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Chapter 6

Pierre entered the room and stopped Rin's train of thought. "Why aren't you studying? My good pal Carson says they'll be a pop quiz tomorrow in one of our classes." Pierre sneered. Pierre thought Rin was so pathetic. He turned his nose up to the boy and wrote him off as just another slacking angst teen.

"Which one?" Rin asked uninterested. He knew that if he didn't respond back, Pierre would take that as an act of hostility.

"I don't know. So I'm just going to study the first chapter of everything."

Rin started to laugh.

"What's so funny?!" Pierre barked.

"You're so obviously being had." Rin chuckled. "What does Carson know anyways?"

"Fine. But I'll be the one laughing when you fail." Pierre's eyes became slits.

"It'll take you hours to learn everything."

"And just what do you suggest to do with hours upon hours of free time?"

"Make some friends."

"I've got all the ones I need, thank you." He said with a nasty tone.

"That's hard to imagine." Rin said under his breath.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing. But you need to get a life. Go meets some girls or something."

"Ha!" Pierre laughed sarcastically. "They come to me."

Rin shook his head and walked out the door. He saw a few students walking through the main hallway and Rin decided to go to the library and maybe find a book to get lost in. he walked up to the front desk and Dean Emily looked at him with stern eyes.

"Can I help you?" She inquired, not taking her hands off the keyboard on which she was typing.

"Oh, just give me something I can get lost in." Rin said to her.

"Can you be more specific?" She started to get up.

Rin noticed an old photograph on the nearby wall. "Got any about Langrin?"

"As a matter of fact, I do." She handed him an old book that had been in her desk. Rin identified it to be one of the very old books that he had seen earlier. He accepted it and found himself a cozy little corner in the library surrounded by the redwood walls and brown bookcases. He sat down on a comfy black couch.

He skimmed through the wide-margined old book. There were a lot of pictures as were there a lot of words in very small font. Rin had to squint to read them. After about forty minutes, Rin had become bored with the book. It just went on and on about all his inventions.

Something new that Rin had learned was that Langrin had the highest IQ ever recorded, but one day he decided to erase it from the charts so that nobody would know the exact number, they'd be left with the memory of the number being extraordinarily high. Rin gave the book back to Dean Emily.

Rin asked Dean Emily where Nosilla's dorm room was. He had to point out that she was the girl with the blue hair and then Emily remembered her. But she still refused to give Rin the dorm number because that was confidential. Nevertheless, Rin decided to give the North Tower a visit.

Rin entered the grand archway of the North Tower for the first time, he passed girls snickering in the halls. They walked past him talking about girlish things in their uppity yet overly-dramatic tones of voices. Girls are way too dramatic, Rin thought.

Somebody bumped into him as she walked past. It was Milana. She was not with Nosilla, but with Carson instead.

"Oh hi, Rin." She said awkwardly, and then looked away. Carson put his arm around Milana and pulled her onward and in the opposite direction Rin was heading.

Lucky for Rin, about five yards away a door opened and a blue-haired teen stepped out. Her hair swayed back and forth as she tried to lock the door, but it was not locking. With one final effort, she got it to fulfill her wishes. Rin put his hand on his shoulder and she turned around suddenly as if he had startled her.

"Bored, I presume?" She put her hands on her hips and couldn't help but smile.

Rin nodded. "All things considered, we're all going to be stuck here with nothing to do for a long time."

"But there really is nothing to do." Nosilla thought for a moment. "I've got an idea."

Since there is nothing they can do, they decided to walk around and see what everybody else is doing.

Rin and Nosilla found themselves eavesdropping on the mysterious conversation going on in the small storage room next to the science lab. Rin and Nosilla stood casually leaning on the wall in front of the storage room and yet far enough away from the door so as not to appear suspicious. They kept their feet still so their shoes would not squeak or drag on the smooth, polished wooden floor.

They held their breaths so they couldn't be identified by that either. Rin was even afraid to blink. He looked at Nosilla. She smiled at him. He smiled back, but only slightly. His heart was pounding. His cheeks were hot. If they got caught—it was all over. Everything. They'd get in trouble. And trouble means detention. Detention means getting set home.

Was it worth it? Rin could tell by the smile on Nosilla's porcelain face. She was glowing. Gleaming. Rin knew he had found a friend for life.

The Deans are talking about Langrin as if he were still alive, though he was born in the late 1800s and present day is nearly a hundred years later.

"I still don't understand." It was the worried voice of Miss Prune.

"We have to fix the good ones somehow." Emily issued a harsh tone.

"I know you're all worried but we just have to take a deep breath and re-examine all aspects of the situation."

"Your methods won't work this time, Corbin." Said Lodan. "We've wasted too much time. We need to stop messing around and find them already."

"They need more time to adjust." Hezekiel said. By the way the sound of his voice moved, Rin and Nosilla could tell that he was pacing rapidly, probably out of nervousness. He might have a lot to be nervous about. But what exactly?

"When do we begin the search?" It was Jason's impatient voice that caused the room of adults to get all quiet.

"We can't do it now." Miss Prune broke the silence.

Lodan coughed. "Why not? The sooner we do it, the faster we get the results. Besides, it doesn't affect—"

"What are you doing?" Pierre asked loudly when he saw Rin and Nosilla leaning against the wall. He couldn't have been any louder.

Rin and Nosilla glared at Pierre wide-eyed and frozen. He studied them with questioning eyes. They signaled for him to go away. But that's when they heard footsteps from within. The footsteps were approaching.

Rin and Nosilla had to scurry away because the teachers are now aware of them. They had Pierre in tow. Once they were far enough away, they pulled Pierre off to the side so that they could talk to him. In all their hurry, they had led him to the quiet little part of Corbell nobody ever went to—the place they believed to be the entrance to the East Tower.

"Were you spying?" Pierre asked them in a disbelieving gasp. His judgmental eyes pierced through them and tried to break them. Nosilla did not break. She was so, strong, and she fought back at him through only her calmness and trusting attitude.

"I'm going to go out on a limb and trust you here, but first you have to let us know we can trust you." She said and crossed her arms. Rin copied her, trying to appear as if he knew her better than he actually did.

"What's not to trust about me?" Pierre through his hands up and let them fall with gravity and smack his legs.

"For starters, you could try to learn the art of whispering." Rin said softly.

Pierre sighed, annoyed.

"Secondly, what's it to you?" Nosilla asked.

Pierre scoffed a few times. He paused awhile before answering. "I'm really bored." He confessed like it was a sin to be bored.

Rin smirked at this. "What do you want to know?" He really didn't want to tell Pierre. Rin didn't expect Pierre to care at all.

Pierre's honest facial expression read otherwise.

Right there, the three of them struck up a certain sort of friendship forged on the very basis of trust. It was indeed a unique bond. Pierre and Nosilla found they both were friends of Carson's, and that he was a very bright boy with a lot of knowledge, but that he was also a sleezy scab. They'd have to be wary of him. Rin discovered that he had more in common with these two than he realized.

First of all, they were all trustworthy people and the kind of person that had a friend's back through tough times. Secondly, they all had less-than-average home lives. Pierre grew up a rich brat, but he claimed that over time he was changing because he realized that what he had become was not an exemplary person. Nosilla and her father had been through the whole road together—money, lack of money, moving, no home, and some scattered happy times. Rin, well, ya know.

That day they went to dinner and continued their conversation right through it and straight up to curfew.

That night, Rin decides there is something very wrong with Corbell High, but he also understands that he is not alone, which means it will be possible for him to make a change once he finds out the all of the details.

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