Lost Memories Chapter 2

This town might make me feel nervous….but….I know that it was worth the trip to get the things we needed. For some reason…I feel this strange presence, this aura, like I'm feeling like I'm being watched…it's just in my head, right?

The boy narrowed his eyes lowering his head looking at me. I don't think he felt really satisfied with that answer… "Supplies, you say?" he asked, he walked around us observing us, stroking his chin. Each and every step he made produced chill to come across my spine. He finally came to a halt and looked at Akio in the eyes. "I suppose you guys don't look like you would do anything…but I will watch you, you know?" he said in a threatening tone. "I would like…everyone to be safe in this village," he stated hesitantly, "So please, no funny business here," he reassured.

Me and Akio looked at each other and nodded hesitantly. "D...Don't worry…no funny business, right," I said scrabbling the back of my head. This guy didn't seem like the type to be protective, but boy did he made me feel anxious! He took a step back and observed us with his eyes trailing us from to our feet to our heads two times.

"You guys…seem different from the others I've seen visiting here. You're clothes seem much different, not too worn out from a long trip to here, but just enough for a few walking hours, we're far away from most villages. Plus, not only that but I haven't really seen clothes like that," he said. "Where are you two from?" he enquired. Both of us cringed as soon as he asked that question. He blinked out of confusion witnessing our reaction.

"Oh we just made…these? And…were from…a town..! Yes a town..! That's…nearby…well…but…," Aiko said trying to think.

"But we travel a lot…!…So we don't…really have…homes?" I said in a questioningly way, trying to persuade and reassure the boy. I could tell Akio and I stood very transparent. The boy arched his eye brow in disbelief that we were from here at all. He sighed and just pushed the negative thought away and continued talking.

"I suppose there may be open accommodations from a few people, but some people don't trust fellow folks like you, but there might be people opening up t-" he stopped from being tackled by a girl from behind.

"BIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSM ARRRRRRK!" exclaimed a ginger-haired girl on top of him. He tumbled forward with her sitting on top of him blinking in confusion. She scanned around and then looked down. "Ah! There you are, silly!" The girl got up and help lift up the boy, Bismark, up. Without warning, the mysterious girl hugged him tightly that he can't breathe. As for us, me and Akio glanced at each other exchanging looks of confusion and wonder then turned back to the scene. Eventually, her grasped lightened and let go of the Bismark.

"Sakura! You can just do that out of the blue all the time," he said adjusting his glasses with his face flustered. She giggled in response while he was dusting himself with the dirt on his clothes. "G-Geez…"

"But I can't help it! Bismark is just so cute!" yelled the girl named, Sakura, "Who are these people anyways?" she asked. She turned to the left and looked at us both with us exchanging looks of a more awkward smile than flattered to see us.

"They're just some people off from another village," Bismark replied, "Apparently, they're travelers actually." Sakura was first looking at us with wondering eyes which faded to a big smile with stars in her eyes. She grabbed both of our hands suddenly causing us to jerk a bit forward. She looked straight in our eyes looking from the right and to left repeatedly.

"Woah!? Foreigners!? Awesome! We haven't had these kind of visitors for a long, long, long, time!" she said shaking both of our hands at the same time. "My name is Sakura Hikari!" she exclaimed, she let go of our hands and then bowed, "It's nice to meet you!" she stated looking up at us while winking at the same time.

"Uh…" I didn't really know what to say, so I just did the usual, "My name is Aiko, Aiko-…Uh…" Shoot! I forgot I don't know my name…I don't even know if Aiko is really my name…! Ok, so I have no last name…er… "Just call me Aiko," I said with a nervous smile. She had a slight confused look planted on her face, but I think she pushed the thought away from her mind and continued along her way looking at Akio.

Akio flinched a bit knowing she would want to know about him too, as well. "Oh uh..my name is Akio…" Akio said gauchely. I hit my forehead softly against the palm of my hand and sighed loudly. Luckily, this Sakura girl bought it.

"Well! It's nice to meet you Aiko, Akio! Hey! Your names are quite similar don't you think?" Sakura stated. I looked at Akio, and he looked at me back. We both didn't know until now that it was in fact true it was similar. If we just switched the "k" and the "i" we would have the same names indeed.

"Yeah…" I said trying to go along with Sakura.

