Chapter 3: The Mysterious New Student.

Mikoto woke up a little later then she usually did, but she didn't mine. Her air conditioner was blowing on cool and her body was warmly rapped around the covers comfortably. She felt energy flow through her body, which was odd because she never felt this alive on a school day.

She got up from out of her bed and walked over to her air conditioner and turned it off. She wore nothing but her gray and black underwear and a t-shirt that said "Yes, I am the best" on the front. She stretched her arms in the air and let out a big yawn then hurried to the bathroom for her daily morning routine.

She looked at her self in the mirror and examine her face. Everything was the same.

She had long black hair that went all the way down her back, stopping at her waist, Creamy white skin, big chestnut brown eyes, pink soft looking lips and a round face. There was no doubt that she was a beautiful girl.

After that, she put on her school uniform that was an all black blazer that said E.S.H.S on the right side, sewn in bright red colors, a black mini skirt and a white button up shirt with a red tie.

She went down stairs in her house and smelled bacon as she set foot on the first floor. She went into the kitchen, which her grandfather was frying bacon and eggs in a pan over the stove.

"Good morning," he said with a smile.

"Good morning, why are you cooking early?" Mikoto said as she sat down at the table.

"Because I was doing something nice." He put the bacon and eggs on a white plate and place it in front of her. "Eat up." Mikoto began to eat.

"Thanks grandpa!" She said with a mouth full of bacon. "It's just a little odd to see you up so early."

"I could say the same for you." He laughed. "Now hurry up, you don't want to be late for school."

When she was finish her breakfast, she put her plate in the sink then grabbed her replacement book bag and started for the door, but before she could get out, she heard the television playing in the dinning room and took her attention to it.

The local news was playing and the broadcast was label "convenient store murder"

"breaking news, reporting live from down town Shinjuku ." said the woman on the television screen. "What seems to be one of the most quietest and peaceful areas of Shinjuku, take a tole for a the worst when a teenage boy, named Toro Nora, working yesterday evening at a local convenience store was stabbed to death." they showed the convenience store on the screen and Mikoto was shocked to see that it was the same convenience store she was at last night, right before she was attack. "They say that the boy was dead for about a hour and 30 minutes before someone found the dead body. The boy was a 3rd year student at a local high school who worked at the store everyday after school. Investigators say that this man was responsible for the boys' murder." They showed the picture of killer who was man who looked no older than 25 with bleach blonde hair. Mikoto recognized the man all to well.

Mikoto felt like her heart dropped out of her chest. But at that very moment, memory flashed across her mind of last night. A boy, who name she never got to know, rammed his sword through the man chest. Mikoto was sure that the man was dead, there was no way he could have lived through that.

"Mikoto," her grandfather said from within the kitchen. "You better get going or you're going to be late."

"O-okay..." She said as she hurried out the door.

Walking to school seem a whole lot calmer today than it usually did. The sky was gray and there was all signs that it was going to rain.

The only thing that was on her mine was what the news said. "That man is alive... How is that even possible?" She thought to herself. "That guy from last night who saved me... He killed him, or so I thought." Mikoto picture the boy in her mind and remembered that he was a tall and handsome guy with dark shaggy hair and a smile that was bright enough to even make mikoto blush, which she still couldn't believe that he made her do. It was just to hard to picture him as the one who saved her. Just thinking about how he just stabbed that man, you would have thought he was an unmerciful person. But the boy she met last night was the complete opposite. In fact, someone who couldn't hurt a fly.

When Mikoto got to school, it was almost time for class. The class was quiet and only a few people was up out of their seats. Mikoto immediately saw Hikari who was sitting in her seat, staring into her phone.

"Hey, why is the class so dead?" Mikoto said to Hikari.

"You didn't hear?" Hikari started. She gave mikoto her phone and she saw that she was looking at an article online about the murder from yesterday.

"The convenient store murder?" Mikoto said handing the phone back to Hikari.

"Yeah, everyone's talking about it saying that the boy was a 3rd year student that went here." Mikoto eyes widen in shocked.

"Wow... What do the boy even looked like?" Hikari scrolled down on her phone and gave it back to her. The boy was a normal looking guy with black hair and brown eyes. He didn't look like anything out of the ordinary but he did look familiar to mikoto.

