Erithngam Magie

September 1993

Rain, hard and heavy, assaulted the gray pavement around the tall building. The dark clouds loomed ominously overhead. Lightning flashed a few times and the sound of thunder echoed above. A young woman, about twenty-three, with pale skin and long blonde hair stepped out of a limo. She was dressed in scarlet.

"I take it the rain is your doing, Rosenfell?" Asked a young man of about twenty-two. He had beautiful features, light brown skin, neat black hair that framed his face, and dark green eyes burning with light.

"You can't escape now, Michael." The woman spoke with a smirk on her lips. Like a conductor she played the storm as a symphony. Lightning struck the ground seven times, forming a circle around Michael with the specks of charred black cement. "Erithngam has plans for you."

"And I've got plans for them." Michael smirked.

From the seven charred marks of Rosenfell's design rose seven monsters. A chimera with three snarling heads, a dragon with lustrous black scales and mighty wings, a skeleton knight with bloody armor, a wyvern with sharp claws, two tall slender jesters sharing a long bladed staff, and finally a lich wearing regal robes and a jewel encrusted crown. The creatures surrounded Michael, and those with arm reached out and restrained him. One of the jesters chanted in a strange language and several black chains appeared, wrapping themselves around the young man.

"You're trapped." Rosenfell said with a grin.

"Is that what you think?" Michael smirked back at her. "Because I think this game's just getting started." The chains burst from around him and the seven creatures exploded, turning into dust.

"Hmph," Rosenfell bit her lip. "Very well, there are more where those came from."

Lightning struck a hundred times and a hundred monsters rose from the ground. "See if you can keep up fighting them all!"

"See if you can keep up the summoning," Michael retorted. A double bladed staff appeared in his right hand, followed by another in his left. Eight identical stylized chakrams began to spin around him, swords appeared in groups of three, forming a circle of thirteen groups all around him, and six large translucent wings appeared behind his back, each wing lined with three oversized cannons.