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Across The Border

The clouds swirled around in the blackened sky, loud echoes and booms of thunder roaring throughout the sterile white painted view above of the trams metal roof.

A flash of white light, an incomprehensive mumbling, the sound of a child shrieking, all these sounds and sights overwhelmed the sixteen your old Texan that sat on the hard blue plastic seat of the packed subway train. The grime , the smell of dirt, alcohol, sweat and other unpleasant smells made his tan nose crunch in slight reverence.

Deep cornflower blue eyes, misted and tinted with a bit of brown watched through the equally tinted window as the dimly lighted walls flew by at an alarming rate. Picking up his tan wrist he checked the time on his grandfathers old Rolex watch, in America , good old Texas it was 5:00 at night.

With a heartfelt sigh, he felt his mind wandering what was happening back at home, Ma was probably cooking her famous beef stew, the thought of the aroma intoxicating, tempting his taste buds and teasing them into submission, Pa and Grandfather playing cards on the rickety old deck, and Alana his younger sister watching with her wide blue eyes, so innocent as she giggled and squealed watching her grandfather animatedly cuss while father scolded him. He chuckled to himself, a medium pitched melody only pausing when a few curious eyes settled on him, he quickly shut up, a blush dancing and settling on his cheeks as he coughed and looked away.

Looking at his battered old LG celphone he inwardly gulped at the text he got from the family he would be staying with while he was in Sweden ,Stockholm for the remainder of the school year.

Elliot get off the red line at Alvik and i'll pick you up brother! X )

Txt me when you get there!

Being a transfer student who only understood a tiny bit of the aliquant Swedish language did not help him and thank god for his "Roommate" by the name of Davin texting him on where to go.

Questions of what his new Roomie looked like bombarded his slightly wandering mind, Was he tall? Short? Fat? Skinny? Blonde or brunette ? Preppy or a punk? Breath quickening in slight panic, black ratted T-shirt clad chest rising and falling unsteadily he was gladly brought from his inward thoughts as his ears perked at the heavily accented voice saying something in Swedish and the name of his stop being said.

"Nu anländer till Alvik, var försiktig och ha en trevlig dag!"

Standing abruptly his hand shot out for the large blue duffel bag that held his possessions, slinging over his slightly broad shoulder, he gripped onto the medal pole , body lurching forward as the subway tram suddenly stopped and the doors flew open, he gulped once more, black leather boot clad feet clacking out of the dirt ridden floor of the tram onto the sterile gray tiled floor of the platform. He pulled out his phone and texted his Swede roommate with a swift brief message.

Hey I'm here : O

Within in seconds his phone buzzed , the screen lighting up and the loud buzz vibrating his already slightly shaking hand, came the ecstatic reply.

Where dude?! I don't see you…. Wait do you have a black t-shirt on, ?! you to totally stand out cause of the boots man.. Holy fuck It is you Elliot! XD

Elliot blanched, his face burning bright red, he shifted frantically until his head shot up as he felt a hand shoot out and a held in a gasp as he was pulled into a warm chest, the smell of Axe and smoked intriguing him, seducing and luring him in all at once. He furrowed his eyebrows at the foreign feelings bubbling through him, heart hammering like a jack hammer and was slightly glad when the embrace broke.

"Välkommen till Sverige bror.." A husky voice caressed his ears, the fact that he only understood Sweden was said made him shiver and look away, not ready to face his roommate yet, to see what he looked like, or how muscular his chest would loo-

Wait..What?! His momentary metal breakdown stalling when said roommate spoke once more this time in English, a slightly accented English that made a small smile form of Elliot's cherry red lips, unbeknownst to himself.

".. Or .. Welcome to Sweden Brother! … Hello Earth to Elliot! Are you there!"

Elliot shot his head up, meeting dark brown imploring eyes that Just stared at him, he stared back dumbfounded as his mouth opened to say something, anything to Davin, but he was caught up in the other's appearance.

The taller by about two inches stood in front of him, wearing a simple white t-shirt slightly ripped ,with a black leather jacket that hugged his muscular arms and chest. He had strikingly blond hair but the color of roots told Elliot the other was a natural brunette. In hand the Swede held a black umbrella, that already had little drops of water littering the black plastic , probably from the rain adorning the sky outside. Tight blue washed out jeans framed the Swedes muscular thighs perfectly, and white plain Vans on the other's feet topped off the look. The other to had surprisingly Tan skin, it was flawless, so smooth and baby soft looking.

Elliot finally realized he was staring when the other only barked out a laughter when he snapped his gaze away sheepishly but turned back coughing lightly to clear his throat and giving a small lopsided grin.

"Sorry 'bout that got lost in my own thoughts, I'm Elliot Parkers and Its very nice to Finally Meet ya Davin" The Texan drawled.

His own accent prominent as he feigned confidence and held out a hand. The blond Swede stared at him blankly for a few minute those almond colored eyes framed by dark black eye lashes blinked and then finally a hand met his own, calloused and strong yet still so soft.