"It's so shocking that someone that went to the same school as us is dead." Hikari said, "it could have been anyone of us."

"Yeah... It could have been..." Mikoto said nervously. She couldn't help but to think that she could have been a second victim.

Aiwa-sensei walked into the room and everyone that was out of their seats quickly ran to them.

"Okay class we have a new lesson that were going over today." The whole class was quiet now and in their seats. "But before we do that I have a few announcement that I have to get over." Aiwa lean against her desk, facing the class of students. The expression on her faced looked a bit uneasy but she still spoke. " I know everyone heard about the convenient store murder and I know this may be shocking because he was a fellow classmate, but I want to let everyone know that it could have been anyone of you guys out there last night. Basically what I'm trying to say is that you guys have to be more careful on where you guys go at night. This maybe named the peaceful area of Shinjuku, but this is still shinjuku and there are people who just don't care that you just a teenager, Especially for the girls, seriously. And the man that did that to the Nora may be In prison but that don't mean that theres others who aren't the same."

Mikoto dazed at the front of the room at Aiwa, zoning in and out of what she was saying. Even though Mikoto didn't hear everything she was saying, she understood and agreed.

After Aiwa was done with that subject, she spoke in a much happier tone. "Okay class, there's another thing I want to announce before we start the lesson." You could hear the sighs from most of the students in the class. Aiwa rolled her eyes then cleared her throat to speak. " We have a new student today!" Everyone didn't look as excited as Aiwa was aspecting, which made her peeved. "You guys are jerks. Anyway..." Aiwa went to the class door and opened it. "Come on In." She told the person outside the door.

Mikoto wasn't paying attention to the front of the classroom. She was staring out the window as the rain fell from the sky and landing on the Sakura tree out side the window.

Foot steps walked into the room and you could mostly hear some of the student gasping like something amazing was happening. Mikoto took a quick look at the front of the room to see what the whole fuss was about. When her eyes landed onto the tall and handsome boy that just walked in, it felt as thought timed stopped and she couldn't look away.

The boy bowed to the class and then smiled and said "nice to meet you."

"What is he doing here⁈" mikoto screamed in her head. "T-the boy!... From yesterday!" Yes, it was the shaggy hair boy from last night. Standing directly in front of the class with that same deadly but beautiful of smile his.

"Oh my god..." Whispered one of the girl student.

"He's so cute." Whispered another. Everyone started talking among each other and Mikoto eye twitched. It felt like lighten struck her whole body.

"This can't be happening!" Mikoto thought. "I must be dreaming."

"How about you introduce yourself." Aiwa said to the boy.

"Oh, umm... Okay." He face the class and was surprised to see everyone, especially the girls, giving him their full attention. He felt nervous but he still spoke. "My name is Koga Katsuragi and I just moved here from Okayama." His eyes wondered around the class looking at every last one of the students who was whispering among each other. It wasn't long until his eyes landed on the very uneasy looking Mikoto who sat in the back of the class. They were so surprised to see each other that It was like they couldn't look away from each other at all.

"Katsuragi, how about we pick your seat." Aiwa said. But after she said that almost evey girl hand rose in the class. Aiwa quickly got irritated. "Matter of fact, I think I'll pick your seat.

Aiwa looked all around the class to search for an opened seat. Finally, her eyes landed on one... Right behind Mikoto. "There we go, a seat right behind our laziest student, Ishida."

Mikoto eyes widen even more and so did Koga's. But a couple of seconds passed, Mikoto peeped what Aiwa just said. "I'm not lazy!" Mikoto blurted out. The class began to laugh.

"Go ahead and sit in your seat." Koga quickly snapped out of the daze he was giving Mikoto and came back to reality. He shallowed air then walked down the row of desks to get to his, not taking his eyes of the black hair girl.

Mikoto snapped out of the daze and quickly looked away as the boy walked passed her and sat into the seat behind her.

"Now class, if you please turned to page 45." Aiwa-sensei said. She stood with the japanese history text book opened in her hand. "would anyone like to read?" she looked at all the students and no one hand rose. "that's how it going to be huh? Well I guess I have to pick my own reader." you could hear the sighs and sucking of teeth from most of the class.

she looked around the room to see who was paying the least attention. And unsurprisingly, it was Mikoto.

