It seems like a thief.


Perhaps, a cat. That should sound cuter. But, I don't like cute things to begin with. Therefore, I would prefer to choose a different name to compare myself with, like Hei from Darker than Black. Hmm, that sounds a lot cooler than anything else. But, he, being an anime character, was cute for some reasons. Thus, I have made my mind.

It seems like a spy from an unnamed organization, indeed, too dark and twisted to be named that the person made her move no more like an unrest wandering apparition – that is the way I creep into the old school building, to where my favourite spot is. There are no people around, really, not during night time and, no one would see or find out my deeds.

I push the old door opened and it creaks so heavily, creepily that the hair on my neck stands a little. Truthfully, the darkness is overwhelming, too overwhelming that you begin to wonder if there's something wrong with this darkness. Darkness is dark, alright? But, is darkness so dark like this? Surely, I have not stepped on some unwanted triangle, have I? This kind of thought irritates me. I never have such creepy thought until tonight. Well, thanks to a group of girls spreading rumors at one corner this afternoon saying that people kept hearing strange things in this room and that they believed this room is haunted.

The room stands as silent and as dusty as always and even as I stood at the doorway peering in the darkness, I slightly gasped at the suffocating silence of the room. I was truly alone but the thought swiftly fled as I behold the mesmerizing sight in front of me. Yes, in one corner of the room, shone under the bright glimmering moonlight, is an old grand piano.

I am not joking when I said that it is old, because it truly is. There are supposedly three legs all together alright? But, all that is left are two and the other edge of the instrument is pathetically supported by its own broken leg tilting the poor thing just a little. Yes, as old as it is, broken as it already shows, without necessary tuning for years, people will not believe that the piano will make any sound all. The girls said so before and in an annoyingly scary tone said that even the old broken piano could no longer sing a note, at midnight sharp, Beethoven's Midnight Hour will be heard coming from the direction of the abandoned music room.

Though strange it may seem to be, I think, the careless joke they are making is rude.

In truth, the only ghost that I wish to appear is him. We had agreed that day to meet in school on his birthday. I am going to kill that fool if he forgets. But, I forgot to tell him which part in school we are supposed to meet. Well, I guess we are even, then and although he is extremely late I will simply forgive him.

That is why, I am here, with itching hands to play the piano. Not only I am very fond of the piano, but that scum will quickly appear once he hears me play. Convenient, isn't it? Like the Pavlov's dog sensing the impending lunch time. He will know where exactly to find me and slowly at the back of my mind, I could see how he will creep nearer towards me and the old piano, without a single word, wearing a strange expression on his face. I knew, the honest expression will quickly go away and then a taunting smirk will replace his smile. That foolish trash, look how I will crush you with my grandest profanity, oh how I'm waiting for that to come!

Sitting at the old grand piano, bathed in a silver moonlight, pressing my little fingers on the dusty keys, the music rings to life.