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Moonlit House: NW 46th Street

"Miyo, Danny, Jay and his family are coming to town tomorrow, want to go visit them?" My mom called from the downstairs kitchen.

"Yeah, we should go!" Danny, my little brother, jumped of my bed dropping his video game controller, and turn to look at me with his shinning emerald green eyes. His big grin and messy brown hair was blocking the T.V. He was thirteen but had more courage and energy than anyone I knew everyone but Jay.

"Who's Jay?" Erika, my best friend, tilted her head towards the right causing her long brown hair flop over. Erika and I've known each other for seven years, starting in third grade. She had beautiful hazel eyes and interesting attitude.

"He's a friend of mines," I smiled. "Our parents knew each other since high school, so Jay and I grew up together." I replied.

"Do you have a picture?" she asked as she lied down on my bed.

"Yup! The most recent picture was taken…um… two years, I think," I pulled a box out from underneath my bed and from the box I picked up a silver picture frame. On the back in the bottom left corner was a wired insignia. "Here," I passed the picture frame to Erika.

"Oh, ain't he good looking," she said sitting up.

"Huh?" I exclaimed.

"You can't have him, Jay belongs to Miyo!" Danny declared. "Erika laughed and patted him on the head.

"Okay, whatever you say kid," she teased.

"I'm not a kid anymore," Danny said pulling her hand off his head. Later Danny went to his room and Erika went home. I stared at the picture, memories hiding mw like a wave.

"Let's take a picture," I said pulling out my camera.

"I rather not," he said walking ahead of me like he always does.

"Come on, please," I begged.

"Fine, why not? But only one, 'kay?" He said taking the camera out of my hands. That day we took 37 pictures.

The next day Erika came to our house and asked, "Can I go to?"

"If you want; let's go," Dad said as he walked towards the car. Mom and Dad were in the front, while Erika, Danny and I were in the back.

"So, why did Jay move?" Erika asked as she gazed out the window.

"Cause of his dad's job," Danny answered, turning away from his window. The car stopped in front of a pale blue house. The moment I closed the door I got by a boy?

"Huh? What the-?" I exclaimed in confusion.

"It's only been two years and you already forgot my face?" The boy complained as he held me by the shoulders and looked into my icy blue eyes. His hair was black, slightly below his chin, and his eyes were a dark midnight blue. The wider I opened my eyes the wider his grin got. Then it hit me.

"Jay!" I jumped on him, nearly squeezing him to death and knocking him down.

"It's go to see you too. Wow, you're fat," He laughed. Before I could yell at him, he turned his head, placed me down, and asked, "Who's she?"

"I'm Erika, Miyo's friend," she said calmly. She was tiny compared to Jay. He stared at her for a moment then smiled.

"Nice ta meet you, too. Come on let go inside," he turned his attention from Erika to me and Danny.

"Yeah!" Danny yelled all excited. We told stories, ate snacks, and played videogames for most of the day.

Everything changed with just one question, "Want to go for a walk?" Jay asked unaware of what was going to happened.

"Sure," I said pulling him up. The four of us walked around aimlessly. Suddenly Erika and Danny stop in their tracks. "What's wrong?" I asked looking over their shoulders. There stood a giant silver gate behind it was an old mansion.

"Is this the so called haunted house?" Jay asked. He turned his head to see a sign that said 'NW 46th Street.' "Looks like it is," he sighed.

"Let's go," Danny started to climb the gate. I looked at the house staring, waiting for something. Then I saw her. She was standing next to the window on the top floor. Her hair was long and black and her eyes were a dark blue.

"There's someone there," I yelled pointing at the window.

"No one's there," Jay patted me on the head and walked over to the gate. "Come on the other two are waiting for us." He climbed up the gate with me following behind. Slowly, we creped inside the dark and dying house.

"EKKK!" Erika shrilled falling out to her knees.

"What? What's wrong?" Danny asked.

"Something touched my neck!"

"W-where's your necklace?" I asked. Erika was silent when she moved her hand towards he bare neck.

"I have to find it! It's my great grandmother's!" Erika started to panic. All of a sudden Jay's phone went off.

"Hello? Hi! Uh-huh, okay, yeah, don't worry. 'kay bye," he hung up and looked at us. "You guys are sleeping over, you too Erika."

"But my necklace!" She started.

"We'll sneak out later, 'kay?" Jay said walking ahead of us like he always did.

