I stared at him as he dropped his luggage down infront of the door as his dad closed it from behind him. He stared around the room, or more like examined it. If I remember correctly, Mrs. Locket said it had been three years since the last time that he had been home. She said that he wasn`t much of a family man, he`d rather be by himself maintaining his business. He owned a multi-million dollar software company.

I watched him as he looked around the living room still. He wore an expensive looking black suit along with expensive looking black dress shoes too. He looked as if he was a stranger coming in to a home that hadn`t been his for the last eighteen years of his life. Oh wait, actually he left home at seventeen, he dropped out of school that is. Yes, I know a lot about him, he`s all that Mrs. Locket talks about. She`s real proud of him, anyone could see that from miles away.

I wondered if she was so proud of him, why he seems to neglect her so much. For the time that I had been working for the Lockets, he barely called home. So this was me meeting him for the first time, not that I was going to receive a proper introduction, I just walked in to clean the living room at the wrong time. I was now trying to make myself as small as possible as I hid behind the wall that separated the hallway and the living room.

"Oh there you are Scarlette," I heard Mrs. Locket`s tiny feet pit pattering her way over to me.

I smoothed down the front of my skirt and pretend to walk into the room like I hadn`t been standing there. "Hi."

"Come here dear, come, come meet my son," Mrs. Locket said as she eagerly placed one hand on the back of my shoulder and gently led me to the door where he was still standing.

When he saw me he stopped and stare, well once again more like examine, his eyes remained on my face. He was still as silent as ever.

"Hi," I said barely as loud as a mouse`s squeak.

"Hey," he said in his baritone voice. His eyes were still on me, his face just as expressionless as when he first arrived. If he was thinking something, anything at all, or even feeling despair of being here he sure was good at concealing it.

"This is Scarlette, your father and I hired her after your father`s surgery, I knew if I was going to be around your father often I would need someone to help tidy up the place."

I turned from Mrs. Locket to Jake. He turned his head to look at his dad who was behind him.

"You had sugery?" he asked his dad with one eye brow slightly arched.

"Come son, come sit," Mr. Locket said not answering his question.

I was shocked at his lack of knowledge about his father`s surgery. Where had this guy been?

"Oh honey, go get Jake a cup of tea, he likes it with a lot of sugar, three of them."

That surprised me. He seemed like the straight up tough, business guy. But I guess looks can be deceiving and I shouldn`t judge a book by its cover, however that new information made him look softer around the edges a little.

I walked briskly to the kitchen. I placed out three tea cups and went on my way to preparing the tea when I heard the kitchen door swing open from behind me.

"Do you want me to prepare the-his old room?" I asked assuming that it was Mrs. Locket here to serve tea herself. She always set me out on an errand but ended up doing it herself because she liked everything done in an exact way.

"Uh...the guest room will be fine," a low voice answered.

I turned around in shock. Jake was standing behind me with his hands in his pocket staring around the kitchen. His eyes finally fell on me.

"Where`s the bathroom again?" he asked after a moment of silence.

"Oh, it's the door next to this one," I answered catching my breath.

Jake nodded his head. "Okay," and with that he turned around and left.

I took a moment to gather my thoughts before returning to the cup of teas. He had taken me by surprise. I wasn`t used to any other presence than Mrs. And Mr. Locket`s.

The door swung open again.

"Have you gotten it ready yet, I don`t want it to go cold, Jake hates his tea cold," Mrs. Locket said nervously as she frittered around the kitchen.

"Why are you so nervous?" I asked her.

She paused across the island from me. "Because I haven`t seen him in three years, the only reason why he`s even here was because his plane to New York was delayed and I insisted that he come here instead of checking in at some hotel."

Mrs. Locket grabbed the sugar cubes and placed them in a small bowl. She grabbed the tray of teas and walked about the kitchen. I stood there still trying to fill in the blanks.


I finished cleaning the kitchen and was about to head home. I wanted to go and just rest. My feet always got tired so quickly since I started track at school. My coach said that it wasn`t good for me and that I should wait until cross country, but since my freshman year I never missed a track season. I sure wasn`t going to miss it my last year of high school too.

I was putting on my jacket when I heard the stairs creak. I tried not to jump as I turned around to see Jake on the steps. His silent appearances were starting to get creepy.

"Did you need something, I can get it for you before I leave," I offered.

He only stared for a few seconds. "No, I`m good, I just can`t sleep, I`m usually up late on business calls."

And that was the closest to a conversation that he ever allowed me to have with him.

"Oh okay, good night then," I said.

He merely nodded his head as he tucked his hands into his pockets and walked away into the hallway.