Have you ever loved someone so much that you can't let them go?

Have you ever felt so attached that you cry after they leave?

Have you ever spent hours talking with them and never want to hang up?

Who do you feel this way about?

Why does this feeling overwhelm us in the moment?

It's only when we see that one person.

We get butterflies in our stomach.

We get flushed and sweaty.

We can't figure out what to say.

Are we supposed to be funny or serious?

Should we talk?

Or should we just listen to the other person?

When they ask us a question,

We can't speak.

We flap our lips like fish out of water.

We're trying to figure out how to answer without sounding dumb.

But there are also those people you can talk to with ease

You are even amazed at how poised, funny, or nice you sound.

When we're in love,

Our bodies and minds react in strange ways.

There may be a guy or a girl who makes you stutter.

But there are also the guys and girls who you can talk to with ease.

Whichever way you slice it though,

You'll always have true love.