"Just a friend," he says as he cowers over his girlfriend with a confident smile that could make my heart do jumping jacks.

Although he only said three words, he still manages to break my heart.

In his defense, he never knew I liked him; however, I did not know that he was the oblivious kind. He does not see the way I blush whenever he grins at me or the way he makes me feel whenever he is around me. Or the obvious attempts I make at flirting with him whenever we're alone.

I'm not mad at him, I decide. I just can't stand to look at him as he gives his girlfriend looks that I only want him to give me.

I turn my back as they lean in to kiss. Even though it's been a year, I'll never get used to the fact that he loves some other girl more than he loves me. I want him for myself; it has always been that way. Even now, I know it would not be any different. I still love him, and all I want is the best for him. I'll wait for him... even if it takes a hundred years. I'll wait.