"Come on Erika," It took both me and Danny to finally pursue her. When we returned to Jay's house we grabbed to backpacks and filled it with supplies we might need; a flashlight, a notebook with a pencil, matches, and snacks.

That night around 23:33, the moon lit up the way to NW 46th Street. When I was climbing over the gate there was a bright flash of light and the gate opened.

"Wow!" I yelled losing my balance.

"Watch out!" Jay whispered trying to catch me. "You okay?" he asked brushing the dirt off himself.

"I'm good, you?" I rubbed the back of my head.

"Fine," he replied pulling me up.

"Let's get going," Erika said rewrapping her purple scarf around her naked neck. "Danny and I'll take the left, guys get the right. Call me if you fine it or if anything else happens," Erika and Danny slowly disappeared within the darkness of the house.

"Why couldn't we come in the morning?" I asked as I examine the empty hall way. The truth was the house was very neat and pretty.

"Do you think our parents would let us come here?" Jay reasoned. I shook my head. "Exactly…shh!" Jay covered my mouth, turned off the light, and pulled me into a random room. "Don't make a sound," he whispered. The lights in the hallway went on and I could see somebodies shadow. Suddenly the lights went off and I could hear footsteps.

"What was that all about?" I asked when Jay finally released me.

"Call the others. Someone is in the house," he said turning on the flashlight.

"Okay, got it," I replied, as I dialed Erika's number.

"This phone is currently out of range or turned off. Please hand up and call again."

"She's not picking up!" I said franticly.

"Call again," he said. How could he be so calm? My trans of thought were broken when somebody picked up.

"Hello? Erika!" I yelled. No one replied. All I could hear was the noise of heavy breathing. "H-hello?" I asked again, a bit nerves. Suddenly, there was a crash in the background and the phone got disconnected.

"What happened?" Jay asked.

"I don't know," I replied. We searched until three in the morning. We tried our best to fall asleep but there was no luck. We left early in the morning, before any of the parents awoken. I left a note saying that the four of us was out on a little adventure. When we reached the house a storm started to stir up. The only source of light we had left was a dying flashlight and several matches.

"Stay close by, I don't want you to get lose, 'kay?" Jay said pulling me closer to him. Replying with a nodded I continued searching for my lost friend and brother. "Hey, shine the light over there," I pointed the flashlight at a small wooded table with a silver vase on top.

"Do you see something?" I asked as we inched closer.

"I would think so," he replied as he reached for something behind the vase. It was long and shiny. It was made of gold with blue, red, and green jewels. "Look carefully," Jay whispered. I gazed at the old necklace and had a nostalgic feeling.

"Erika!" I exclaimed. "But what's it doing here?" I asked bewildered.

"Exactly," Jay said. "Come on let's continued searching," he placed the necklace in the backpack and we headed upstairs. "Do you hear that?" he asked. There was a screechy noise mixed with some sobbing. Suddenly it stopped. I walked down the hall and to a room. There was the same insignia on the doorknob.

Quietly, turning the doorknob, we sneaked inside the dark and silent room. Suddenly lightning flashed and the room was alive with noises. The flashlight batteries died and I couldn't find the matches.

"Don't worry," Jay whispered in my ear cling on to me. I closed my eyes and held my breath, trying to clear my mind.

"Help," cried out the screechy voice. "Please, help us," It cried.

"Who's there?" I yelled. The noised stopped and all was still.

"Here," Jay said striking the match. The room had a giant bookshelf, a grand piano and a bed. "I think the noise came from here," he walked towards the bed and crawled underneath, but never came out.

"Jay?" I crawled after him and fell down a giant hole. "Ouch, what was that?" I said looking around. "Jay?" I repeated.

"Down here," I looked down and notice I fell on him.

"Opps," I laughed pulling him up. "This is the dining room," I said sketching in down on my note book.

"What are you doing?" Jay asked.

"I'm making a map. Come on let's go," I answered. Our match started to die but there was a light at the end of the hall. When we entered the kitchen there were two eight year old girls playing ring around-the-rosy. "Who are you?" I asked.


"Lucy" the both giggled.

"What are you doing here?" Jay questioned.

"We're playing a game, playing a game," they spoke in unison.

"Why are you here?" I asked next.

"Nice Lady let us stay, she let us stay," The two repeated. They had bright blue eyes, long lashes, with wavy golden hair and a pure white head band. They wore short and white dresses. They looked as if they were glass dolls.

"Why don't you come with us?" I asked. The girls exchange looks and nodded.

