Not a sound or movement came out of the theatre, only the whispers of the corpses. It was dark, but when my eyes adjusted to the light, I was greeted by the sight and stench of dead bodies. The only thing that lingered in my mind was if I would be one of them? The only reason I was here was because I thought I was auditioning for the role of Romeo… but obviously not. The posters had been so real that I had not doubted what I was now confronting. Suddenly, I heard the sounds of the reeking creatures beginning to gradually step forward. My heart pounded faster than ever as I quickly rotated my head around to see what it was, and it began to know that I was panicking so it stopped. Unexpectedly, a bright, shiny, shimmering, ripe, red blood trail began to emerge on the floor between my trainers. As it slithered across the slippery surface, I became nauseous as I smelt the stench of blood. I knew this was getting too dangerous. Whilst running for my life I accidently bumped into something, I looked up quickly trying to identify what the object was. Rapidly an unordinary shaped mirror showed up in front of me reflecting an image that seemed to resemble some of my features. As I stared at the doppelganger, something moved from behind it. I had barely any time to breathe, before the hidden thing came to light. It was dim it was dark it seemed to be a mysterious creature as its eyes instantly began to turn vivid red then gas began to spray out of its body. Hearing all the noises behind me I knew it was my turn. Running for my life I begun to sprint towards the exit, just noticing something beginning to emerge in front of me, it was impossible to happen but it somehow did it was the same creature I saw before only there was something continuously was flashing next to it, it was bright red. Feeling exhausted I finally reached the creature and the exit…Just a few paces away from the creature. Later I found out that I got the role of Romeo and the light was a camera just flashing just recording me.