Leisure reading section.

If one is to be given a chance to choose which corner is the most pleasurable from every inch of the library, one would absolutely choose this one. Seriously, how can they enjoy themselves in here, those worthless bookworms? When a person came to the library in order to sooth his or her heart, for instance, it would be useless to read biology, would it not? It is even worse to read physics. More books should be included in this section, from my opinion, and it should be made the biggest of all the sections, if they are fretting how small the number of visitors to the school library is, that very option would no less solve it.

Leisure reading section.

I was skipping class that day and was completely shut off from the living world. When I was here, that is the thing I will do. It was not like I have a friend to greet were I to bump with someone in here. In fact, I was too bored that finding something to read was far more interesting than anything else.

That was the time I saw my favourite manga, silently waiting among the other books on the shelves -never thought that it would be there on the first place. There were many colourful books around it, with interesting illustrations and cover, but the sight of the dog-eared yellowish paper back manga was the one that truly caught my attention right then. What shall I say? It seemed like its presence had viciously swallowed the very existence of other books around it. Unknowingly, wordlessly, my hand moved, reaching for it, 30 centimeters away above my head, and only to be met with another hand on top of mine.

I blinked.

It was the first time my hand had made contact with another, and the fact that my hand seemed to be held by the other, looked extremely awkward.


5 seconds and a quarter split second and our hands were abruptly snatched away. I pulled my hand quickly with obvious disdain and not without the manga in one grasp.

"What are you planning?" I stared into his face meeting the deep dark pair of his. He nonetheless, wore the same frown as intimidating as mine, and yet with little tinge of embarrassment, guilt and shame. Recognition dawned on me. I may have zero friends in school, but I held my sense of sight with pride in which I could instantly make out the faces I had seen in its compound. This person was in the same grade with me and he was from the third class.

"Give me the book, woman." He might lack a serious amount of brain, yet he did lack a serious amount of manners as well.

"Why should I?" I asked, a tinge of annoyance in my voice.

"I have been looking for it since in the morning, so I need to have it," he said so sternly that one might have thought that his grandmother died last night.

"I found it first, so it is mine." I simply announced.

"Give it to me; you are not the one to read it."

"What do you mean I am not the one to read it?"

"Just give me the book. I don't want to fight with you."

"I think you are supposed to answer my question first."

There was a pause. His brows knitted a little as if he was thinking. Seriously, was he really capable of that? I bet he didn't even know who I am.

"Okay, you don't seem to be the kind of person to be reading that, so give it to me," he said calmly. Well, on second thought, maybe he knew I was among the honoured students list after all.


Just yet…

To over-generalize people was a mistake on his part!

I sighed. It was the time to use a different mean.

"I may not look like it, but I have been following this series for years now," I said almost confessing. Yet, knowing how brainless he was, I doubt that he would buy it.

"You are kidding me." Yeah, of course, he wouldn't.

"Look, let me tell you something. Looks don't tell you everything. For example, a person may look like an idiot, but he might be at the top of the class. And your face," I paused as I shot a look his way giving him an uncomfortable scrutiny. "Your face may not look like those whose reading porn, but we can't really tell."

"I don't!" He snapped. Boy, his red face amused me. Guys with short fuse amused me most of the time.

"Ah, I'm sorry. Your face just looks like you do." With that, I thought I heard a hiss.

"I guess you are not as NIIICEEE as your looks either," he said trying to get to me in the same method.

"Thank you very much for the compliment but I won't give you this manga no matter what you say." I moved to walk away.

"Wait!" His voice was almost a scream and I halted. I glanced his way from the corner of my eyes, not really facing him and only to be met with a doubtful uncertain face. "Okay, please give me the manga and I swear I will do anything you ask," he said voice as smooth as a snake, face however as unwilling as a pinched snail. I turned to him fully then, a hand pulled to my chin as if I was seriously thinking.

"I want you to do my homework, but I don't think it is a good idea, considering where your rank is."

"You don't have to go as far as that to insult me, you wretched honoured student."

"Then, shall I call you trash?"

"…" His face was red. One might think that he was about to cry.

"What should I do with a trash like you, I wonder? Just to think about it, it's troublesome."

"You may call me trash as you like, ask me to do anything you want, but I will show you, I'm the one who will get that manga once and for all, you… you… SPOILT BRAT!" I could feel my eyebrow on the left raised ever so slightly in an offended twitch.

"What is it that you just called me?!"

"Spoilt brat! That's what I said!"

"With all due respect, Trash-lord, take back what you said to me!"

"Oh, I will not."

"Yes, you will."

"Will not!"




The school library. Leisure reading section.

With all the commotion in such a silent place we were later caught for skipping classes, given detention for three hours in the disciplinary room, and our favourite manga confiscated. Truly, what a pain, it was.