A Dance For The Gods


The theatre is pitch black

White streaks flash across the stage

Mighty drums make themselves heard

The dance is about to start


A symphony of sound

The music so beautiful yet so horrific

People cringe in their seats

They are in awe of its sheer power


A light show

A Choreography of beams are seen

Synchronized with the beats of sound

Appearing with the majesty and grace of a swan


Every scene of this thrilling tale

Tells of destruction and horrors untold

Whilst bringing forth the best of its characters

Their bravery, courage and loyalty


Scene after scene, act after act

Each minute is marked with emotion

Marked with pain and agony

A tale of heroism and thievery


Scene after scene, act after act

Deserving of grand applause

This play has truly earned the praise

Of its countless audiences


Scene after scene, act after act

The memories of this play

Shall be etched on to the minds

Of the weary watchers


A storm is so much more

Than dark clouds

With lightning and thunder

It is a show put on for the Gods



A.N.: I sincerely hope you enjoyed, thank you.