You may not know it yet.

You may not be able to realize it, and your thoughts may not have turned to it. The conceptualization of it is an impossibility hidden within the recesses of your mind, seemingly never to surface, seemingly not even there.

You may not feel it yet.

You may not grasp it, touch it, rub it feel it. It may not slip through your fingers, neither as smoke nor water, neither silk nor metal. No solid or liquid or smoke. You cannot shove it or pick it up, and it cannot yet move you.

You may not taste it yet.

You may not be able to wrap your tongue around the mystical flavour, savouring the feelings and emotions wrapped in the delicate flavour that snakes it's way into your heart and your stomach simultaneously. You cannot yet taste the sweet and sour, the bittersweet and bitter, the good and the bad and the great and the terrible.

You may not smell it yet.

You may not be able to partake of the aroma that entices so many but grasps so few. You may not yet perceive the smokiness, the sweet, sweet reprieve, the hot touch of scent that wraps itself around your skull and squeezes tight, then caresses as gently as a moonlight lover.

You may not sense it yet.

You may not be able to register in your mind, your heart, your soul. You may not perceive it in any form. You may not even notice it's phantom presence in your peripherals, sending your nerves flying, your heart racing, and your eyes flowing. You may not be able to sense it.

But soon you will.

Soon you will be able to see.

You will be able to see that you are not alone. You will be able to look back and know things were hard. You will be able to look forward and know that things will be better. You will see smiling faces, tepid but true, wanting you to be happy as well. You will see good and bad alike, but you will also see that the good will always out-weigh the bad if you let it happen.

Soon you will be able to know.

Soon you should know that we are beside you, holding your hand if you need us, and staying back if you need it. You will know who is there and always will be. And you will know it is for you, not for our own benefit.

Soon you will be able to tell.

Soon you will be able to talk about it and smile, knowing that it's all better. Soon you'll be able to tell people about it without feeling pressured and repressed. Soon you'll be able to say whatever you need to, rather than repressing it and hurting yourself and everyone around you.

Soon it will be okay.

Soon you will feel happy.

Soon the sun will shine for you.

Soon, it will be okay.