We walked down another hallway which led to a stair case. We can hear Danny laughing on the next floor. There was a hallway in front of us and a door on either side. "Let's go left," We entered the room and saw a double door closet. "You open it," I whispered to Jay. He looked at me then sighed. Inside was a baby piano with Erika sitting on the bench. "Erika!" I was planning to hug her, but Jay stopped me. "What's wrong?" I asked impatiently.

"Is it really safe?" he questioned.

"Of course it is!" I walked up to Erika and hugged her.

"Miyo...Jay? What are you doing here?" She asked hugging back. I explained everything and returned her necklace. "Danny and I were attacked and saw him get dragged away, but I'm not so sure where my phone is," When she saw Lynnsey and Lucy she started to freak out. "Murderers! Murderers," she screamed over and over.

"Erika! Get a hold of yourself!" I slapped her; bring her back to her senses. "Take us to Danny, okay?" Erika only agreed if we tied the twins up. She leaded us down a hallway with three doors.

"I'm not so sure which one he's in," Erika said. The first room we entered has a small bookshelf, a drum set, and a desk.

"Hey, there's a book on the floor," Jay walked over to the bookshelf and read the title: Moonlit House.

"Don't touch it, don't," Lucy and Lynnsey warned.

"Why not?" Jay asked placing it on the table.

"Nice lady will get mad, she'll get mad," they giggled. The next room had books, books, and more books. It was a huge library. We could hear Danny's voice get clearer and clearer with each passing aisle. He was in the 'MLH-NFS' section telling jokes to what seemed to be himself.

"Uh… Danny?" I pulled the books out of his hand.

"Sup," he smiled, slightly laughing.

"Sup? Really? Is that you could say?" I yelled.

"Big Brother who are they?" I looked up to see a boy with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes sitting on top of the shelf hugging a book.

"That's my sister Miyo, her boyfriend Jay, and my friend Erika. Everybody this is Eric." Danny said coaxing the kid to come down. He wore a blue snap back, an orange and red shirt, and baggy blue jeans.

"I'm not her boyfriend!" Jay exclaimed both of us blushing away.

"Hehe, its Eric, its Eric. We found him, we found him~" The glassed dolls giggled when they saw him.

"What are you holding?" I asked Eric.

"Moonlit House" he said showing me the cover.

"Where'd you get it?"

"From Mommy,"

"Where is she?"

"Heaven," his words pierce my heart as he replied calmly. Suddenly there was a crashing noise.

"Did you hear that?" Erika asked looking around.

"Yea, I heard it, too," Danny replied.

"It's James!" Eric jumped down and ran put the door. We chase after him into the third room. There we saw a dirty blond hair boy with hazel amber eyes. He wore a brown cloak with a white T-shirt and black jeans. "James clam down,"

"Why should I?" James said pointing the knife at him.

"Because Amy is okay," Eric said wailing his arm in the air.

"Shut up!" James yelled stabbing the knife into the wall.

"We'll find her," Eric whispered calmly walking closer.

"How do you know?" He screamed. His eyes were tightly close.

"Just… because," Eric sighed.

"Because how?" James yelled infuriated, Eric winced slightly. It was truly painful to watch.

"Because!" Eric yelled back. James was silent and turned away.

"Fine," He replied, pulling the knife out. "Anyways, who are they?" he asked nudging his head towards us.

"Friends," Eric smiled hugging his book, being all cheerful again.

"What's Lucy and Lynnsey doing here?" he said pointing a knife at the twins, who seemed very entertained.

"There just tagging along," I nervously answered.

"Yeah, we're just tagging along, yup, tagging along," they laughed hold one another's hand.

"Whatever," James said placing his knife back into his pocket.

"How many of you guys are here?" Jay asked.

"We need to fine Adara, fine Adara," The twins giggled.

"And Amy," Eric added. The eight of us left the room in search of the stair case.

"Wait a second, why are we still here? Erika asked. "We found my necklace and we're all together, why don't we just leave now?" she whispered.

"What about the kids?" Jay asked. "We can't just leave them," he turned around to look at the kids. "Huh? Where'd they go?" Erika, Danny, and I turned around to see nothing but darkness.

"Eric?! James?! Lucy?! Lynnsey?!" The four of us yelled. We turned around and looked every direction. In the corner of my eyes I could see a small black cat sneaked into a room.

