Author's notes: Hi and thanks for taking a look at my story! This story centers around Sakura Hikari, a hyper-active energetic girl who sometimes gets too annoying at times, along with her friends and brother. This is based off of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but this is a timeline where the other girls don't exist, so I doubt I will write about cannon characters excluding a certain contractor. This will highly be of OCs; just a fair warning.

Chapter 1:

Magical girls. Crime fighting. Saving the day from evil. Being a heroine of light and protecting the town.

...That was all I dreamed of every single day, ever since I was a tiny tyke. But it was silly to believe that a fantasy world like that would actually exist, am I right? Little did I know it was going to be a total reality.

"Good morning, sis!" My little brother greeted me in the early morning when he barged in my room. He was such a hyper little boy, even when it's way too early to be awake.

"Aww, Sakuya..How can you be so..cheerful.." I groggily replied, and rubbed my eyes.

"Your gonna be late for school you know! We gotta hurry!" He told me, as if I didn't already know that.

Sakuya was my younger brother by a year and a few months. We practically act and look the same too. Heck, we mistakingly are called twins all the time! Even our names are almost spelled exactly the same. We both have orange-ginger hair, huge brown eyes, and our family Hikari trademark bangs. He is, however, a little shorter than me, but only by a few inches. That and-well, my hair is longer and is tied in two cute twintails. Were pretty close too.

"..Okay.." I yawn and get out of bed with my hair looking like a mess. I frantically begin searching for my clothes, but I can't find them anywhere.

"Here, Saku, your uniform." Sakuya points under my bed where it must have fallen.

"Thanks..Now go so I can change.." I say and stick out my tongue at him. He does the same and makes a face, and then leaves to probably eat breakfast or something.

The school we go to is Mitakihara High, where I am a second year, and Sakuya a first year. I wish I could have been the younger one, seem like the cute younger sister I would dream to be. I can't help the fact I have to be the nice, proper, older sister...Though I'm definitely nothing like that.

Once I put the girl school uniform, and put my white thigh high socks, I brush and then tie my hair nicely in two cute red ribbons. The image of cuteness! By now, I'm awake, but when class starts, I doubt I will be.

"Sisss! Are you done?" Sakuya knocks on my door and barges in. He was probably done twenty minutes ago, because when he first came in my room, he already had the white buttoned up boy's uniform.

"Yeah! I'm ready now!" I say to him, while looking one last time in the mirror and fixing my bangs.

"Okay, let's go then! You took long enough." He grabs my hand and runs out the door, stomping even though he knows our parents are asleep. Guess I'm skipping breakfast again today...

Once we get to the path near the river's edge, I see the twins Aiko and Akio walking slowly ahead. These two were actually twins, unlike me and Sakuya who just look super similar!

"Aiiiiikoooooo!" I called out cheerfully and happily skipped to her. Aiko turned around and smiled at me. Akio on the other hand stopped walking.

"Ah, Sakura! It's nice to see you this morning." Aiko told me as I gave her a hug.

"Akio..what's up?! How have you been?" Sakuya tried staring a conversaion with him abs dashed off to Akio. Sakuya admired Akio a lot, and wanted to be just like him.

Aiko and Akio like I said, are two blue eyed twins. Akio is older by a few minutes, and is way taller than all of us. They both have black hair, but Aiko's hair reaches all the way down to her waist, and Akio's hair tied in a very short ponytail. However, even if they are twins, they act like polar opposites. Oh yeah, the two are also second years like me.

"Hey." Akio blankly replied to Sakuya, not really actually listening to what he was saying.

"Uh, so, do you think you can help me grow as tall as you?" Sakuya asked nervously while poking his two fingers together.

"Dunno. Genetics, I guess." Akio shrugged his shoulders as we continued walking to school.

While Sakuya was badgering Akio with questions he barely paid attention to, I had small chit-chat with Aiko, my best friend.

"Hey hey, so did you hear? That one girl in the cooking club?" I began, already excited to talk about the gossip.

"Yeah? You mean Kaguya Orihine, the one with the white hair and the glasses? I know her, a little." Aiko described, though she didn't know much about her but her name and face.

"So she, like, got so upset at that other glasses wearing boy! Normally she is so shy she wouldn't say anything, but something that he did really made her mad!" I explained to her, moving my arms in all directions to explain.

"Huh? Don't you think thats really...unlike her to do that?" Aiko questionly thought about what Kaguya did.

"Mhm! But she got so mad at the pie she baked for him because he didn't accept her confession. She shoved that pie like, THIS!" I demonstrated the pie shove just like a clown would!

"Well, that wasn't very nice. But Kaguya is very wouldn't think a shy person would do that to someone unless he made her really upset. Let's ask if she's okay after school, okay Sakura?"

"Eh, I guess...I have nothin' better to do." I didn't really want to, but Aiko thought it would be nice, so I guess. And with that, we made our way to school.

