This smile is a lie

I am a lie

It's a lie to hide a lie

I act quite well I suppose

But that's the problem

I don't want to

I can't seem to trust anyone

even if I wanted to

I told you everything


No one will know who I really am

I tried to tell you

I really did

But still

Never mind


You saw through most of my disguises

But you will never understand what I go through

All I ever wanted was acceptance

Whatever you liked

I had to like too

Whatever you hated

I had to too

When will this end?

This is sad

I want to cry

But I've run out of tears years ago

Is this going to last forever?

I've sunk into this dark abyss of lies

I've sunk too deep to ever get out

It's impossible to save me now

So just give up

It's pointless now

Why waste your time on an empty shell?

You try to find the buried treasure

But all treasure has already rotted away

If you still try to rescue me

I'll only drag you in as well

Why must you be punished with me?

Why should you be chained like this?

I shall free you

I smile to hide the deadly secret

This will hurt you

but you will be saved

This will hurt me

yet I have to

For your sake

I will do anything

But still

Never mind

I hope the view is nice

The gentle breeze blows my long hair into my face

And I enjoy the fresh air

So this is where it all ends

My lie

Your captivity

My life

The place I used to love reeks of death

The flowers fully bloomed

Appear wilted in my lifeless eyes

The bright blue sky appears grey

The once green rooftop garden appears brown

The scent of death lingers in the air

I should know

I died there.

But still


I love you