"Well…! If you guys are really foreigners…! We should give you guys a tour!" she said enthusiastically, pointing her index finger up in the air. "It'll be really fun! Plus, it would be easy to find your way around here!" Then Bismark walked over behind Sakura and grabbed her shoulder.

"Hey. I don't think that's a so swell idea. It's not like they're going to stay here forever, anyways. Be more caution about this," Bismark stated.

"What? No way! I think they're super super friendly!" exclaimed Sakura while making a arch shape with her arms and then putting her arms by her sides slowly, signaling to discuss were being friendly, a lot.

"You don't know the dangers of this! They can be acting for all we know it…!" he snapped back. How could he say this in front of us? At least have a private discussion, we don't need to be RIGHT here, you know? They continued bickering until finally….

"Oh come on please Bismark?" Sakura asked clinging onto him.

Bismark blushed a bit trying to look away but answering, "Fine, but if I find anything suspicious," he stated in a serious tone. He seemed to care for the village and the people in it a lot. Maybe like some guardian, but looking at his own appearance, he doesn't seem oh-so-strong. If you know what I mean, but he seemed extremely intelligent, like a book worm. Look who's talking? What happened to don't judge a book by its cover!? Hm…strange…

All at once, the thought immediately came to my head. The scene in the forest. Just what was that? Was it my imagination? No, of course not…! It seemed all too real and plus, Akio saw it as well. The water, the fire, or even if it was something else…it all just seemed so surreal. It was genuine, yet unconceivable. Was it a dream? Maybe I'm in a dream right now?! I pinched myself to make sure I felt pain, yep, it was correct. I just hope I didn't look like an idiot doing that if the people around saw me. Although, when I do think about it, both of us did lose our memory, what would happen if we just got drugged…! Ugh, I don't want to think it anymore. I threw the thought away and converged more about the people who I just met in front of me.

Bismark continued eye balling us with inquisitive eyes, each second tapering his eyes until it was squinting, probably to make sure we didn't have anything suspicious like weapons, I'm guessing. Sakura was hanging onto his arm going and moving wherever he came, even though he did blush a bit from this kind of action.

"Well! Let's get started with your tour then!" said Sakura enthusiastically, raising her fist in the air, "I'm excited to be able to show the wonders of this great village!" she squealed.

"Let me go with you, so I can protect you if these "foreigners" do anything suspicious," Bismark said still watching us. Me and Akio gave a facial expression of nervousness and just continued our way following Sakura. We walked along the dirt and into an area with similar buildings. It was all wooden though, no paint whatsoever. Though, I'm not surprised, this village isn't the richest, but just enough to stay on board.

"This here is where all the people live in!" yelled out Sakura in a matter-of-factly tone.

"What she means is this is the residents," Bismark corrected.

"What he said!" said Sakura trying to correct herself for an enhanced vocabulary. We nodded timidly. "Maybe you can live in my house!" suggested Sakura, "It's not here, but it's over there!" She pointed to the far left revealing one of the only houses with actual color on it, a very valuable, luxuriant, house indeed. It seemed pretty big to tell the truth, she must be rich or something! "I know it stands out just a bit, but that's only because my father is the boss around here!"

"What she means is…," Bismark added, "he's the founder's son. So basically this girl here," he explained laying his head on her head, "is uniquely the heir to take care of this village."

"Alongside with Bismark of course~!" giggled Sakura. Bismark only blushed a little bit and quickly removed his hand and crossed his arms, all trying to look cool. He adjusted his glasses and stared at Sakura, with a return of a bright smile of hers. We smiled at the scene and continued along our way. We walked along the merchants seeing all the delicious food held out in front of us.

Some sources of meat such as pork, beef, and chicken to have another stall holding fruits such as apples, strawberries, oranges, bananas, and more mouthwatering foods. What really caught my eyes were the strawberries and another stand next to it. Baked goods. Oh how I long those as well. To feel the crunch of the bread beneath my teeth and the gentleness and flavors of the inside absorb onto my tongue. To be able to smell is up close than to smell it from afar. It all almost made me dizzy.

Bismark looked at us and we exchanged looks wondering if we had did something wrong. We blinked and he just had a straight face fade into a frown. Sakura didn't really notice and she continued explaining to us where we're at.