Once we made it to the front gates of the school building, we could already see what was happening. Girls all over a really popular guy. And that guy? It was none other than Dai. I admit, Dai was really cute, but I didn't like him or anything like that.

"Oh great, Mr. Popular and his worshiping fans. Always here at the same day and time." Akio muttered to us.

"Man, I wish I could be like that one day...W-What? I-I mean someone like you Akio! Your still the best!" Sakuya said, but we all knew what he wanted.

As we walked past the fan girls screaming and calling Dai's name, I noticed he was looking at us.

"Hey, is Dai us?"

When I said that, Aiko and Sakuya looked up and saw Dai's face. And with that, a..wink?!

"What the..did he just give you a wink, Aiko?!" I said, looking back and forth at Dai and Aiko. Aiko's face was really surprised, and it didn't seem like she noticed me talking to her.

"Huh? Uh..well..Maybe it was someone else? I mean, he never noticed me anyday before.." Aiko twiddled her thumbs and stared at the ground.

"MAYBE IT WAS AT ME!" Sakuya shouted and waved his arms around.

Akio pat Sakuya on the head. "If you were Aiko, I'd give you a whack on the head." That made Aiko shout, "HEY!" ..And they bickered and argued until we finally made it to class.

Class was all normal and we all had the same classes, except Sakuya of course. During lunch he would visit us along with one of his other friends, who was just as infatuated with hanging out with upperclassmen; but to a bit lesser degree. At least he didn't make it so obvious like my little bro would. It didn't bother me much, though.

Once it was recess or our free period, Aiko approached me after class was done.

"Hiya, do you want to check out Kaguya now? I hope she is okay.."

I made a face with my tongue out and got up from my chair. "Sure sure," That was in a sarcastic tone.

"Well, she's probably in the cooking room, don't you think?" Aiko said, as she twisted her long hair.

"Of course! But, do you think Akio should come with us too?" I pointed at Akio in the back of the classroom listening to a student with another group of boys tell a story of some-sort.

"No, he's busy with some 'guy talk' over there." I giggled, and we headed away to the cooking club.

"Heyo! Is Kaguya in here?" I looked around and their was only five other students in the class room.

"Kaguya isn't in the room. She ran outside of my class right when it was free period." A girl who was rolling dough told us.

"Huh? That's strange.." Aiko said, deep in thought.

"Yes, but I heard she ran out of school grounds to elsewhere. But I only heard. I don't know for sure." The girl replied, still concentrating on the dough.

"Ah, well thanks though." We were about to walk out until the girl made a sound.

"Wait." She looked up from her dough and to us. "Ever since yesterday, she's been a total different person. If your after her for whatever reason, be cautious. I'm warning you now."

"O-Okay. Thank you." The two of us were really shaken up about that statement. Our eyes were filled with shock and fright. But, I also felt excitement.

"Wow, something..Interesting is going on..aren't you just filled with something new? Like a case from an investigation!" I was pumped and excited for this. I really wanted to find out the truth!

"Sakura, this is serious. A shy girl who one day confesses her love to a boy who rejects her and is given a pie to the face afterwards. For one thing, Kaguya would never do that..the anger to hit him with a pie. Second, why would she run off campus? That's not aloud to someone who isn't a third year, and she would never break the rules. Something is terribly wrong."

"Wow, Aiko! You could really be a detective! And I'd be the attorney to the case! OBJECTION!" I shout, pointing my finger like that famous defense attorney does! He's super cool!

"A-Anyways, I think she couldn't have gone far, but do you think we should risk it and go beyond school grounds?"

I was shocked at Aiko; I wouldn't think her as the type to skip out of school for this. However, it WAS free period and she was genuinely worried about Kaguya. She didn't even know her that well and wanted to help out! Aiko really is a kind person.

"Yeah! It's exciting! I never did something like this before. Let's look for clues and stuff!" I searched the outside of the school where Dai and his fans were earlier for anything, but it was all thrash.

"..Aaaaaah! I give up! I can't find nothing!"

"Well, let's try the side of the gates leading to the school." Aiko lead me there, and searched the sides of the gate post as I kept on the look out for any teachers, but there wasn't any. They were probably on their break too. They're were other kids hanging out in groups near the trees.

"...Huh?" Aiko picked up something up with her fragile hands.

"What is it?" I ask and I look behind her shoulder.


"W-What?! No way...this is like a horror movie scene! Kaguya went missing!" I shout as Aiko tries to keep me quiet.

"We don't know if it's hers for sure...I mean, it could be anyone who misplaced or dropped their glasses. A lot of people wear them." Aiko tells me, trying to be reasonable. But I know it's hers!

"We-" I stop my sentence when I can feel someone behind us. I don't know, and I'm scared to look. Aiko can feel the presence, too.

"..I can help you with your problems. Any and every problems you have." The voice says, very tiny and fragile, but the way it says it..seems very strange and alarming indeed. It came from the shadows of hell... Almost if it was a demon. We turn very slowly, bracing ourselves on what this monster could be, and...

End of Chapter 1