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the act or attitude of lying down

The audience gasps.

A thunderous boom.

Daniel Kowalski falls to the stage with blood splattered all over his chest, the red leaking as it creates a puddle, forming into a river near his head. There is dead silence from the auditorium. No one dared moved.

My best friend then screams, cutting the frightened silence spreading all over that seemed to choke all over us. She screams with a high pitch, a scream that is so haunting and powerful all the same that time seemed to stop. Freeze. Dissolve. Snap.

My best friend runs and leans down and takes Daniel Kowalski's head and rests it on her lap, and then she starts to cradle him like a mother caressing her child near her breast. I see a tear falling down her sapphire eyes and the way I look at her, I was feeling this need to stand and pat her swollen back and say it is okay, that everything is going alright. From my periphery, I swear someone almost did what I thought, but I see someone pulling him back.

Her hands are now covered with her lover's blood and there are tears touching Daniel's cheeks. My best friend does not care about how she looked, how dirty and undesirable her appearance may be. All she wanted, now, is to be with him and see him alive. That he is here. With her. For eternity.

"This is not supposed to happen" she says. She is rocking herself with his head, and as she says those words it felt like she is speaking these more to herself. "Not supposed to happen" my best friend repeats. She raises her numb head and looks at us with those accusing eyes and she sees me. "Never."

I hear murmurs and whispers and hushes now, and I feel myself resting my fingers and gripping the cushion tightly. Here it comes.

My best friend, as I imagined her, is sweating with pink, swollen eyes and I hear her sobbing as silence invades again.

"You people have no right t-to charge him, in such a…horrible…pathetic…disgusting accusation! You people, who consider yourselves right in every manner and belief, have no right to shun him, to curse, spit, kill him! Look what you have done! Look. What. You. Have. Done!" She screams that scream again and even though I may not look at what has been happening in front of me, I see her standing and pointing fingers at our directions while tears leak down from her fragile eyes; dress covered with Daniel Kowalski's blood and red caking her nails. I see her, without looking, trying to pull her hair from her scalp and scream again while looking above, cursing Heaven for such tragedy. "You animals! Can't you see what you have done horribly wrong? Can't you see how…ignorant you everyone are?" She pauses and I hear a sob, a cue for me to open my eyes. "What has he done wrong to you? He has been innocent through and through. Innocent!" She walks in circles, leaving Daniel Kowalski's body behind, her shoes making trails of red. She looks like a beast, but as she scans at our direction with her eyes, are feral. Dangerous. "You don't know what it feels like to be accused of such horror, to be blamed. Have you even experienced such a thing?" Yes. "You don't know what feels like, in my part, to be lost…"

And I now remember those lines clearly. I can recall them in my head now.

"out of love. To feel tragedy. You don't know how it feels like t-to see someone, you love, die in front of you. You don't know how it feels like to see a part of you shatter. You will never know how it feels like to tear someone out of you life, by the hands of creatures who think they are right, blinded of their arrogance and conceitedness and pride. Even the stubborn, think they are the superior. He doesn't even know I have loved him. He doesn't even know how much I have cared about him…" And now you have ruined it. "And now you have ruined it!"

Knights started to seize her that made my best friend cry and yell. She leaned down and held Daniel's body and kissed his lips that made the silence weave heavily. I see the men taking her away by the arms and yell like a crazed maniac, though she is not a crazed maniac at all.

The light slowly dims until it fades to black.

Before the applause grew, the lights started to fade in and claps began to seize. We watch the scene change, the blood cleaned up and the horror of the sky dissolving into a grey stretch of cloud, as a child with flowing mass of bronze hair carries a doll. That familiar doll. The audience gasped, murmurs commenced.

The child holds tightly the doll and stops at the graves in front of her. She looks deeply and I can see the resemblance of the little girl from my best friend and Daniel. She looks to the sky and places the doll gently on their graves and waving a sad farewell. She is then abruptly stopped by a cloaked man with a grin, reaching to shake her hand.




The theme music played, the lights gave in and everyone, including myself, stand and applaud at the amazing performance. I howled and cheered and grinned at the red curtains gently covered the stage. The jocks howled the loudest, the Queens the giddiest, and the rest with claps and cheers, cheers with a mix of holding either disappointment or satisfaction. Disappointment, because it was open-ended.

Adam beside me claps loudly while tightening his jaw in my periphery and I immediately began understand why.

The curtains then unfolded, showing the characters lining up the stage as they bowed in front of us while holding hands.

Daniel Kowalski and Julianne Caldwell are holding hands.

The director steps up and bows as well and the same as through with our principal, who made all this creation of art possible. My best friend, in her ketchup/paint/food coloring/gelatin stained dress releases her grasp from the hand and walks down the stage to where Kristian Foyer sits and makes him stand. Kristian stands, with his perky black framed glasses, shyly making his way on top of the stage while Julianne Caldwell holds his sweaty hand. My best friend applauses at him and the audience cheers wildly. He blushes red and bows. A short few seconds as the cast grins and beams and chatters and breathes happily, exhaling all the stress from their bodies for a successful performance, the red curtains then appeared. Almost everyone still wants to see something from the open-ending but then they slowly decide to pass the exit doors.

I look at Adam who was crossing his arms with a thoughtful look in his face that I snapped my fingers in front of him. "Hey, it's over" I say.

