"Freeway Racing"

"Reports about a driver around his early twenties confirmed dead on a highway chase! The body of the man is known as Mike Delfire, or by his more popular alias, Drift." Announced a female middle-aged news reporter on the television. Right beside the tv is a seventeen-year-old boy found fast asleep on the couch as the reporter continues to investigate Mike Delfire's death. "The driver seems to have been participating in illegal racing." She added putting too much emphasis on illegal.

"Mr. Gato do you have anything to say for his death?" Chris shifted himself to turn away from the annoying report. "There's nothing to say to a criminal. Besides the city is better off without him." Answered the SWAT Officer. The reporter gave a nervous laugh trying to cover up his remark. "Well there you have it! We we'll be back with more after this!"

As Chris attempts to drift back to sleep the front door slams shut. Chris wakes in shock immediately looking towards the door. Seeing the offender, he sighs and buries his face back into the comfortable couch trying to recapture his sleep.

"Come on Scottie, you should be more happy to see me!" his infamous cousin replies with a sly smirk. "Go away Nathan…" Chris mutters still laying on the couch. "Sure but what do I tell your friends outside?" Nathan pestered. Chris sits upright on the couch glaring at Nathan. "Just tell them to go, or whatever." Chris answers annoyed. He stands up and walks towards the staircase heading to his room. Probably the only place he could rest in peace.

"Tell them all to leave? Ok. Does that apply to the short haired girl too?" Nathan hinted slyly. Chris momentarily stopped about halfway up the steps. He didn't know if this was another one of his jokes. Nathan grinned awaiting an answer. "Tell them to wait at the garage!" He called back. Chris rushed up the rest of the steps to his room. He opened his closet taking out a grey hoodie followed by a pair of dark blue jeans. Quickly changing he put on socks and slipped into sneakers before gliding back downstairs to head outside.

He dashed across the hallway and passed the living room. "Don't forget to turn off the TV!" Nathan called out from the kitchen. Chris returned to the living room annoyed. He searched for the remote on the couch." The murder of the driver might have connections with an organization called Si-." Chris hit the power button and headed back to the front door to meet his friends.

"Yo Chris!" called out Brandon from the trio. He was easily the loudest from the group. Chris returned the smile and headed to greet them. "Sup Brandon" He said as he gave him a pound. Brandon was known for his cool demeanor. His laid-back personality made him popular in class. Chris then gave a pound to Alex, the tech-guy of the group. In his spare time Alex would play around with technology creating his own cool gadgets at home. "Yeah nice to see you." Alex said.

Chris' eyes then met with the last addition to the group. He saw her long dark blonde hair that formed curls at the end. Her hairstyle never failed to attract attention. She glanced at Chris with alluring dark ocean blue eyes followed by a smile, just one of her many admirable features. They both knew each other for years but Chris still felt nervous around her presence.

"Hey Trixy!" Chris said almost on impulse. Being self conscious of his own aberrant manner he grew quiet. "Hey Chris." Trixy answered smiling back at him. Chris' heart felt like it skipped a beat. "So how about that job?" Brandon said interrupting the moment. Chris was taken off guard by the question. "Job?" He repeated. Brandon shot a disappointing glare towards Chris. "Man how the hell are we supposed to hang out if you're always broke?" He complained.

"Why do I have to work? What about you guys!" Chris defended. "I'm too busy for work." Brandon answered casually. He always had a quick sly answer to everything. "No one likes to hire hackers." Alex said disappointed. Chris sighed while Brandon and Alex glanced at Trixy waiting for her excuse. "My parents don't want me working." Trixy said flatly. From the three, she was the wealthiest one coming from an Italian family. Brandon would always joke about Her father being Al Capone's sidekick.

"Great. We have a princess here, a hacker, an artist but not a single cent of income." Brandon said bluntly. "Trixy's lucky, all she has to do is ask for anything and she gets it." Alex teased. He started mocking her by acting out a princess like a game of charades. "It's not like that Alex!" Trixy growled. She hated being compared to a cliché "rich girl".

Chris tried to solve the problem about having no job. He tried brainstorming something they could all do together but nothing came to mind. Momentarily the whole group went quiet. Brandon took the honor of breaking the silence. "So anyone see the news about that racer?". Chris heard something in the morning about a death but he wasn't sharp about the details. "Oh yeah! Drift died last night. It was a shoot out or something right?" Alex called out.

Trixy slightly quivered. "It's horrible, He was one of my favorite racers!" She admitted and frowned. "What!" Alex burst out. He glared at Trixy. " I mean he was good and all but Shade is the best one!" Chris found himself lost trying to follow the conversation. He heard the name Drift before, but who was Shade? Curiosity got the best of him. "What are you guys talking about?" He asked.

