Chapter 1


It had not been long that Jason was trying to sleep. He was lying deep inside his blanket. He looked around his small room; he couldn't see much of his room as the lights were out, the only thing that lighted the room was the big full moon, but still he looked around to assure that nothing else was there in his room with him. His rubbed his big black eyes and gave a big yawn. Jason was six years old and had the shabbiest hair one could ever have.

Jason now just wanted to sleep keeping his fears aside, he wanted to do something that could distract him from the scary world and bring him to his dream world. He would always sleep when he used to watch the television, but that was not a option now, Jason's mom; Mrs. Victoria Black, was watching the television and going downstairs at this time and watching the television while his mom was watching it was something that was next to impossible. She was six months pregnant and had a real bad temper now.

He had to think of something else. An idea came to his mind, counting, he thought that he would count to infinity until he sleeps. He started counting in his head, one, two, three….Ninety Five.

He suddenly stopped; he felt the urgent need to go to the bathroom and wash his face now. He again looked around, he now jumped out of his bed and he ran to the switches and switched on the lights. He now took a deep breath; his mother shouldn't know that he is still awake.

He slowly opened his door; his room was at the upper part of the house. The bathroom was on the other side of the floor. The floor was covered red coloured carpet, the way was lighted with Milky Way bulbs and there was a small spiral staircase just a bit away from his room's door. He slowly tip toed towards the bathroom, the carpet was a real help here as no noise was made while walking on it.

He reached the bathroom door; he opened it and went inside, it was bigger than other bathrooms in his house, the bathroom was white tiled, it had a bathtub at the right side of the same colour, a shower before it and between them was the sink. He went towards the sink, opened the tap and hot water started gushing out of it. Jason loved hot water, he splashed some water on himself, it felt so good, he did that again, it felt better, he wanted to this forever, but that was not possible.

He switched off the tap, took the cloth which was hanging on the hanger and dried his face, he felt better than ever now, but now he was not at all sleepy.

"It is going to be a long night." He thought to himself.

He went towards the door and opened it again, and closed it again behind him slowly. He started tip toeing towards the door again, this time he was much more cautious for some reason, he slowly went towards his room and went inside. He took a deep breath of relief. He now had to the most difficult task, switch off the lights and get to the bed.

He looked the switch and then again at his bed, he mustered up all his courage, he went slowly towards the light switch and switched it now, now he ran towards his bed at the fastest speed he could. He jumped on his bed and quickly covered himself up with his cosy blanket. He was now looking at the ceiling of his room, though there was nothing interesting to be seen there.

He closed his eyes and tried to sleep, he couldn't. He now was getting really irritated by the fact that he was not able to sleep when he wanted. Somehow his body would feel the need to sleep when he is at his math class; well the math class was really very boring. Thinking about this he thought that he could read some book of his school and get bored eventually falling asleep. He rejected this idea too, there were various reasons but the main reason was that he would have had to leave his bed again to get his book.


He heard the noise, it definitely came from outside. It was the noise of dry leaves. He tried to make himself calm my thinking that the noise came due to some animal instead of thinking about other wild explanations in his mind.

Rustle, rustle, rustle.

He heard the noise again, he was now really scared. He still tried to make himself believe that the noise was coming from the movement of some animal, but his brain was not approving that. He had to prove himself that the "Animal Hypothesis" was right, but for this he had to walk to the window again. He thought that it would be better if he didn't prove it, he felt safe in his bed anyway.

He looked around his room again; he felt that his room was illuminated with bright white light all of a sudden. He looked towards the window, his heat skipped a beat, the bright light was coming from outside.

"MOM!" He screamed at the top of his voice.

He dug himself deep inside his bed and this time he was real scared. The door creaked open and his dad, Mr. David Black showed up. His dad had a perfectly built body, and had a French beard; Jason got his black eyes from his dad. He peeped out through his blanket and saw that his dad was at the door. He uncovered the blanket and looked at his dad.

By this time the room was no more illuminated. The bright white light had gone. His dad switched on the lights and went towards Jason.

"What is wrong Jason?"

"I...I saw something dad." Jason replied.

"What did you see?"

"White…Bright white light."

"Are you sure son?" he asked with a stern voice.

"Yes dad."


Ting-tong, the door bell rang.

"David! Get the door!" Victoria called out.

"You go to your mom quick, if something happens to her call the ambulance." He said seriously.

Jason obeyed the orders without saying anything. He followed his dad; they went down the spiral staircase to the main room. His mom was in front of the television and staring at it.

"David, look who is at the door at this ungodly hour!"

"Go to the kitchen quick!" David said.

"What happened?" she asked hesitantly.

"Just go the kitchen, keep Jason and yourself safe." He said softly.

"Is it them again?"

"Just go!"

"Jason, come here."

Jason slowly ran towards his mother. He helped he mother to get up from the sofa. They started walking towards the kitchen. Meanwhile, David went towards the door. He looked through the peephole. He gave a flick to his right hand while slowly opening the door. There was a tall man standing on the doorstep, his face covered with a big dusty scarf, on his head he wore a cowboy hat and wore a long coat and old trousers.

He raised his head revealing his dark blue eyes.

"Remember me?" the man asked David.

"You know that I no longer do this." David said calmly.

"Leaving the war is not your choice, you can only leave it when you die."

"Why are you here?"

"I am here…I am here to TAKE BACK WHAT IS MINE!"

The man quickly flicked his hands and let out a bright white glowing ball of light from his hands. The ball hit David and went straight threw his stomach. He went flying back to the wall and crashing on it and nearly breaking it, he fell down with a thud.

"David!" Victoria shouted.

The man entered the house and started walking towards Victoria and Jason. Victoria covered Jason with her body; Jason peeped and looked at the man walking towards them, his eyes were fixed upon Victoria. His hands were covered with the same bright white light that Jason had seen at his room.

"Victoria, don't make it hard! Give me back what's mine!"

"No! I will never ever do that!"

"I guess I have to do it myself then."

He flicked his fingers, pointed his finger towards Victoria and flicked it towards the wall; she went flying off to the wall and crashing hard. He fell hard on front. She screamed in pain.

"Mom!" Jason cried.

"Not so fast dear." The man said. He again flicked his fingers and bought Jason close to him.

"You are what I want boy." He looked at Jason and said. He touched Jason's cheeks with his fingers.

"Don't you dare take my son!" David screamed in anger and pain.

He struggled to stand up, he started running towards the man and suddenly he turned into a gas of glowing black colour and pounced onto the man. The man threw Jason away and turned himself into a same kind of gas but of white colour. Both of them converged making an aura of black and light. They flew up to the ceiling and disappeared. The windows and glasses around the room shattered. Jason was feeling dizzy, he looked at all this. He dragged himself towards his unconscious mom. His legs were hurting, he reached his mom. He kept his hand on her and fainted.

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