In This House

In this house a thousand faces,

Stare at me from different places,

The more I take the more that watch,

The lives of those I cannot touch,

If I can't have, then they can't live,

Their soul to me they must now give,

I bury them beneath the dirt,

And now they know the price of hurt,

And even though their lives are lost,

In this cold November frost,

I see their faces in the walls,

In the windows, down the halls,

Their eyes follow me everywhere,

I tell them "STOP" they do not care,

The fear is running down my spine,

The paranoia through my mind,

The walls move in, the ceiling falls,

They chase me through these long dark halls,

The faces they are closing in,

To torture me for my sin,

I plead with them, I scream and yell

But now they take my soul to hell..