The Entity

Chapter 2

It was two thirty in the morning and the Loyd household was sleeping peacefully, well, as peacefully as anyone could sleep. Someone could hear faint music coming from the basement, as Jayden slept.

Music helped her sleep during the night and her parents didn't always approve of it. Jayden was nestled deep in her covers, the radio sitting on her bed-table. Jayden scrunched her eyes and shivered, unconsciously feeling the room become colder. She wrapped her blankets tighter around her form and sighed in her sleep.

She rolled onto her side and into a fetal position, never noticing the dark shadow that appeared on her wall. Jayden scrunched her eyes and then opened them, seeing a shadow on the wall. She gasped and looked over her shoulder, but saw nothing and looked back at her wall. The shadow was gone.

Jayden sighed tiredly and laid back down, nestling in her covers.


Jayden slowly opened her dark eyes and she felt fear creep up her spine. She knew something was behind her, waiting for her to look. She suddenly heard soft footsteps and a heavy weight sat on her bed. She breathed quietly and then a hand touched her arm.

"No!" she yelled, quickly sitting up and smacking something. She nearly gasped when she realized she had just hit her dad. "God, I'm so sorry! I thought you...were someone else..."

Dad shook his head, rubbing his cheek tenderly. "It's alright Jayden. I just wanted to check up on you."

Jayden sighed in relief. "Yeah. This place kinda creeps me out."

"Well, we did get it cheap." he spoke. "Someone probably died here, anyway. Get some sleep; school starts tomorrow."

"Right, night dad."

"Night Jayden." her dad went back upstairs and she laid back down, falling asleep instantly. What she didn't know, was a pair of jet black eyes watching her from the shadows.

The next morning, she got dressed for school and headed upstairs for breakfast. "Morning Jayden," mom spoke as her daughter walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. "How'd you sleep?"

"Alright I guess." Jayden lied.

"We need to do something about you playing music all night long."

"Mom, I can't sleep in total silence."

"Sure you can. Oh hun, why can't you be normal like everyone else?" Mom questioned.

Jayden scowled and picked up her bag, walking towards the front door and leaving her house. "Because I'm not normal." she snarled to herself.

Jayden easily found her way to the high school. It wasn't very big and should be easy to get around in. She headed up to the guidance office and approached the secretary. "Excuse me."

The secretary looked up and smiled. "Hi, what can I do for you?"

"I'm Jayden Loyd, I'm new." Jayden spoke and the secretary typed her name into the system.

"Ah! Here we go!" the secretary smiled and printed out Jayden's schedule. "Here's your schedule, can you find your way around?"

"Yeah, this place isn't that big." Jayden replied and left, heading for her first class. She had Astronomy first hour and headed off to class. She found her class after a few minutes of searching and knocked on the door, where it was answered by a young woman.

"You must be Jayden Loyd, come on inside." she smiled and allowed Jayden inside. "Class, this is Jayden Loyd. She just moved here."

Some kids said hi or hey while others ignored her. Jayden was given a textbook and sat down in the empty seat behind a blonde boy. She opened her textbook to page 16 and they started on the first few planets.

Jayden glanced around the room and suddenly saw something out of the corner of her eye. Her breath hitched in her throat as she slowly looked, but didn't see anything. Is it...following me? She thought.

Now just noticing she was the last one in her row, she felt a cold hand touch the back of her neck and she immediately tensed up. The hand trailed around her neck and fingers slowly wrapped around her thin neck.

Then she couldn't breathe.

Jayden gasped as she felt the fingers tighten and she reached up to grasp the hand, but all she felt was air. This has to be a dream! Wake up Jayden! Wake up!

She then felt cold lips near her ear and a voice so sinister it sent her mind spinning.

"You're mine."

"No!" Jayden yelled and instantly, the hand and the presence vanished and she was able to breathe again. She looked up and saw the teacher and the students staring at her.

"Are you alright?" the teacher asks.

Jayden swallowed. "May I use the restroom?"

The teacher nodded and she quickly left the room, heading to the nearest girl's restroom. She breathed deeply and splashed water on her face. " was a dream...just a dream..." she whispered, her hands slightly shaking.

All of a sudden, something roughly yanked on her leg and pulled her to the ground, allowing Jayden to hit her temple on the tile floor. She looked behind her and saw a black tendril coming out of the wall and wrapped around her leg.

The tendril pulled her towards the shadows on the wall and Jayden screamed, grabbing the edge of one of the stalls. "No!"

The tendril threw her across the restroom and she hit the wall harshly, collapsing to the floor and that's when she was knocked out.


Jayden woke with a pounding head inside of her bedroom. Both her parents were at her side. "...What happened?"

"You passed out at school and there was a gash on your temple hun." Her mother touched her temple gently and Jayden hissed. "You don't remember?"

Oh let's see, I felt someone touch me during class and then a tendril tried to drag me into the wall like Alice. Jayden wanted to say. "No." she lied.

"Well," her parents exchanged glances. "You have a slight concussion, so you won't be going to school for the rest of the week." her dad spoke. "Get some sleep kiddo. We'll check on you later."

As they left, Jayden mumbled. "Thank god it's only Wednesday." she mumbled before falling asleep.

Jayden fell into a dream and she wore her black sweatpants and blue tank top. She was in the hallway of her house, all the windows open and blowing the curtains. She slowly and cautiously walked down the hallway, even though her entire being screamed danger.

The wooden boards beneath her bare feet creaked underneath her weight. She suddenly saw a shadow move in the room at the end of the hallway and she stopped, breathing quietly. The door creaked as it slowly began to open and once it was fully open, it slammed shut loudly.

Jayden jumped five feet in the air and quickly ran back where she came from, to the left and headed towards the stairs when she ran into a hard, tall and solid figure. Before she could do anything, cold fingertips trailed up her cheek and she shivered.

Then she yelped when the hand twined itself in her hair and gripped painfully, pulling her towards the dark figure. Jayden opened one eye and saw the dark and sinister figure before her. She could make out his dark hair and the black clothes he wore.

And the glowing red eyes that stared down at her.

Jayden gasped and tried to pull away, but she found herself against the wall with hands pinning her own down. She trembled in fear and gasped yet again when cold lips pressed to her neck, trailing along her neck. Please...please wake up...She begged her mind.

And then the figure sank its teeth into her tender neck.

Jayden screamed as she bolted up in the bed, her hand immediately going to her neck. She didn't feel any blood or teeth marks. " was just a dream..."

"Was it?" a dark voice whispered against her ear and then nails tore her neck open.

She bolted up in bed, eyes wide with fear and body shaking uncontrollably. She hugged her knees to her chest and buried her face in her knees, rocking back and forth. Then, she began to sob.