"This here is where all the merchants go to sell food! You can find the other stuff over there such as weapons for hunting to furniture for your homes! The food is delicious!" exclaimed Sakura.

"Why don't we let them have a little taste of it? They seem surely tired from their long journey…" Bismark said eye balling us, "Would you like a taste of it?" Akio and I stared at Bismark for a bit before resulting for me and Akio to glance at each other, exchanging looks of approval and looked back at him, nodding. We felt a bit guilty taking the food, but come on! We haven't eaten since we woke up! It doesn't hurt to eat a little bit, right?

He checked his pockets getting out around ten coins with the colors of brown, silver, bronze, and gold. "How much is it?" he asked looking at the vender.

"It's five tokens," said the man pointing over to the fruits, "per pound." Bismark nodded and separated ten brown coins.

"Well, what do you want?" he asked staring at us. I jumped a bit, but only of slight surprise and looked over at the fruits, hovering over it. I eye balled the strawberries again.

"Can I have strawberries?" I asked, smiling, looking directly to the merchant. He nodded and placed a couple of strawberries in the bag, weighed it, and added a few more strawberries. He then placed the bag in my hands.

"May I have apples?" asked Akio. Guessing he liked apples. The merchant nodded and did the same for the apples.

"Thanks you," said Bismark, bowing his head.

"Let's continue!" yelled out Sakura, enthusiastically holding her fist in the air. We continued to walk. Then appeared an old-styled building that was dome-shaped. It was the color of brown, a little rusty, looked like it can be centuries old. Around it was flowers, except where the entrance was held at. The flowers seemed to go in an order of a rainbow, it was tulips and roses, each one descending would have the type of flower switch.

"This here is the library, though it's small, it contains very old books! So if you want to learn some history of things, you're welcome to do so!" We nodded as reply to her statement. Bismark continued to look at us, but not of hostility, but of confusion. It was like he was trying to figure out a puzzle, like we were a mere puzzle to him. He then blinked and had scratched his head.

"I just noticed," started out Bismark, "but are you guys twins?" he asked. Twins? We're twins? "Of course it was almost hard but, I noticed that your hair color is the same and your face is the same. Though you're different genders and hair styles, you look similar. I was pondering on that question ever since I met you, but I was afraid I was wrong, but now it just haunts me."

Akio and I looked at each other blinking, wondering if his statement was indeed true. Curious we saw a window of the library and looked at our reflection. It was indeed true. I had the same black hair I had seen from the time I had woken up, long hair reaching my knees, still down, but with small, two, twin tails on the sides of my hair. I touched my right cheek, still looking at the same image that stood before me, the same cerulean eyes that holds your gaze, the same face as the person standing next to me, Akio. We gazed at each other again and then rushed over to look back at Bismark and Sakura. They blinked a bit confused.

"Woah! You're right Bismark! They are twins! Ehh! How cool!" squealed Sakura.

"You two seemed confused and lost, was I wrong?" asked Bismark, adjusting his glasses.

"Uh…" I said. I looked over at Akio, giving a half smile. I can't deny it; it's just…too close of not being twins! Akio nodded, and in reply, I nodded back. "Yes."

"Sorry I haven't noticed earlier," stated Bismark.

"Oh, no! It's fine…really," Akio said, scratching the back of his head. Bismark blinked a bit, but soon got back to his senses.

"So! Shall we continue our walk?" Sakura asked enthusiastically.

"Yeah…sure," I replied. We continued our walk, leaving the ancient building. I heard some yells of some sort, wonder what it is.

Then without warning, somethi- no, someone had jumped in front of us, his eyes covered by his hair, and he was wearing rag-like, brown, clothes. Quickly and swiftly, he grabbed my arm, turned me around, and held a dagger at my throat. As a reflex to avoid the sharp edge of the dagger, I lifted my head. I gasped at this action, shocked and shaking with terror, scared, afraid of what this person was doing, but I stood quiet, making sure I don't piss him off. I couldn't even talk anyways, I was as stiff as a board, I could scarcely breath, and my eyes couldn't even blink now. He was tall, so I could quickly see his face. He had hazel memorizing eyes that were as sweet as honey, but as deadly the dagger.

"Hello. Nice to meet you too," the boy murmured, gazing straight at me in the eyes.