His gaze locks on to the front door of the clown from "IT"'s house..
SEWER GRATE He doesn't appear to be home...just trash and random debris..
Kinda shitty spot to call a home! ponder's his own home that he left 3 months ago..
His "stoners diet" of weed,booze,and xanax led him on a spirit quest to leave his..

Pennywise emerges quickly!
Mr. Viper,deep in thought,is caught unaware!

*XANAX SLANG*-xannie,bars,snickers,bustops,sea-foams,ramps,rambo's...

PENNYWISE:"What is it you need from me viper?"
VIPER:"The rest of the gold you own me from the heist!"
PENNYWISE:"Ok man..just hold up will ya ple...!"
(VIPER destroys the clowns scary/ugly face with his trusty dragon-fist punch!)
VIPER:..."Too easy!"

... ***
lives many happy years after this time in his life and ponders many things...and he owns a small brewery in coconut creek,florida...
He also has a pegasus tatoo on his lower back!

-no clowns harmed in the making of this movie-