tricks on me, Mikoto Ishida is at her desk," a girl said walking down the row of desks to get to Mikoto. She had shoulder length red hair and green eyes. "What drew you out of bed today? Oh let me guess, hmm, is it exams?" The girl stared to laugh. Mikoto rolled her eyes.

"You know me so well, Hikari," Mikoto said sarcastically.

"You haven't been to school in like a week. People started thinking all sorts of things. And on top of it all, you know Aiwa-sensei is going to give you hell for not showing up."

"Don't worry about me. Besides, I've studied the whole time."

Hikari sighed. "If you say so… But I'm still worried. And I want to tell you that this isn't middle school anymore. We have to take school more seriously now."

Mikoto returned her attention to the window to watch the cherry blossoms fall from the tree.

Hikari noticed she wasn't paying her any mind. "Are you even listening?" Hikari asked, annoyed.

Mikoto sighed and turned her head back to Hikari with an agitated look.

Hikari returned the look with a glare. "I see you're not in a good mood today." She turned around and started walking back down the row of desks, almost stomping with rage. "Talk to me when your mood is in check."

Mikoto always closed herself off when it came to a subject involving school or her future. It wasn't like Mikoto was a bad girl or got bad grades. In fact, Mikoto was a smart girl. If she really put her mind into it she could have all A's. The thing was that Mikoto didn't like to talk about anything that has to do with her future because she wasn't sure on what she wanted to do. Plus, she didn't even take interest in figuring it out. Mikoto was just a fallen soul.

The girl looked at her bloody palm as the man stood in front of her with a mischievous smile like he had already won the battle.

"This is just pathetic!" the man exclaimed. "How can anyone this weak ever be the wielder of the black butterfly? You have to be kidding me." He pulled his sword out of her hand and put it at his side. "I really thought you would have been better than this. Ha! You're just a little girl." The girl stayed without a movement while the man went on with his arrogant comment. But that's when the man realized that something odd was happening about the girl. She wasn't crying out in pain like he wanted her to. Moments passed and the man finally noticed why. The bloody wound on her hand had disappeared. The man gasped in shock as the girl started to grin.

"Oh, you didn't know?" she asked with a smirk on her face. "I'm a water type Esper. This means I can heal myself."

The man's eyes widen in anger. "That's impossible!" he exclaimed. "You can use Raiden, which is lightning type. How the hell can you use both?" The man was full of rage and confusion.

The girl began to laugh softly, then looked at him with eyes the color of blood and said,"They don't call me the black butterfly for nothing."

"Ishida!" a voice called to Mikoto. "Wake up!" Mikoto's eyes popped open when she heard those words. Her face was buried in her arms on her desk. She picked her head off the desk and looked to see her homeroom teacher, Aiwa-sensei, standing directly in front of her.

"I was sleeping all this time?" Mikoto asked confusedly.

"Yeah, you were!" Aiwa exclaimed, sounding extremely irritated. "And I would like to continue teaching my class without your loud snoring." The class started to laugh, but Mikoto just rolled her eyes. "Thank you," Aiwa said, turning around. Mikoto stuck her tongue out at her back. Hikari was at the front of the class in her desk looking at Mikoto the whole time, feeling sorry for Mikoto.

Mikoto just put her head back down, trying to get back to her dream.

School was finally over and everyone was getting ready to go home or heading to their after school clubs. But as for Mikoto, she was left cleaning the class room by herself for sleeping during class. And was she pissed about it. Hikari was standing in the classroom door entrance, watching Mikoto mopping the floors. Hikari couldn't help but laugh.

"You know that you did this to yourself, right?" Hikari said with a little smirk.

"Oh shut up!" Mikoto was pissed, but Hikari didn't pay any mind to her little hissy fit. "Aiwa-sensei left me to do all the work! If I could give her a piece of my mind without being punished, I would!" Mikoto started mopping the floor faster.

"You know if you mess up, she'll make you do it all over again," Hikari explained.

"Don't you have someone else to annoy at the moment?" Hikari just laughed at Mikoto's sarcastic comment.

