Faulty Facade

~ Tensai-Teki Kuroneko ~

Sort of a poem I wrote when I grew extremely irritated with my surroundings and fake people. :D I really don't know... I feel I was very mean while writing it, but it is nothing compared to the way they treat me.

Your fake face makes me want to rebuke,
And that lame smile doesn't make you a royal duke.

Your mask isn't perfect, your facade isn't cute,
It doesn't make you less of a counterfeit crook.
Do you wish to fool me with that clumsy act?
No matter how much you try, it won't cover the revealed fact.

Oh my dear, you aren't much of an actress,
No one likes to see wind blowing your tresses.
The witch you insist to hide,
That mean vibe never leaves your side.

No matter how hard you cry,
No matter if you are really sly,
I know your shrewd pseudo tears,
That rush out whenever you fear
That the end of your petty play is near.
Those forged tears can make a croc,
Beat it's head on a nearby rock.

How long do you intend to pretend,
Are you kidding when you call me a friend?
That stupid "huff" is not going to push me down,
Nor is your over-dramatic frown or scowl.
Believe me, it only affirms how mean you can be;
Oh! You're so unfortunate that I can see
That cunning jackal dressed as a sheep.
Does your conscience even allow you to sleep?

Your hypocrisy is digging a visible crevice,
For you to fall in with your cowardice.
The way in which you push away your fringe,
That attitude really makes me want to cringe.

Aren't you afraid of your mask slipping away?
It won't remain if you get in my way;
Though I wonder if it'll stay for long anyway!

Stay away for your benefit,
And please excuse me for being so rude;
Its just that your little acting skit
Is taking too long to end for my taste.
Besides, even talking to you is such a time waste.

So next time we brush,
Just shut up a bit;
Keep in that fluff
And run away quick.