"Huh? Hey, you guys let's check that room," I said pointing over at the room. The others didn't question my suggestion, instead the just silently inched closer. When we entered the room we became face to face with a giant painting. All of a sudden an image of the girl at the window from before burned into my mind. Her jet black hair, her navy blue eyes, and her wicked smile were etched onto the canvas.

"Who is she?" Erika asked.

"I don't know, but she sure is beautiful," Danny whispered.

"Too bad we can never meet her, she's dead" Jay said. Then he read a small inscription underneath the painting aloud. "Marie Nixon, fifth owner of Moonlit House, January 8th - March 14th."

"That's Nice Lady," Lucy and Lynnsey giggled sitting on the staircase with the other two.

"Is 'Nice Lady' a-alive?" I stuttered.

"Of course she is!" James mocked.

"Miyo, they're probably mistaking someone else for her," Erika reasoned, whispering into my ear.

"Yeah, you're probably right," I whispered, a bit nervously. "Well, anyways let's get going," I replied walking up the staircase. Everybody started up the stairs, everyone but Jay he started blankly at the picture, completely hypnotize. "Jay?" I said walking up to him. "Jay!" I grabbed his shoulder and shook him.

"Huh? Miyo…" He whispered. He shook his head and sighed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Well," he looked at the picture and laughed nervously. "It's nothing really,"

"Are you sure?" I asked tilting my head to the side in concern. "We could talk about it," I suggested.

"It's fine. Come on let's get going," he jogged up to the stairs, never turning back. I sighed and stared at the picture.

"Who are you really?" I whispered, turning my attention back to the possessed painting. When I reached the next floor I heard sobbing, and plenty of it. "What's happening?" I asked.

"I'm not really sure. James ran into one of those rooms, I think he called out the name Emi?" Jay answered.

"Emi?" I repeated in confusion.

"Amy, her name is Amy," Eric replied walking towards the first room on our left. When we entered the room James was huddled in a corner, hunching over something. "James," Eric whispered, slowing reaching his hand out for him. "Is Amy-"

"Leave us alone!" James yelled pulling out his knife. The moment Eric's blood touched the ground Jay had pulled James from the corner and the knife as well. "Let me go!" James protested, but nobody was listening, all of us were too busy staring at the little girl in the corner. She had straight golden blond hair, most of it tied back into a ponytail with a blue ribbon. She had shimmering amber eyes and wore an ocean blue skirt with a red blouse. All of a sudden Eric fainted.

"Eric!" James pulled away from Jay grabbing his knife and Amy's hand and running towards Eric. "Is he d-d-dead?" He stuttered. This was, and the only, time anyone with a knife in hand looked so defenseless.

"He's fine, I think he's just tired, and maybe light headed," Danny replied knelling down next to Eric. We wrapped Eric's arm and cleaned up the blood. "Let's fine a room were Eric can rest," Jay picked up the eight year old and we left the room.

"So, who exactly is she?" Erika asked looking at Amy when we settled down in a room.

"My name is A-Amy," she mumbled.

"Amy's my adopted sister and blooded cousin," James replied, acting a lot more carefree than before. Eric suddenly sat up.

"Eric, are you okay?" I asked helping him to his feet.

"I'm fine," he yawned. "Do you here that?" he whispered. Everyone was silent listening for whatever Eric had mention. Then I heard it. I heard a faint sniffling noise.

"Oh? Is it who I think it is?" Lucy spoke alone, laughing.

"Yes, I think it is her," Lynnsey replied.

"It's baby sister, it's her!" They laughed uncontrollably.

"Who?" Jay asked a bit irritated with them.

"It's A-da-ra," a grin spread across their face as they emphasize every syllable. The girls began to walk away. "Come on let's go look for Sister, let's look for her," they smiled holding each other's hand. We walked to the room across the hall. Inside there was a small bookshelf, a bed, a night stand, and a purple carpet. "Mother," the girls looked into the room with a mix emotion. Pain, anger, sadness, happiness, but mostly nostalgia. "Hehehe, Mother, hehehehe," the glass dolls started to laugh. "Hmm," they sighed.

"I forgot Kitty!" Amy said pulling on James' shirt.

"Oh? Okay we'll go get it," he smiled.

"Is it just me or is he all happy and smiles around her, only?" Erika whispered.

"That may be true, but his not a bad kid," Danny replied following Amy back into the room we found her in. 'Kitty? Not that I think about it, what happened to that black cat I saw earlier? It's probably on this floor' I thought. When we entered the room Amy ran into the closet. When she came out she was holding a white kitten rag doll. There was a sudden sobbing and screeching from before. I hated the noise. But then it ended faster than it started.