Mikoto looked extremely spaced out. She didn't even notice the whole time she was bitting on the end of her pen. "Ishida?" Aiwa said. Mikoto nearly jumped out of her seat when she heard her name, which took her out of her deep thought.

"what? I mean yes." Mikoto said catching herself, trying to play off her lack of focus. Aiwa raised a eyebrow at the girl.

"First paragraph, page 45." mikoto looked down on her desk to only see that she didn't even have her text book open.

"Oh... Umm, give me a second." Mikoto hurried to flipped through to the page in her text book while Aiwa tapped her foot impatiently, looking even more annoyed. "what page is it again?" Aiwa sighed and Some of the classmates started laughing again.

"Never mind. I'll call on someone who's actually paying attention." Aiwa-sensei said, irked. "Katsuragi, how about you read." a chill when down Mikoto's back.

"Sure." Koga said with his cool and calm voice. He Stood up at his desk and began to read the history japanese 101 text book. But as he was reading, Most of the girls who weren't even paying attention before started because he was reading. You could see the hearts in every girl eyes.

Koga spoke in a calm, clear, deep, and smooth voice, all the same time. He didn't mess up once. In fact, It was almost perfect the way he spoke.

Mikoto notice this about the boy and turned around in her seat to look at the boy while he was reading. But when he was done reading the short paragraph, he notice Mikoto dazed stare and smiled at her warmly.

Mikoto felt her cheeks get hot as he smiled at her. She hurried up to turn back around in her seat, hiding her flushed cheeks from the boy.

"What excellent reading, Katsuragi." Aiwa said praising him.

"Thank you." he said then sat back in his seat.

Mikoto couldn't believe it. He made her blush again. No guy ever made her blush. And even though she hate to admit it, she found Koga very attractive. His smile was so handsome that it could make anyone Melt on the inside.

At that moment, a knock came from the classroom door and a lady with glasses and a bob cut hair style walked into the class. The class went completely silent as though she was the principle herself.

"I'm sorry Aiwa but I need one of your students." Said the lady.

"Oh, which one?" Aiwa said.

"Ishida, Mikoto Ishida. She is wanted at the principle office." Mikoto eyes widen.

"Me?" Mikoto questioned. "Why?"

The whole class looked at Mikoto. She couldn't help but to think that she did something wrong but she couldn't think of what. She got up from out of her seat and walked down the row of desks while the class eyes follow her.

When they got out of the class, Mikoto and the lady with the bob hair cut walked down the hallway. The expression on Mikoto face told all what she was thinking. She wondered what the principle wanted with her. She couldn't think of anything she did to be called there.

She tapped the lady on the shoulder and asked. "Why am I being called to the office?"

"I don't know for sure but it sounded serious." The lady answered. Mikoto bowed her head down in shame.

"Oh boy…" Mikoto said low under her breath.

When they got to the front office, where it said principle in big bold letters on the door, the lady knocked on the door it hard and a voice from the inside answered saying "come in!" She opened the door and the bald old man sat behind a desk with his hands folded.

"Miss Ishida, welcome in." Said the man. Mikoto walked in the tiny office room and saw that their was another person in the room.

It was a man with light hair and a faded beard and mustache. He had a serious looking face but you could tell that he wasn't that old. Like he was round 29 to 35 years old.

"Hello Ms. Ishida." The man spoke with his deep and smooth voice.

"Ah... Hi..." Mikoto said nervously. The lady with the bob left the room, closing the door after herself.

"So... Why am I here?" Mikoto quickly said.

The man reached into his pocket and grabbed something that looked like a wallet and opened it then flashed what was inside to Mikoto. Mikoto eyes widen when she saw the police badge.

"I am detective Kamiya Souh and I'm here on the behave of Toro Nora death."

Mikoto eyes widen even more then before. "W-wait what?!" She blurted out. "Why would you want me?"

Chapter 3 is up! Those who read chapter 2... Yeah, I know it sucked. But it kind of don't matter. Just a few more chapters and you will know what's the mystery of this this plot. I just hope it's not too cliched. Do tell if it is.