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Chapter 3:

Kyuubey led us all the way here..near a junkyard?! Gross..There aren't any people here, and it seems like this place is abandoned with dirty thrash all over the ground. This place wasn't far from school at all, either. Maybe about ten minutes of a walk? Kind of shocking how a junkyard is so close to a public school. You'd think some strict parent would wmake a complaint to the school. Anyway, why did Kyuubey take us here? I didn't even know this place existed.

"There," Kyuubey pointed with his ears as we hid near several trees. "Kaguya is over there." Aiko and I peeked our heads out to see..and it was a site I would of have never guessed.

"Why is she with..Keigo?" Aiko questioned. She took the words out my mouth. We listened onto what they were saying. The three of us were probably only five feet away. More or less.

"I was tired of being that dumb little shy girl no one paid attention to...You know that..?" Kaguya tells Keigo innocently, and Keigo seemed a little frightened.

"Y-Yeah? I wouldn't have guessed that.." Keigo tried to say nonchalantly, but he's way too frightened to be cool. We can all tell it's just an act.

"Kei..I had feelings for you..I really liked you for the longest time..." Was this a confession?! But, didn't she already confess the day she threw her gift in his face?

Her eyes, purple like the sunset sky, began tearing up. It's a little mean to say, but she looks really nice with the tears. It gives you the vibe of a cute, weak girl. "But," Kaguya took off her glasses to wipe the lenses filled with wet tears. "You laughed at me. You thought I couldn't be anything close to serious."

Keigo didn't say anything. I guess he was too guilty? But wow, what a jerk for laughing! I would do the same thing and throw the pie on his face! He deserves it.

"I-I don't know..never in my life, I felt like I had my own actions. I always felt like someone had to make my choices for me..I never..had the freedom to decide what I wanted." Kaguya stopped sobbing and took a deep breath. She pasued again and readjusted her glasses.

The white-haired girl with the dark sunset eyes. She was such a cute, and pretty girl, but her expression changed as fast as a rollecoaster going down. One minute she was crying, the next she was burning like flames were coming out of her eyes. She went up to Keigo as close as possible, their noses an inch away from touching. Keigo backed up, and Kaguya took a step foward. This happened about three times with him going back and her going foward, until Keigo couldn't back up anymore. He would step on the nasty thrash if he backed off one more time.

"The sweet, shy girl who, on the outside, didn't mind being made fun of or called names. On the inside, she was dying to say something to defend herself. And at nights, she..would cry herself to sleep. That was all me. Well, I'm sick and tired of all of it. I'm sick and tired of the name-calls, I'm sick and tired of being the only one in the class without a partner. I'm sick and tired of all of the LAUGHING!" She shouted, getting louder and louder with every sentence. I couldn't believe a shy girl like her changed so much in two day's time. Kaguya was fighting him back literally and throwing all she had on Keigo

"W-Well, I-I didn't know.." Keigo stuttered, not sure what to do or what to say to Kaguya. It's like she was possessed by something to make her like this.

"S-So if we become magical girls, a-are we going to be like this...?" I asked quietly, so only Aiko and Kyuubey could hear me.

"No. Becoming a magical girl doesn't change your personality. You change yourself." Kyuubey told us.

"It must be the strength or the stress of becoming a magical girl that made her like this...or maybe it really just took Keigo, the one she loved, laughing at her.." Aiko whispered. That really does sound depressing.

"THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY?! AFTER ALL THIS?!" Kaguya yelled, right in his face. They were only an inch apart, mind you. That must of really hurt his ears.

Kaguya took a deep breath; Inhaled ad exhaled. She looked at Keigo dead in the eyes. "Hey," She began, calming herself down from screaming so loud. "Close your eyes, will you?"

"H-Huh, w-why?" Keigo responded, and Kaguya's face turned into the demon we just saw a minute ago.

"I SAID CLOSE YOUR EYES! WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!" She yelled, once again. The scariness of shy girls when they let their emotions flow, is not a pretty site indeed.

"Y-Yes, Ma'am!" Keigo said as if Kaguya was an adult. He closed his eyes, and it was obvious he wasn't going to open them...Unless he wanted to get yelled at again. You know, they sound like a housewife and a low-income dad...Almost like an angry married couple. Well, no, definitely an angry married couple.