"I'm just trying to help."

"You'll be helping by grabbing a rag."

"Sorry. No can do. Aiwa-sensei said whoever helps, will be in bigger trouble. I think I'm cool on that."

"Midori would have helped."

"Well I'm not as nice as Midori."

"Speaking of Midori, where is she?" Mikoto asked.

"Aikido practice? Where else?" Hikari answered.

"Oh almost forgot…" After that short conversation there was an awkward silence that had started between them and Mikoto continued to mop as Hikari watched.

"Well, I guess I should get going," Hikari said, picking up her bag which was in the corner.

"Wait Hikari," Mikoto said catching her before she could get away. "I'm sorry…" Hikari looked at her confused.

"For what?"

"For being an ass to you this morning, I guess I was a little cranky."

Hikari raised her eyebrow doubting that last statement. "You're always cranky," she said, putting her hand on her hip.

"I'm serious. I really am sorry. I just have a lot on my mind lately. And school and these thoughts just don't mix." Mikoto put the mop in the corner of the class and walked over to the seat next to the window and sat in it. Hikari knew that something was bothering Mikoto. So she walked over to her and stood in front of her.

"What kind of thoughts have you been having?" Hikari asked but Mikoto just kept silent. Hikari sighed. "You're the worst when it comes to expressing your feelings, you know." Mikoto still kept quiet. Mikoto folded her arms and looked down at her shoes while Hikari looked outside to the school soccer field. "I remember when we first met," Hikari said with a smile. Mikoto gave her a look of confusion. "You and Midori saved me from these bullies from the sand box because I couldn't stand up for myself." Hikari began to laugh.

"Yeah I remember. They picked with you because of your hair color." Hikari ran her hand through her bright red hair.

"Yeah, nobody believed me when I said it was my real hair color!" Both of them laughed. "But after that day, you and Midori became my first real friends. And back then, you were different." The smile faded away from Mikoto's face and Hikari looked at her. "You were so energetic, outgoing, and fun. In fact, being around you was like an adventure to me." Mikoto unfolded her arms and walked over to the chalkboard and started to clean it with the rags that were in the soapy water in the bucket.

"That was such a long time ago," Mikoto said, her back turned to Hikari.

"Yes it was. And it was some of the happiest times. Sometimes I wish we could go back in time to when we were kids." Mikoto continued to wipe the board without a word back to Hikari. Hikari noticed that Mikoto's mood had changed again, so she walked out of the classroom.

"I'm sorry, Hikari, but things can never go back to the way they used to be."

Mikoto was finally done with the class room chores and ready to go home. All the desks were stacked up on one another and so were the chairs. The floor was sparkling and the chalkboard had no sign of chalk on it. Mikoto was proud of the work she had accomplished and gave herself a pat on the shoulder. Now it was almost 6 o'clock and that meant she couldn't go through the park that she went through this morning because creeps go through them at night. So this meant she had to go around, which she hated.

On the way home she stopped at a convenience store. In front of the store was a man that looked to be 25 with bleach blonde hair and sunglasses on even though it was dark out. He was smoking a cigarette, eyeballing Mikoto as she walked passed, but she didn't pay him any attention.

"Hey, sweetheart," the man said, smiling at Mikoto in a creepy way. She ignored him and entered the store.

The store was quiet, too quiet for a neighborhood store. There weren't any costumers. Mikoto didn't really pay any mind to the emptiness in the store and grabbed a bag of chips from one alley and a few boxes of pocky, then walked over to the cash register to buy her items. But the register was empty as well.

"Hello?" she called out, but no one answered back. "Great," she said sarcastically and began to walk out the store, leaving the items at the counter. When Mikoto left the convenience store, the man was still standing in front of the store, still smoking the same cigarette. Mikoto looked at him for one split second, and then started walking down the street away from him.

"Hey! Cutie with the nice ass!" The man exclaimed, directing the perverted comment at Mikoto. But she just rolled her eyes and kept walking. He threw the cigarette into the street and started following her.

