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CORBELL HIGH is a very mysterious school whose teachers have chosen what appears to be only select genius students from around the world. As they mingle, they have no idea that most of them are from different times. Still they go on about their business taking these oddly advanced and selective courses with the five teachers and principal and Gabriel and the caretaker who run the school. The school is huge, built sort of like a medieval castle, and there are no windows, no looking in or out. Thus the students have no idea of the true whereabouts of the school save that they were told it was in the English Countryside. Truly it is, but it travels through time as the Deans control its path to collect new students. Their true objectives are intentionally to remain mysteries to the students; however some of the more devious students might learn a bit more than the normal ones. Namely, the school and its academics revolve around Langrin, who is known to the students as the school's founder and a great genius. He is said to have the highest intelligence quotient ever recorded in history…ever. And because of this, the academic requirements of the school are set high as the Deans assume that all of the 127 students at the school will idolize and want to be just like ingenious Langrin, by studying the courses diligently. But what the students do not know is that what appears as school lessons are actually the Deans' specially ordained efforts for the students to study and figure out how to operate Langrin's countless inventions. Daily now, the Deans are unlocking more and more about their old lab leader's inventions with high hopes that a few prodigal students will learn how to work Langrin's Portal Of Time.

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Chapter 1

Imagine a place different than any other. It was another time and another place. There were peaceful green fields with scattered drops of wildflowers that led to meadows and forests with towering trees and exotic creatures. But contrary to its appearance, this place is no dreamy land. It's all a lie. The real world exists deep beneath the beautiful disguise. There are secrets here. Some are old, some are new. The best thing to do when you come here (if you ever do) is to pay attention. Pay close attention to everything that happens. This land is like no other. This place is the English Countryside.

Somewhere in the not-to-distant past, a young man called by the name of Rin Cooder was taking a walk through his very boring school. He was sixteen years old soon to be seventeen.

Rin was and always had been a different kind of boy. He never talked out in class and scarcely got in trouble. But he didn't always do his homework either. He looked at everything in the world in same way—with his stark eyes and somewhat biased opinion that the world was staged so that the more outgoing and happier people always got their way in life. Rin was not about to conform to their ways just to make them like him a little better. He didn't need their arrogant words or their flamboyant mannerisms to slowly become a part of him. Traditionally, he kept all of that shmuck to himself.

He was not an overachiever or an underachiever. He didn't know what he was, exactly. He just knew that he had always been this way. And he didn't have a problem with it.

Some people judged Rin to be a lazy punk of a kid just because of his straight dark brown hair and the bleak expression on his face. Rin knew that people talked behind his back, maybe even his friends. He knew they'd expect him to be acting out, or talking back to teachers. The people around him expected him to be that way, but that was just it—he wasn't.

But Rin didn't worry about this because he specifically waited until somebody thought they had him figured out, and then he would do something out of the ordinary just to throw them off. It always ended in his benefit at the finality of the day.

Rin always felt like he was more intelligent than people wrote him off to be. He felt like one day he would do something great. But soon after he thought about this, he discarded the possibility because he didn't feel like he was good enough. And besides, everybody else thought he was irresponsible. But with Rin's increasing age, he gained responsibility. And due to the fact that he was an orphan, he had not much to look forward to.

In essence, he was a foster child his whole life. He liked his foster parents and he began to call them simply "mum and dad". Rin never met his real parents. He'll deny it, but he's always wanted to.

Rin has always been kinda lonely. It wasn't that he never had friends or neighbors or girlfriends—he did—it's more towards the fact that he had no actual family. No matter how many friends he had, they always moved away or found other friends to replace him.

For example, he met this one girl who called herself Shenia D. She had long flowing brown hair and beautiful burgundy eyes. Her skin was flawless and it was the color of caramel—lovely, sweet caramel. When she smiled, her eyelids would raise and reveal the shiny twinkling that lit up her whole body. Rin and she were best friends, and neighbors.

They used to talk together by the pond that united their two neighborhoods. Rin missed that pond. Eventually it became an attraction to bees and moss and many other ugly creatures. Rin and Shenia found other places to talk, such as under shady trees. Other neighbors would cruelly "mistake Rin for a girl" since all he would ever do is talk to Shenia and Rin rarely would participate in athletic competitions.

She had a lot of other friends in school too, and sometimes she would ignore Rin. But he wanted to just talk and talk to her all day just to be with her. He felt so broken when she moved away. He'd grown up with her. All of a sudden, she was absent from his life.

She told him before that her father was in the army, and thus they always had to leave suddenly. Shenia was glad for the time that she got to spend with Rin.

"We'll be together again." She promised with a certainty in her voice that no child should have. "When I'm older, I'll return to this place." She had to move on, though. Rin could never figure that part out. Rin determined that waiting for her was as pointless as searching for a four-leaved clover. He'd never find one.

All he knew was that once again, he was all alone. He never even got the chance to tell her his name. Given more of a chance, he might have even fallen in love with her. Forever on, he carried a weak spot in his heart for the lovely, fragile beauties such as the young dame who called herself Shenia.

