The Entity

Summary: Moving to a new home is always hard, especially for Jayden Loyd. After a last, deadly encounter with a demon at her last school, she finds herself the target of an entity that bangs on walls and leaves threatening messages. But what does the entity want?

Chapter 1

When was the last time Jayden ever got a say in what anything was going to happen? Never, not ever. She hated when she and her family moved. They moved every two years because Jayden could not stay out of trouble.

Supernatural trouble is what Jayden calls it, her family calls it not staying out of others' businesses. For as long as she could remember, Jayden could see ghosts and angels and demons and that sort of thing. She inherited the gift from her maternal grandmother, but she thought of it more like a curse.

She could feel the evil wherever she went...

"Well, what do you think?" Lisa asks, smiling at her eldest child.

Jayden wrinkled her nose and looked up at the house. The house looked very old, with black graveyard railing surrounding the property and a graveyard like gate. "Looks like it's about ready to fall down."

"Well, some old houses do look like that." Lisa spoke as her husband Jared came up from behind her, already carrying stuff out from the back of the moving truck.

"C'mon hun, let's get this stuff into the house."

Jayden walked inside after her brother and immediately headed to the basement. She loved basements; they were so peaceful to her. Her room was in a basement at her last house and she liked it. The basement had dark blue carpet, along with the walls being a medium blue and even a bathroom connected to it.

"Jayden?" her dad called her name.

"Down here dad." Jayden replied and her dad walked down the basement stairs with two boxes in his arms.

"The basement again? Hun, you have an unhealthy obsession with basements." her dad chuckled as he set the boxes down near the stairs. "Come outside and I'll help you get the rest of your boxes."

In a matter of several minutes, Jayden finally hauled the rest of her stuff into her new room. She wandered to the backyard and saw several dead trees and lots of foliage in the back. There was something back there, Jayden could feel it.

"Jayden," Her little brother Buddy spoke as he came outside and stood beside Jayden. "Whoa, you think something might be back there?"

"Maybe, you stay here. I'm gonna go take a look." Jayden ignored her brother's protests as she walked to the very back of the property and grunted as she struggled to get through the foliage. "Damnit-shit!" she swore loudly as she fell through the foliage and down a hill. She rolled down the hill until she came into contact with a tree. Jayden gasped in pain, holding her left side. "Shit...I hope it's not broken..." she gasped, trying to stand. But the pain in her side made it difficult.

"Jayden!" She heard Buddy shout. "Are you okay?!"

"Go get dad!" Jayden shouted back, the pain erupting in her side once more. It hurt to breathe. Jayden sucked in breath and glanced over to the left, seeing how thick the foliage was (not as thick at the top of the hill). She squinted her eyes and saw the very top of a headstone.

"Jayden!" Jared called out her name.

"I'm down here! Be careful of the hill!"

Her dad soon came through the foliage and hurried down the hill, grabbing her arms and trying to help her up. "Are you alright? What happened?"

"I was trying to get through the foliage and I fell down the hill and my side hit a tree. I hope to god it's not broken." Jayden winced. Her dad carefully lifted up her shirt to her ribs and as she breathed in and out, it hurt every time.

"Are you guys okay?!" Lisa shouted from the top of the hill.

"Get the car ready!" Jared yelled up towards her and helped Jayden up the hill. "I think we need to get Jayden's side checked out. She collided with a tree when she hit the bottom."


"Well I must say, you are one lucky girl." the doctor spoke when he finished tending to Jayden's side. "Nothing's broken, but your left side is bruised and will be very painful for a few days. Just don't lift anything heavy for a few days and the pain should start going away by tomorrow."

"Thank you doctor." Both of her parents shook hands with the doctor and soon left. "I don't want either of you going down that hill. It's too dangerous."

"Okay mom." Buddy said and Jayden just gave them a thumbs up.

Back at home, Jayden was going through her stuff when she came along a picture of her and her former best friend. They had been friends for two years, since when Jayden moved there. Alice had been the same kind of person as Jayden, she could also see ghosts and angels and demons. Her mother was a medium and her dad had left years ago. Jayden remembered the fateful day...

Flashback, two years ago.

"Jayden, you have to help me." Alice whispered to Jayden while the two sat in detention.

"What happened? Is that demon after you again?" Jayden whispered back.

Alice nodded. "He's been following me to school and is the cause of things that has happened, even getting us into trouble!"

"Have you thought of getting yourself purified?"

"My mom says the demon is way too strong for her to battle it and it wants me." Alice replied with a look of fear on her face. "Jay, I don't know how much I can handle of this. It's driving me insane."

"Quiet, both of you!" the detention teacher shouted, glaring at both girls.

Alice looked above the teacher's head and gasped, pulling on Jayden's hoodie sleeve. "Jayden..." she whimpered.

Jayden looked above the teacher's head and saw a pure black shadow on the wall, in the form of a human being and crawling down towards the teacher. The school was dark because of the night outside and even though it was dark, someone could still see the shadow. It was a different type of black.

The girls quickly stood up and the teacher sighed in an aggravated voice, standing up also as the girls inched towards the doorway. "What are you two doing?!"

"Look out!" Alice shouted.

Before the teacher could turn around, the shadow's arm extended and pierced the teacher's back, going all the way through and out his chest. The teacher gurgled, blood seeping down his shirt and the shadow yanked it's arm out and the teacher dropped to the floor dead.

"Run!" Alice screamed and she grabbed Jayden's arm and the two bolted out of the classroom. "Oh shit!" she swore when the shadow quickly leaped on wall after wall to catch up to them.

Jayden looked over her shoulder and saw the shadow leap after them. She saw a line appear where it's mouth would be and the line grew bigger, showing gleaming, white fangs. "Come on!" Alice pulled her along and around the corner of the dark school. "In here!" she pulled herself and Jayden into the basement and quickly shut the door, locking it.

The shadow on the other side immediately began pounding on the door. The two girls backed away as it pounded on the door violently and the wooden door cracked. "C'mon!" Alice grabbed Jayden's arm and pulled her away from the door. "That won't hold him for long-."

Before she could finish, the door was ripped right off its hinges and the shadow leaped at Alice. Jayden was thrown away from her best friend and slid down the wall with a groan.

"Jayden, help me!" Alice screamed as the shadow's body used its dark tendrils to drag Alice towards the wall. Jayden stared, frozen in fear and her dark eyes wide. "Help me please!" Alice began to disappear into the wall. "Jayden!"

And then she was gone.

Jayden sat there, frozen in fear before she finally felt tears roll down her face. She had forgotten how to cry or scream...

End Flashback.

No one ever found her body. Jayden tacked the picture onto the wall and mumbled an apology. "I'm sorry I couldn't help you Alice..."