"What just happened?" Erika asked.

"I have no clue!" I yelled, as Jay and I ran out of the room. We entered a room with a silver insignia. There she was. It didn't matter if the painting said she was dead because there she was, the 'Nice Lady' was standing right there right in front of us all, with a silver pendant. In her arms was a little girl. She had long straight blond hair, crystal blue eyes, with a long thin white silky night gown. The little girl had cuts and bruises on her legs and arms.

"It's Nice Lady and Adara, too!" Lucy and Lynnsey ran up to the bed where the other two were sitting.

"Looks like you caught me," 'Nice Lady' said smiling at the four of us. "What's wrong, you look scared?" she smiled staring straight at me and Jay.

"Who're you?" I exclaimed.

"Have him tell you," she said moving her slender fingers in Jay's direction.

"What?" I said bewildered.

"Jay, why don't you tell them?" she said smiling evilly.

"Jay, who is she?" I asked grabbing his arm.

"Her name is Jade Nixon…" he replied sheepishly, not looking at me or anyone else. "And she's my sister," he finished.

"What?!" Erika hollered.

"I didn't know you had a sister!" Danny exclaimed more in shock then Erika was.

"She's my half-sister," Jay finished his sentence and looked away.

"W-what?" I stammered.

"My dad was in an arrange marriage with Marie Nixon, but he had an affair with my mother," Jay whispered.

"You weren't supposed to know," Jade sighed, flipping her long luscious black hair. "Your mother and father tried so hard to keep it a secret, but no you just had to follow him here and discover the truth. It such a shame, I mean, if you continued to live in a lie you wouldn't had have to move," she sighed again.

"Adara you're so stupid, so stupid," Lucy and Lynnsey chimed as the smacked their little sister. "It's entirely you're fault that Mother left, your fault she's gone," the girls continued.

"You two cut it out," Jade yelled. She walked by us, her long black dress sweeping the ground. "I'll see you guys on the top floor. Hope to see you soon. Oh yeah one more thing, welcome to the Moonlit House," she smiled. I ran to the bed picking up the girl so called Adara.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Of course she's not, she's stupid. Stupid," the twins laughed.

"I…f-f-f-fine," she sniffed. Unlike her sisters, she wasn't like a glass doll; she was an angel. I sighed in relief and walked towards Jay.

"What are we going to do?" I asked.

"We have to fine her," He replied. Suddenly, the desperate crying and screeching started.

"Help!" it screamed. "Someone, help me!" the voice was horsed and dry. I couldn't stand the noise. My head started pounding and I then it hit me; who was making this noise? Adara was in my arms and it wasn't her. Jade had just left the room and I was pretty sure these noises weren't hers. I felt a bit dizzy and everything started too turned black.

"Miyo, wake up! Wake up already!" The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was Danny's face. I sat up, rubbed my head, and looked around. We were in the same room as before. The kids were sleeping on the ground, with Erika watching them; next to the door was a chair where Jay sat.

"What happened?" I asked feeling a bump on the back of my head.

"You fainted," Jay answered getting up and walking towards me. "You've been knocked out for thirty minutes. How do you feel?" He questioned, taking a seat on the bed.

"A bit dizzy, that's about it," I said getting up. "Come on let's get to the top floor."

"Are you sure?" Erika asked a bit concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine, let's go." We woke up the kids and started to look for the staircase. The first room we entered was a nice small room. It had a coffee table in the middle of the room and a bed towards the side. One the other side was a bookshelf. On the coffee table there was a lavender vase with a single lilac flower.

"Mommy," Eric sighed. He placed Moonlit House on the table and left the room.

"What was that all about?" Erika asked.

"I'm not so sure," Danny replied. "Let's get going," we followed Eric to the outside of the room. "One door left," We walked towards the last room. Inside was nothing. The room was completely empty there was nothing there, nothing.

"What? How is this possible?" I exclaimed. "How do we get to the last floor?" We entered the room and examine it closely.

"Noting," Jay whispered in disappointment.

"Nothing at all," I fell to my knees tears streaming down. "Nothing," I punched the wall and created a hole.

"Miyo," Erika said.

"I didn't mean to… I,"

"You found the stairs!" She announced.

"What?!" Jay, Danny and I hollered. She walked towards the hole and pulled off the wallpaper. There it was, the staircase.

"Come on let's get going!" We ran up the stairs and ended up in a room. It was similar to the other one, empty. Outside the room was a long hallway.