She must not have ever cared about very much him or else she would have called. Rin once again reminded himself that he was never important in anyone else's life. That's when he began to feel all sick inside. And he began to want to stay home instead of going to the school.

As for other girls, Rin had his moments. But he didn't believe in fairytales or cheesy romance stories about "true love". Rin was too mature for that. Rin never fell in love. He didn't believe he ever would either. People like to talk about love a lot, but Rin would just stare at them blankly because he didn't believe it really existed.

On rare occasions, Rin could see his guy friends staring at certain girls in the hall, and then they'd make some stupid joke about body parts…Rin stopped listening after that. Eventually, Rin's friends learned not to talk about that when he was even remotely within hearing range.

Rin considered himself to be a generically happy person. Though he had never given the matter much thought, he thought that his life somewhat met his satisfaction (as much as it could). He never wanted anything he couldn't have.

He learned about the thick line between what was possible and impossible in his life, and he made up his mind to only desire the possible things which always seemed to go right along with his lifestyle.

Rin never talked about his past with any of his friends.

His attitude was that "the past is behind me, so I'm just going to move on". That's the attitude that got him through his hard times. Hard times—those were many, more than you would expect. It's not like he was denying that he had pain in his life, he just realized that he didn't need to dwell on it forever and ever, as some people do.

Right now, Rin is up in his bedroom. He's been sick for a very long time. His throat ached and he couldn't think straight. He was falling behind in school. All he wanted to do was sleep all day. He had seen the doctor, which was no help at all. "Just get some rest and eat up." Was all the doctor would tell him.

But that didn't help Rin. Whatever he did, he just felt like something in his life was out of place. But he could not determine what.

He'd spend hours upon hours at night, lazily daydreaming the weeks away. His life was going nowhere. As a child, he had always dreamed that he was meant to do something big. Something important. But there was never a time when that sort of thing came his way. Sometimes it would just drive him crazy how time was wasting away like this and there was really nothing to do.

He had begun to see it all as more of a depression than an actual disease. Rin has been trying to ignore it for some while, but he still heard his foster parents fighting down stairs and he only felt worse. The aching in his stomach made him want to vomit. Reluctantly, and slowly, he got dressed and hobbled downstairs to check the mail. At the very least it's something he can do.

Rin's foster parents told him they took him in from the orphanage as a toddler. His first word was Rin, so that's what they called him. Their names were Dora and Terry. They were Hispanic. Rin had to go through his life with the pair of them—low-life scabs living off booze and thriving in the thrill of their wild parties, all the while letting Rin do anything he wants. Well, Rin was tired of that. He was always so lonely. At least solitude was better than when he was caught in one of Dora and Terry's love/hate arguments. But Rin was still…stuck.

When he got the mail, he opened a letter that was addressed to him. It was from the staff of a school called Corbell High Boarding School. They were to pay a full scholarship if he would come. It was some kind of school for the exceptionally gifted.

"To Mr. Rin F. Cooder,

You are dearly respected by the staff here at Corbell High and we would be very pleased if you would attend for your sophomore year. Corbell provides an education quality rarely seen nowadays. If you would come, then, you would be sure not to regret this choice.

Sincerely, Dean Jason"

Rin showed the letter to Dora and Terry and they even encouraged him to go. "Take the opportunity because when you're our age I think you'd like yourself better if you had a good education foundation." Said Dora.

Rin walked up the stairs to his average bedroom. The bed took up most of the place. Since the house was small, Rin was lucky to have any bedroom at all. If Dora was so keen on him going to this strange school, he should probably check it out. Terry even thought it was cool that average old Rin would have gotten accepted to such a mysterious place.

The letter was addressed to Rin Cooder, so there couldn't be any mistaking there. There was no other boy in the world who called himself Rin Cooder. The letter read like it was written by someone of great intelligence. Most of the words were obscenely large. The letter was made for only certain people to understand. Rin understood it quickly.

One of the most peculiar things about the letter was the fact that it kept mentioning that "you are special, rare, etc." Rin was not special. He was average. Boring, even.

"There must be a catch," Rin said to himself, "I'm just an average student. Not that, even. I'm a C-D-F student. What could they possibly want me for?"

Rin didn't exactly love his current school. He didn't hate it either. It just didn't strike his fancy. The Public School of Kennington was the kind of school for those teenagers who just want to slack off and gossip all day. Nobody there actually cared about education.

But a mysterious boarding school that he'd never heard of? Rin thought that the adventure would do him some good. And besides, he didn't have anything better to do. Rin decided he would play along for now.

He held the letter in his right hand (Rin was left-handed and so he preferred typing with his left hand) as he searched the internet for this Corbell High. He found that it was a new school opening up in the local English Countryside. With his guardians' permission, he could attend.

Dora and Terry let him go of course—they really didn't mind at all. Rin started to pack immediately. He didn't have that much stuff that he really cared about. He just packed a few clothes and a toothbrush and toothpaste and maybe a few school supplies. Rin might not realize it yet, but he was eager for a fresh start. Whatever this school was like, it just about had to be better than Kennington. In other words, he had nothing to lose.