Prisoned in your chains of sadness
You've come to a standstill, trembling

Abandoning your shimmering dreams
Feeble strings are what's holding you up

When I touch you, like a glass doll
You break into thousands of pieces

Reflecting tears in the night sky mirror
Your cold kiss turns into falling rain

That slips through my fingers
Becoming an illusion that I can't reach

Like the moon in the rippling sea
Your vanishing smile pulls me along

My yearning turns to the receding clouds
These feelings of mine, transparent

If I can embrace my own shadows
I wonder if I can be with you again

Standing next to you by the window
Times continues to fly by, ticking

My flower, whose petals have fallen off
You chain yourself in loneliness

Even though I can't rescue you
I'll hold you gently until you break free