Eventually, things finally started to return to (relative) normalcy. Gilbert was now Gabrielle, and her friends were—starting—to get used to the change, though the rest of the Stern family were still in shock, and Mrs. Stern was, as a result, petitioning parliament to both raise the drinking age and outlaw beer.

They were in the halls one day, discussing news about nations collapsing or wars in the Middle East or what was in the stew surprise today and whether or not it glowed in the dark. Suddenly, a boy they didn't know ran up to them, apparently recognizing them. He had curly, blond hair, bright blue eyes and was no more than 5'5" or so.

"Hi everybody!" he said.

"Do we know you?" asked Susie.

"I think you dooo…" he said in a bubbly, sing-song voice and jumping up and down foppishly.

Christine was the first to catch on.

"Oh my God… Vivian!?" she exclaimed.

"Just call me Victor!" male-Vivian said excitedly.

"But how did you—?" Susie asked. The others were too shocked for words.

"That's not important now," Victor/Vivian said, "because I can finally date Gabrielle and not feel weird anymore! YAY!"

"Viv, or Vic, or whatever," said Gabrielle, "just so you know, you make a really lousy dude, bro."

"I'll get better!" Victor said, not fazed in the least.

"There is only one logical explanation for all of this." Christine said.

"What?" Chrome Bumper, Susie, Gabrielle, and Victor all asked.

"God has completely lost His freaking mind." Christine said.

"You really think so?" asked Susie.

"Susie, why are you like, six feet tall?" asked Chrome Bumper.

Susie had suddenly gone from being the shortest in the group to the tallest. And Chrome Bumper was now getting much shorter.

"Dude, like what's going on!?" Chrome asked, panicking.

Now Christine was wearing purple. Then she was a turtle. And the ceiling was now under their feet and Victor was now standing on the corner of the third world and wearing bright green while doing so stylishly. As this transpired, an army of 50,000 men marched beneath them in knee-deep water made of pontoons.

They looked up and saw Virtue hovering above them wishfully until the heavens broke asunder and caused calamity below in the bowels of the underworld, whose eternal flames snicker-snacked with the tongues of evil licking at the tigers that nip at the heels of Caesar who fiddles as Rome burns delightfully.

Then Gilbert woke up.

"WHOA!" he yelled. He looked around and was lying on the floor of Rusty's living room, surrounded by empty beer cans, and cuddling a half-full one. He grabbed himself in a couple places, just to make sure. He let out a long sign of relief at still being male.

"Dude, what's all the yelling for?" Rusty asked, groggy and half awake. The clock said 4:23AM.

"Bro…" Gilbert said, "you don't even wanna know…"

"Sounds cool to me…" Rusty said, going back to sleep on the table.

Gilbert decided he would just go back to sleep himself. What day was it? He checked the calendar on the wall; evidently the thing hadn't been changed in a while, since the calendar read April 2nd and he was pretty sure it was autumn. Oh well, he would worry about that later…

And back to sleep he went.

The End