"Good. Stay like that until I tell you to." Kaguya said, taking something from her skirt pocket. Wowwy! Shewore the uniform with black knee socks, I just noticed. Wait..hey, what is she taking out?! Don't look at her dumb socks, stupid me! Look at the..what is that?

"Kyuubey..what is that in Kaguya's hand..and why is she putting it near the front of her face?" I whispered to the group. It was very small and miniature and very hard to see from here, but I looked close enough to see that it was in a golden yellow except for the white in the center. The white shined when she stared at the object.

"That is the soul gem I explained earlier. The soul gem lets you have the ability to transform into a magical girl. Right now, she's transforming." Kyuubey tells us in a matter-in-fact kind of voice, but I can't keep calm like Kyuubey when I'm expierincing a magical girl transformation right in front of me! This is so cool, but I know I got to keep quiet! I silently squeal to myself, excited as to what her magical girl outfit looked like.

Kaguya throws her soul gem into the air, and kicks it with her right foot. She then catches it with a swift grab, as she begins to transform. The young girl throws her soul gem once again, this time spinning it onto her weapon as she gets her magical girl clothes. When she is finished transforming, she poses with one of her hands on her hip, while the other using her weapon; A huge silvery-white wisk, to push up her glasses. Her whisk is tied into a white ribbon, where in the center, her soul gem lay. The outfit she wears is a cute white with purple stripes apron dress; Like what patisserie's wear...Only except for the fact that what she is wearing something that is five times cuter! She also had super cute purple and white stripes on her thigh-high socks. They matched her dress and hair color!

"Wow..a real magical girl transformation..." Aiko was in awe, and I was so happy that we were going to be like this soon enough...but there aren't any witches near by, are there? I don't see any danger near by; Why did she transform?

Kaguya spun her gigantic whisk in a circle about five times, which created a huge piece of pie. It looked wonderfully delicious, and she held the pie in her free hand at an upwards angle. The pie in this direction, covered her whole body except for her knees and below.

", open.." She said in a shy tone. This sounds like the regular Kaguya, thankfully not the beast we just heard.

"Y-Yea-" Keigo opened his eyes slowly as he saw a massive pie right in front of him. Right before he could say anything, she shoved this huge pie right on his face and since it was so big, it covered his entire body. Did I mention that she backed him up near a pile of thrash, and if he moved back anymore, Keigo would fall in a pile of thrash? Yeah, the pie sent him falling onto that. I honestly will try to never upset Kaguya. Ever.

"That's for playing with my heart like it was some kind of toy!" Kaguya shouted, as the girl transformed back to her school uniform. She began walking away, and that was our que to leave unless we wanted to get spotted!

"Quick..!" Aiko quietly commanded, as she grabbed my hand and we began running away.

"H-Hey..!" Dang. We were spotted.

"A-Ah..yeah...?" Aiko nervously called back.

"YES! WE SAW IT ALL! I CONFESS!" I shouted, giving up already. Aiko facepalmed herself right on her forehead.

"..O..Oh.." Kaguya wasn't like her beast self, but back to her quiet side. I think it was because she didn't know us so well, and didn't know how to react. Her face was turning red.

"We can talk about everything afterschool. P-Please..don't tell anyone.." Wow. I'm at loss for words how someone can change this fast. One second, a demon is possessing you. The next, you are that sweet, innocent girl.

"We won't. I cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" I immaturely said, giggling.

Kaguya nodded as she ran ahead of us, probably back to school. Kyuubey then came out behind of the tree.

"You humans are complicated creatures."

"We sure are.." Aiko said as she sighed. "Shouldn't we help Keigo..?" She asked, and I shook my head.

"That'll teach him a lesson to mess with us girls! He deserves those two pies, plus the garbage fall!" I hyperly said, and Aiko gave me a look.

"O-Okay..we can help him in two hours. When it's AFTER SCHOOL. If he's still stuck. Keigo needs to learn something!"

Aiko sighed once again. "I'm sure he will be up in five minutes, not two hours," she paused for a second. "I feel a little guilty, but I do feel as he needs to learn something."

I nodded agreeably. "See, you agree with me! Good job!" I laugh and then we slowly walk back to school. Hopefully we aren't late for next class.

End of Chapter 3