Falling into forgotten eternity
Only darkness to keep me company
My only wish was for you to stay with me
But in this unforgiving territory
My hopes are my greatest enemy

Grave impossibilities haunt me
Lurking in the shadows of my mind
I am untouchable
Walking among them
Yet separate
Nothing can reach me

I am a stone in an ocean
The waves toss and turn
But I am stuck in the earth
Though slowly eroding
Someday even I will fall apart

Memories cannot compare
I want you back but it is not possible
Why did you leave?
Your imprint on this world will fade
As I remain
Struggling and gasping for air
In this uncharted area of sorrow
How long before I must admit I'm lost?

Pain to hide from pain
Numb is an old friend
I am drifting, not truly alive
Frozen in a moving world
As if in the eye of a storm
I cannot make sense
Of the state you have left me in

Here one moment
Gone the next
Out of sight but
Lingering in mind
I try to forget but
I keep coming back to
That day when I realized
That nothing would ever be the same