i am trying to forget
how i sparked and short
circuited when you brushed against
me, shoulder to shoulder.
i am trying to remember
weeks are frivolities and days
are less. we chalked up
the sidewalks with valentines
and blown kisses (catching light
and heat like molten glass) but color
couldn't seep into the cracks;
rain washed us underwater, glazing
the ground with pearl (shining bright
as us, darling—we walked all over
ourselves). storms fell to
their feet above us in heavy drum
of thunder; i heard us crackle
away in the lightning. every drop
snatched the fire with a hiss, a mourning
sigh. we cooled to frozen kisses: colorless
and caught in air we couldn't reach. i followed
streetlights, the kindle of my dim hope that
the glow would lead me to you. in the dark
our love notes drowned, color slipping out of sight
(our love did not run deep, my love)