"Aw stop with the pleasantries.. It's nice to meet you to Elliot! God! Finally Bro! Mom's Gunna flip when she sees you ! Cannot wait to show you around! Come on lets go!" The Vivid and Vibrant Davin stated arms waving around in a wild gesture as he grabbed Elliot's wrist and dragged him towards the stairs that lead up into the actually streets of Stockholm.


The mesh of body's as they traveled up squishing him and shoving him out of the way ,made Elliot thankful that he had Davin tugging him along, he was slightly amazed as they made there way down the paved sidewalk. The brick buildings had a certain charm to them, cars buzzed past , rain pounded down furiously on the cement beneath him, and he moved to stand closer to Davin who held the umbrella, shielding them both from the rain.

He watched the others pink lips open and close as he talked and only when the other looked at him inquiringly, did he realize that Davin had asked him a question.

"I'm sorry Can you repeat that?" Elliott asked softly, an apologetic hint in his voice as he looked up into those chocolaty eyes, feeling he could get lost in there warmth. What is wrong with ME? I am straight..or so I thought..ugh wh- Once again his thought process was cut off as a smile bloomed on Davin's full rosy lips.

"I said.. How are you liking Stockholm so far dude?! I mean is Texas anything like this?

Bro I really need to show you around ! I could bring you to the Musik Lagra ! I mean the music store and then there's this really cool club that I could get us into!Maybe tomorrow, since after all it is kind of late!"

Elliot held in a laugh, pausing for a moment as he swept his eyes over the tall buildings and the now luscious flowers that adorned some of the houses, a bridge to his right, some trees planted in small areas lacking cement, the cars and the rain. Beeping, chattering, yelling, splashing, thunder, and the clapping of their shoes. The scene and sounds belonged to that of a mosaic or a fairytale of sorts. It was Majestic, riveting, spell bounding and so Different from the small town he had been born and raised in, though he missed that sweet baby blue sky on a cloudless day.

A strong wind blew, blowing up his shirt which he pulled down, his other tan hand gripping the strap of his duffel bag tighter, the veins in his hands popping out slightly as he spoke.

"To tell you the truth..I really do Like it here so far Davin, This place reminds me of..a..aFairytale of sorts..its amazing yet so..different from home. Where I come from theres really no cars, no noise, we walk everywhere , I help my Ma and Pa with the horses and play with my little sister. I also talk and live with my Grandfather..I think if you two met you would be great friends..oh and i'd like for you to be my tour guide tomrrow sounds awesome" He stated lightly casting his gaze upwards seeing that Davin was staring at him .The other seemed to snap out of it and give a huge grin at Elliot, quickly making him grin back and look forward again.

"Well Elliot I'm sure that I'd love to your family if there anything like you so far..Any- anyway were almost home and I'll show you to your room..you'll be sharing with me is that okay?" Davin hummed voice an edge deeper.

Elliot was slightly shell-shocked by Davin's words, not noticing the edge to his Roommates voice. Did he really mean what he said? That if he loved his family he liked me.. No way! Davin probably meant it in a brotherly way ! Why does it slightly bother me if he didn't.. why should I care..? These thoughts swirled in the Texans head as he inwardly sighed and felt a blush peaking on his tan cheeks another one of his famous lopsided grin breaching on his cherry red lips.

"I don't mind at all! Hope you don't mind loud ass snoring."

Elliot replied saucily ,gaining some of his usual confidence back as he glanced at Davin who looked awestruck, his mouth slightly open until it snapped closed with an audible clicking off teeth and tongue.

"Y-you just said Ass!"

Davin pointed out childishly, his voice slightly high-pitched and cracking as he said it. Both staring at each other blankly before breaking out in laughter the Swedes strong arm hooking around Elliot's shoulders, making him laugh even harder and smile brightly.

"I did ..d-dint I?"

"You did!"

Both bantered back and forth, teasing each other and laughing like school girls, people gave them strange looks, only making both boys break out into even more harsh laughter. To Elliot it seemed he had broken down some invisible barrier with the Swede, his first steps to this new relationship that was blooming and forming between them.


They were laughing so hard by the time they finally reached Davin's house that Elliot had tiny tears streaming out of the corners of his eyes. A small final sigh of sorts escaping him as he expelled the laughter away and rubbed his face with his freehand his muscle aching slightly from laughing so hard. His eyes trained on Davin's hand as it pulled a set of silver keys from his pocket and unlocked the door, gesturing for the Texan to go in first which he did.

Around him the house was quaint and cozy, reminding him of home, it had an air of nostalgia, and made him smile and take a deep breath smelling a citrus fruit scent wafting throughout the air, pictures on the walls, a red woven rug on the living room floor, a glass vase full of lilacs, an old wooden clock ticking away, A hand tracing the banister of the smooth wooden oak stairs located near the kitchen. His new home radiated warmth and comfort, he felt exuberated a smile plastered on his full , soft , red lips.