"I know you heard me," he said, low and creepy. Mikoto knew right away that this man would give her a hard time.

"Leave me alone," Mikoto said calmly, but still walking ahead.

"Oh don't be like that. I just want to chat with you." He kept following her. "How about I take you back to my place and we can have some fun? You're in high school, right?"

"Oh gee, did my school uniform give it away?" she asked sarcastically.

"Hehe. We have a smart one I see."

Mikoto tried to lose him the best she could but it was useless, until they came to an alleyway. Mikoto thought of an idea to lose the creepy man. She turned the corner and dashed down the alleyway as fast as she could, trying to get away from the man. But it was useless. The man grabs her by the hand and pulled her to him, pressing his body against her.

"Don't think you're getting away that easy, sexy."

"Let go of me you pervert!" Mikoto tried pulling away but the man had a strong grip on her. He put his hands on her hair and started to pull really hard while take his other hand and putting it in his pocket, pulling out a sharp knife. Mikoto eyes widened when she saw the shining blade.

"Now, how about you do what I say now!" the man said as he put the knife next to the side of her face. Mikoto quickly took her hand and knocked the knife out of his hand, and punched him in the face knocking his sunglasses off his face.

"Dammit!" she yelled in pain. "Your face is hard!" Mikoto punched the man as hard as she possibly could but it didn't do much. The man still had the creepy expression on his face with no bruise or marks on it. Mikoto was a karate black belt and knew that that hit would have sent someone flying but the man stayed the same. She didn't understand why he wasn't on the ground by now. That's when she realized something awfully strange about the man's eyes. They were glowing bright yellow and his pupils were like cats. The alleyway was pitch black and the only light you could see was the moonlight and the man's glowing eyes.

"Hehe. I guess I have to try something else," the man said, but in a much creeper way. He grabs her by the hair in a more aggressive way and drags her on the ground. His face looked like a psychotic mass murderer. She was so afraid of the man she couldn't even move her body to defend herself. He threw her against the hard concrete wall and walked towards her. She hit her head on the wall extremely hard and couldn't see straight. "Hehe. I told you not to be that way. Now it's time for your punishment." She quickly shut her eyes closed because she knew what the man was going to do next. She wanted to fight back but she knew it was useless. Whatever this man was, he wasn't human and Mikoto knew that.

"Get ready, girly. Because this is last you'll…ah!" the man said, not finishing his sentence. Mikoto opened her eyes to find the man on the ground with a sword pointed at him by a boy with dark shaggy hair. Mikoto's eyes widened at the sight.

"You damn, Espers!" the man yelled, with an evil look in his face. "You're dead!" The man picked himself from off the ground. Long fangs grew in his mouth and long nails grew from out of his fingers like a ferocious beast's. Mikoto just watched from afar, too frightened to move.

The man dashed at the boy like the flash of lightning and slashed at him. But the boy just blocked the man's hit. After the man threw a few hits, the boy pushed the man and rammed his sword into the man's chest. Mikoto gasped at the sight of the man's blood that dripped on the boy's sword. The man fell to the ground. Mikoto was sure that the man was dead. The boy pulled his sword out of the man's chest and looked at Mikoto. Mikoto's heart started racing really fast. She thought the boy was now going to kill her, but was surprised when she heard a low and innocent voice.

"Are you hurt?" asked the boy. The boy walked over to her and reached out his hand to her. "Don't worry, that man won't hurt you anymore." Mikoto took a good look at the boy's face and realized that he was around the same age as her. He wore an all-black jacket and black pants. He was tall and slim with a symmetrical head. Mikoto grabbed his hand and stood on her feet. That's when she started to feel light-headed. She looked at the boy's face one last time, before everything started looking blurry, and fainted. The boy quickly caught her in his arm.

"Whoa there!" he said. "Don't worry I got you."

AUTHOR NOTE: Okay, this may have a rough beginning but it will get better, I promise. : )) this is basically my second attempt of writing a story. One of my biggest weaknesses is fighting scenes but I hope I get better with it because this has a ton of action XD