A/N: This is kind of like a rant poem. I hate how narrow minded so many people are now. If it's not Hollywood then it's not good, is the message that's always sent out. -Jenny

Sometimes I need to be reminded what beauty is.

Not appearance, no, that's not what I mean.

Beauty, I mean.

You don't have to just see it.

You can smell it, hear it, feel it, breathe it.

The soft petals of an aging sunflower.

The smell of an opened spice cupboard.

The way a breath of fresh air swirls through your lungs

and renews you with oxygen.

The sight of a soldier meeting their family.

The soft, soothing murmurs a parent gives to their child.

People always think beauty is the top of the line.

The best of the best.

The one that surpasses the others.

The blonde over the red head.

The red strawberry over the one with a spot of dirt on it.

The younger woman over the older.

The rich over the poor.

The plastic over the natural.

Why? How does that even begin to make sense?

Shouldn't it be more humble?

Not through exterior glamour or modification.

But through experience.

Beauty through age.

Some people may not see it.

The girl with a kind soul, judged by her appearance.

The fruit with dirt on it, judged by its appearance.

The hand-me-downs that boy is so proud of, judged by its wear.

Everything is judged, whether the opinion is made public or not.

People judge based on looks.

Even if people don't consider something beautiful on the exterior

who are they to rule it ugly?

Beauty is in everything

it's everywhere.

Beauty isn't just what you see.

Beauty can be more than sight.

Everyday it's smelled, heard, felt, and breathed in.

Now people take it for granted,

too quick to judge it and rule it ugly.

So, sometimes, I need to be reminded of beauty

and the fact that it isn't just viewed.