"Mor var tillbaka !"

Elliot jumped at the sudden proximity of Davin's voice, it boomed throughout the otherwise soft and comforting silence and he mentally sighed for being so jumpy.

Looking back at the Swede he realized the other looked slightly, disgruntled, and realized he had slightly flushed cheeks, blinking when the others phone vibrated and he texted, a soft, caring and loving smile spreading across the Swedes lips. A pang of foreign emotion hit him , he actually winced and looked away, twirling his dirty blond hair idly with a finger as a middle aged women came scurrying downstairs, her brunette curls bouncing up and down as she gasped when her hazel colored eyes landed on him.

"oh my oh my! Vilka fina ung !"

Her sweet voice rang out, it was a melody to him and made him grin at whatever she had said, her surprisingly strong arms wrapped around him, encasing him in her warmth, he was tired and it was dark outside, but the woman before him radiated warmth and once he was released , mother and son chit-chatted back and forth in Swedish. Only catching a glimpse of each word but they were a blended symphony of slurs and he only watched vacantly until Davin's mother introduced herself in English.

"Hello Elliot , I am Davin's mother Elena , its so nice to finally meet you, Davin here kept going on and on about how he couldn't wait to meet you, and talked about how funny you were through the text you shared, he al-" she cut herself off when Davin coughed loudly and glared at her, she only giggle and said something in Swedish that made said Swede blush and scoff, looking away with his jaw slightly set.

Elliot couldn't help laugh at the childish way his Roommate always acted, he didn't dislike it at all, he found it refreshing and likeable and soon he smiled gratefully at Elena, a smirk threatening to tug at the corners of his lips as he cleared his throat to stop from anymore laughter to escape him.

"I'm Glad to meet you as well Ma'am thank you for having me in your lovely home"

The Texan stated politely giving a softer smile as the middle aged woman looked at him with kind eyes swishing with the yellow dress she wore that went down to her knees and kissed his cheeks, telling both Davin in himself to rest since it was pretty late here in Stockholm.

Going upstairs he gently put his bag on the twin-sized be he had that was next to Davin's, and ran his hand over the soft deep red sheets, the white pillow fluff yet not to soft just as he liked it, but the persistent tapping of a phones keyboard made him blue eyes snap to his new friend.

Again his roommate was Texting someone, the same expression on his face. It made him irritated for a reason he didn't understand, his heart thudded dully, teeth biting into his bottom lip, clenching his fist he stood up after pulling off his boots. then pulling off the tight jeans he also wore and slowly taking off the black ratted T-shirt he had on, his tan muscular body lean and fit from work on the Ranch and his muscles contracted in the dim lighting of the room, his boxers hugging his hips as he looked over his shoulder to see that Davin had stopped texting and was glancing at him reverently.

Elliot blushed, quickly pulling on a pair of baby blue plaid pajama pants and grabbing his tooth brush and tooth paste as he headed for the bathroom, once inside he quickly resumed his nightly routine and began to brush his teeth, comb out his slightly long hair, and wash his face, hoping the cool water would make his blush go away.

Using as much time in the bathroom as possible, he left after about fifteen minutes and padded softly back into the bedroom, his curiosity peaking as he heard the others voice have a slightly huskier quality to it, deep and sensual yet jovial and playful. It drove him mad, making him shiver as he took his bag off the bed and slid it under the bed frame, he to pulled out his phone texting his mother about his day and how he missed them, but also secretly wondering what and who the Swede were talking about and or saying.

"Ja good night sexig kan inte vänta på att kiss tomorrow"

Elliot made out the words, good night , kiss and tomorrow as he shifted to get under the blanket, the other hanging up and sighing long fully as he turned of the lamp by his bed making the room darken drastically.

"Who was that?"

The younger of the two blurted out, eyes slightly narrowed thankful for the dark veil surrounding him, blocking him from those searching chocolate colored eyes. He actually felt the other smiling before he laughed a bit and hummed.

"oh..That was my girlfriend dude"

Suddenly it felt like the wind had been knocked out of him, his chest aching as he only gave a muffled reply of 'oh that's nice; as he turned over and buried his face in the pillow. I'm a fucking idiot of course he has a girlfriend! Of course I mean look at him!He a freaking Swedish god ! He has the best eyes, smile and laugh you have ever scene or heard1 don't even get started on his body ! Wait..I think he's hot, no I think he's so sexy, I'm ..I like guys? No.. I am beginning to like..Davin.. His thoughts alarmed him, his tongue peeping out to lick his now dry lips a nervous habit that he had always had. Squeezing his eyes shut he forced the images of Davin from his mind and solely focused on his own breathing, trying to force himself into a sleep that didn't accompany a certain sweetish blond or the fact that he might have discovered he was gay for said Swede.

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