He probably should have kept it to himself. Everyone looked at Chris as if he committed murder. "You don't know about Drift, Or Shade?" Brandon asked shocked. Chris felt slight embarrassment. Even Trixy gave a surprised at Chris' lack of relevance. He needed to redeem himself.

"Well I mean, I know they are racers and all, but Nascar isn't even that interesting." Chris said playing it off. Another moment of silent passed as Chris registered the failure in his bluff. He started to regret it but it was too late to take it back. Brandon was first to burst out laughing and then followed the rest. He knew they were racers so Nascar couldn't have been that far out of context. "What?" Chris asked in defeat.

Brandon needed a moment to calm down. He wiped his eyes from laughter and began to explain. "Drift… The talented skilled driver who makes cutting edge turns giving him the slightest advantage when it comes to close quarters racing." It sounded to Chris like Brandon was exaggerating half way into his explanation. "That's no big deal, drifting just takes practice anyway." Chris said oblivious to Brandon's point. He sighed at Chris' ignorance of skilled racing. "Alex, Just show him a video." Trixy suggested softly.

Alex sucked his teeth as he got up and walked towards the desk. "I don't even see what's so great about him. If you ask me, it's all about Shade. I mean the guy drives a motorcycle!" He went on. Chris figured it was safe to assume everyone is arguing about the best online gamer in some racing video game.

"Does this box even work?" Alex asked and smacked the back of the old computer impatiently. "Whoa! Wait you're gunna' break it." Chris quickly sprung up to stop Alex and defend his computer from further harm. "Just give it time to load." Chris urged. Alex sat back on his chair and watched the device sluggishly boot up. He smiled looking at the desk. "Hey Brandon look!" Brandon turned his head. Alex lifted Chris' keyboard. "Oh wow! Chris you need to get this old stuff out of here!" Brandon said while grinning and holding back laughter.

"It's not even touch screen!" Alex added on. Chris grew annoyed but a part of him told him to not to even bother. He couldn't expect a different reaction from a hacker junkie like Alex. "Just show Chris the video." Trixy repeated. At least she was on his side. "Alright let's search the stupid drifter up." Alex mocked. His sleight of hand from years of typing was evident as his hands skidded across the old keyboard. A couple of clicks and a video titled "Best of Drift FR PT. 1" started loading on screen. Trixy smiled and got up walking to the computer. She stood beside Chris to get a closer look of the video. He got a glimpse of her exquisite hair flowing as she brushed by him. He quickly shifted his focus back to the computer.

A moment passed as the video started loading. The video screened a quiet city street at a time of night. The camera would constantly shake every few seconds, as the cameraman continued to move restlessly back and forth. The cinematography felt like those point of view shots in horror films from a killer's perspective. A young teen ran towards the camera frantically.

"Dude Kyle! He said he'd do it! Get it on video! Get it on video" The teen ordered while jumping around in front of the camera. "Dude I'm already recording!" Replied the cameraman. "Sweet!" The teen said more enthusiastically and turned with excitement to see the racer.

A vehicle the size of a dot appeared making its way towards the camera. "Oh my god that's him, get it on camera!" The video quickly turned into a mesh of blurred colors as the cameraman rushed closer to the edge of the sidewalk awaiting the arrival of the car.

The camera started focusing and was once a small blur was now a focused car gaining speed towards the viewer. "That's him!" yelled the teen. The engine of the car roared. The tires on the car screeched as it began to swerve across an intersection making a turn while weaving through dangerous traffic.

The engine roared again as the car began to accelerate. A slight turn from the wheels and the car skated across the pavement road to maneuver through a sharp turn moving closer to the camera. "He's coming this way, what's he going to do?" yelled the ecstatic teen with anticipation.

The noise of the engine blasted loudly and the camera panned as the car dashed through the street. In just a matter of seconds the car was too far out of sight. From the distance, the car seemed to have spun around in a circle. The camera zoomed in to witness the driver's successful sixty-mile per hour parallel park. The video ended and Trixy turned to Chris awaiting his reaction.

Chris remained speechless astonished by the driver's performance. "That's who Drift is." She answered. "That's pretty crazy." Chris said amazed. He wondered how a driver could not be scared of traveling through the city so fast? The driver's movement had elements of both recklessness but somehow at the same time control "Yeah it is pretty crazy right? In another video Drift was trying to zoom pass a railroad crossing at the last second, but by the time he was on the tracks both of the slide fences were already down. The trains drew closer and closer. So he drifted to slide his car parallel to the tracks and the trains missed him by just that much of a second" Trixy explained.

"Wow that's awesome..." Chris added. He never saw Trixy so compelled before. "Yeah he's really quick on his feet." Trixy added in admiration. Chris almost felt a bit jealous.