Adam raises his head and looks at me and faintly smiles. I smile back. "We should get to congratulate her. We've got major congratulating to do!" I pull his hesitant arm to the stage for there was no back door of the auditorium. He was groaning and complaining all the way but all of that did not stop me because I know why he is acting all this way. I know you know that too. Adam and I push the thick curtains and got inside. I release my hand and push from the mass of bodies and props all over the wooden stage. "Julie, Julie!" I called. I got to a narrow entry way and head to the dressing rooms and as I predicted, my best friend with gold and beautiful hair is beaming at herself in the mirror, then smiles at me as she sees my figure in the reflection. She turns her head and hugs me tightly and asks if she did okay.

"You did amazing!" I say.

"Really?" she asks again.

"Really? No kidding what you did out there! The best I've seen in my whole life!"

My best friend hugs my figure tightly again in which I hug her back. She smells like carnations and hairspray. Julie lets go and I see a tear forming in her eye. I ask her what's wrong but she just shakes her head. "I'm just happy" she responds.

Our other best friend knocks the door and looks at us while shyly smiling as he hands out a small box with a maroon ribbon. He got the courage to finally do it all this time. My best friend's hair bounces as she rushes to hug him like what she earlier did and she begins to pinch his cheeks lightly and pat his face. Though I may not see what is going on, I am positive Adam is grinning mad.

I turn around and scan the small room of mirrors and such lights and leisure, like the ones we usually see in trailers of movie stars or dressing rooms of characters in main events and time, but imagine it quite smaller, like your room for example.

To let you visualize, the dressing room is crowded with dresses and costumes, hanged at the back and folded in boxes, either done in a hurry or rather neatly. Litters of plastic and cuts of cloth are on the floor, and lipstick and brushes are tiredly lying on the separate tables, bags on the scattered chairs. It is nice to walk in the dressing because of its mirrors, the mirrors in which you see yourself a thousand of you or a million, infinite numbers of you watching you.

"What is it with you and English!" I hear my best friend exclaiming.

I walk to Julie's table because of the name Evanna Roster taped on the mirror. There are flowers on the table and bottled water. Her fancy zebra-print duffel bag which she and I bought for a shopping spree 6 months ago is resting on the chair.

"Oh God, I'm so glad it is so over"

"I know right! But anyways we did great"

"No it wasn't great; I was so ridiculous at the third scene!"

"Stop whining, Shaz! Ugh, it's really irritating!"

"But it's true!"

"Come on girl, ugh. You're effing getting on my neeerves"

The female characters are slowly making their way inside the room. I turn my head and catch my eye looking at the two freshmen girls talking in their sassy language, walking their way to the tables next to my best friend's.

"Kay fine whatevs. God, Julianne did so amazing back there"

"I know right! Even though we rehearsed the scenes like, a gazillion times, she never acted dumbly or lamely and she just…shined out there! She was giving me goose bumps the whole time she was giving me the last scene"

"The way she kissed Daniel Kowalski!"

They giggled and flailed as I hide a smile.

"Julianne is going to be an actress"

"No, Julianne is going to be an actress"

I placed the raspberry lipstick back on the table, excusing my way from the students as they make their way to change and brag about how they all did. Mothers are coming in as well with camera on hanging on their necks.

Now, imagine dozens of people coming in and out inside your room.

I push myself from the female bodies and finally exhale at the sight of Julie smiling and grinning and talking to people as she holds the box in her hands while Adam leans on the wall in front of her waiting. "Julie!" I call.

"Aw, thanks. Yeah…" She lays her eyes on me and beams. She takes my arm and pulls me near her and drags me outside as Adam trails along with the girl with relief filling in his eyes, and at looking at the both of them I then begin to feel superbly skeptical about their discussion minutes ago. Her make-up is wearing off as she makes me look in her eyes while placing her hands on my cheeks, which I realized where cold and sweaty all the same. "What are you doing?" I ask with a chuckle.

"Are you hungry?" She mouths the question by syllable. I pull my head away from her and shake it and laugh. I thought it was something that serious.

I respond with, "Yeah I quite am. But I'm eating at home because it's almost my curfew"

Adam leans in with his hands in his pockets, his face almost touching Julie's shoulder. He simples says "What"

I shake my head and faintly grin at him. Julie suddenly holds my arm and shakes it with desperation in her eyes. It has been very long that I haven't got out of the house; well, except now of course. "Come on, I'll call your parents for you"

"No, I'm just tired really-

"But you're hungry! Besides my mom's here and she suggested we'll grab some pizzas or whatever okay? Come one, E! We haven't hung-out or got out of your den for, like, a thousand years ago!"

"Exemptions for school" Adam then says.

"And," Julia says this while holding my face with her soft, cold hands like what Mo. Teresa does when she's happy, "I'm bringing The Girls with us for company so we could have more fun!"

I am hoping they won't notice the throb forming near my ear and my clenching hands beside me. "Nah, it's okay. Anyway dad's making enchiladas out of nowhere-

"But you hate your dad's cooking! You said so yours-

"He's taking this cooking class every Tuesday/Thursday night and there has been a slight change now oka-

"Not okay" Adam says lightly.

People buzz around us and smile at Julianne but she doesn't care. She looks at me with those intense blue eyes like they are flames and everything inside me is made out of paper that I just want to take a step back, like if I do I'm grabbing the nearest fire extinguisher. But I don't.

"It's one night only" Adam says.

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