Legend of the Skeleton Man

Summary: a group of teenagers on a project break down on the side of the road and decide to find help in the woods. But two of the teenagers believe in a legend that has been going on for years, the legend of the Skeleton Man. Walking through the woods in the dead of night, the teenagers come across something deadly and hungry for blood.

Chapter 1

I gave a loud groan and let my forehead hit my desk. My black hair fell around me as I sighed angrily. "Why...? Why did the freaking teacher assign us with two of the biggest jerks in history?" I groaned, laying a hand over my dark blue eyes.

Adrian chuckled from beside me and placed a hand on my head, ruffling my hair. Adrian, with his short, emo-styled hair and lean, yet muscular body made him very hot and good-looking. His eyes, which were a bright emerald green, were staring straight at me. "At least you have Ashley and I."

Oh, how could I forget? Ashley is my best friend of 6 years. We've usually been described as being twins, but we just have different hair and eye color.

I sighed. "Yeah...at least I have you two..."

Speaking, the only reason I'm pissed is because we have to work on a group project with Riley Moore and Chase Marshell, two of the biggest jerks in the entire universe. Our project was to do a report on animals in the woods. And surprisingly, we had to work tonight.

The bell rang and Adrian and I went outside to meet the rest of our team. Riley made a face as we arrived. "Couldn't you two take any longer?" she sneered.

Ashley glared at her and then looked back at me. "We ready to go? We'll use my mini van because none of the other cars will fit all of us."

We left in Ashley's mini van and got something to eat before taking off for the woods. "Hey, since we're bored and all," Ashley began. "Let's do something."

"Oh, like what?" Chase asks sarcastically.

I glanced over from the passenger seat to see Ashley smirk. "Let me tell the story of the Skeleton Man."

Adrian groaned from the back. "Oh, not this again..."

"Hey, you believe in it too dumbass." Ashley snorted. "Anyway, the Legend of the Skeleton Man goes back years ago in the early 1900's. There was a man who lost everything. He lost his child to disease, his wife to suicide and his house to the bank. He was so lost that he wandered into the woods to find help, but he came across a person."

"Oooohhh, how scary." Riley said sarcastically.

"Bitch." I mumbled.

"As I was saying, the man came across a hooded person. The hooded person asked him a question. He asked 'Do you want a different life?'. The man, seeing how he lost everything, said yes. The hooded person gave him a different life, but it was more like a curse. The man lost his skin as time went by, he lost his skin, organs, everything. And he became known as Skeleton Man. He lived in the woods for so long he eventually lost his mind and began killing people."

"Why did he do that?" Chase asks.

"Because he lost his mind and the instant he sheded blood, he wanted more. The man or skeleton, disguised himself in a dark cloak that covered his entire body and killed whomever he pleased. But then he just vanished in the late 1980's. Some say he finally died, others say he just went somewhere else. But to this day, people have said to have seen a hooded man with a very bony body and some have lived to tell the tale." Ashley finished.

Everything was silent for a moment before Riley snorted. "That is so stupid! Really, a Skeleton Man? Sounds like a children's horror story."

"Be careful what you say Riley," Ashley smiled. "You might be Skeleton Man's first victim tonight."

"Oh get a grip you emo bitch."

"Hey!" I whirled around in the passenger seat to glare at her. "That wasn't necessary Riley! The next time you call her an emo bitch, I'll-!"

All of a sudden, the back two tires of the van popped and everyone screamed as the car swerved back and fourth. Ashley finally stopped the car on the side of the road. The only thing that was heard was everyone's hard breathing.

"Is everyone alright?" Adrian asks.

"Yeah..." I groaned and unbuckled my seat belt, being the first one out of the van with Ashley. We both went to the rear of the car and looked at the tires.

"What the hell man?!" Ashley said angrily. "I just got these tires replaced!"

I knelt down and saw something in the right back tire. Leaning over, I gripped what felt like a handle and yanked it out of the black rubber. In my hand, was a bent up dagger. "The hell?" Chase swore. "Who leaves a knife in the middle of the road?"

"That doesn't matter!" Riley said, stomping her foot. "What are we gonna do now?! We're lost in the middle of the woods!"

"Shut up." Ashley said and opened the truck. She lifted up the seat and pulled out a few flashlights. "Looks like we're walking back to the school."

"We should get there faster if we go through the woods." I said, taking one of the flashlights.

"Are you kidding me?" Riley snarled. "I'm not walking through those woods!"

"What, are you scared of the Skeleton Man?" Chase asks with a grin and she punched him in the shoulder.

"Not funny Chase!"

Adrian shook his head. "Stay here if you want and wait while we get help. Let's go." he said and we began our journey through the woods.

"Wait, we're coming too!" Riley shouted and her and Chase ran close behind us.