"AAAGGHHH! Du Blöd zerstörend punkeren!" Herr Grausamkeit screamed in a rage, chasing Rusty Crantz and Gilbert Stern down one of the hallways of Wacovia High School, laboratory frogs hopping freely.

"Bro, I don't think we're gonna make it!" Gilbert said.

"Don't be such a doubter, man!" said Rusty, "We can make it."

They didn't make it.

"There!" said Herr Grausamkeit triumphantly, "Maybe after a two hour detention you won't be so quick to let all the laboratory frogs out of their cages."

That evening, as they were walking home from detention, Rusty had an idea.

"Hey Gilbert," he said.

"Yeah bro?" Gilbert asked.

"I bet you can't drink 50 beers in one sitting!" Rusty challenged.

"You're on, dude!" Gilbert said. "—But wait a minute," he said, pausing, "where we gonna get the beers at?"

"We got a bunch of 'em at my place." Rusty said.

"But won't your dad miss all those beers?" Gilbert asked.

"Naw," Rusty said, "he's in jail next 90 days for DWI."

"Then let's do it, man!" Gilbert said, and they ran to Rusty's house to begin the challenge…