"This way!" Jay went up to the room all the way at the end of the hall. When we entered, there was Jade and another girl. Her hair was white and her eyes were a scarlet color. Jade had change out of the dress and into black pants and a long white sleeve. The other girl had a completely opposite outfit. She wore white pants with a black shirt; like when we first met James, the girl had a knife.

"Well, if it isn't Jay," she said all delighted.

"Great, who are you?" I asked, about to blow a fuse.

"I'm Kat, Kat Sielty," She smiled, spinning her knife around her right middle finger. "I was an acquaintance of his when he first arrived," she laughed.

"Is there any more people here?" Erika asked, not directly at anybody particularity.

"Not that I know of," Jade answered slowly backing up.

"I only know of the people here," Kat said stopping the knife. The kids on the other hand were silent. They just stood there quietly watching us.

"Nope," Lucy and Lynnsey replied.

"Shouldn't be," James and Amy answered.

"N-no one," Adara stammered.

"No one is inside the house except for the people in this room," Eric asserted.

"Then who stole my necklace and phone," Erika asked.

"I took your phone but I have no idea about your necklace," Jade answered passing Erika her phone.

"What was that loud noise in the back ground when I called?" I asked.

"Kat was chasing me and tripped over a table causing several vases to fall over and brake," She replied.

"I was the one who stole your necklace," James replied. "I thought it was the one like Mom's, but when I realize it wasn't I placed it on a table," he explained.

"Okay then, who made those loud screechy noises?" I asked looking towards Kat.

"Huh? Are you talking about the sobbing screechy think?" She asked.

"Yea, that" Danny replied.

"Not me," She answered.

"Then who?" I asked. Seconds late I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, for the sound had started.

"Help!" It cried. "I don't want to stay here anymore! Help me, somebody, anybody!" It screeched.

"Shut up," Jade whispered, no one hearing at first but me. "SHUT UP!" She yelled holding her head in her arms. "SHUT UP! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Jade tripped backwards into the wall. She slid down holding her head still. "Leave me alone," she whimpered.

"Please help me," the voices faded into sobbing noises. The room was silent, no one daring to move a muscle. Slowly, Jade stood back up onto her feet. She turned her head over to Jay; tears were in the corner of her eye. A smile crossed Jade's face and she sighed.

"I always wanted to say this," Jade took a deep breath. "Welcome home brother." Jay's eyes started to widen.

"Jade," Jay whispered in shock.

"How lovely," Kat laughed as she lunged towards us.

"Run!" Jade exclaimed as she threw a punch at Kat, knocking her down onto the ground.

"Are you crazy?" I cried.

"I lost you once and I won't lose you again!" Jay yelled.

"Get out of here now and take the kids! I'll be right behind you!" Jade said desperately.

"You spoil brat," Jay mumbled grabbing the hands of the kids. We ran out of the room and down the hall, and from the hall back to the room we came from. One staircase after another, I couldn't remember the way, I didn't even have to time to look at my map. We just kept on running and running and never looked back, not even once.

It was freezing and dark outside. The storm had stop but it was still cold and misty. When we finally reached Jay's house the cops where there, as well as our parents. I remember our parents hugging us and the cops questioning us and taking away the kids. Most of it was a blur but the next day when we woke up the police station had call to tell us that all six kids had disappeared. The four of us walked over to the so call Moonlit House. We couldn't believe what we saw at NW 46th Street. The house, the Moonlit House, the house Jade lived in was gone, burned to nothing but ashes. Everyone started to tear up; even if we didn't really know Jade she wasn't a bad person. We found a small treasure chest and Jade's necklace in the center of the ashes. Inside the box was a letter:

Dear Who Ever Fines This,

If this letter is found it means I'm dead. The Moonlit house was originally a Mansion that was built on Crescent Lane; few months after the house was name the owner was killed some say by her own daughter others say by her sister in-law. No one really knows. Her name was Jackla Kirkmen and she was the first generation. My mother Marie Nixon was the fifth. Sadly, I am not the sixth. You see the title Moon Owner is not passed down through generation. But there was one rule; the day the new owner is born is the same as the privies owner death. It's not reincarnation but fate; the new owner could have been your adopted daughter, your niece, your cousin, your in-law daughter, your step granddaughter, maybe even your best friend's daughter. The pendant you fine with this letter is supposed to be for the new heir but I wore it for a while.

Love the deceased,

Jade Nixon.

This was the last of our adventure.

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