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Though the sun still shines brightly over me, I remain in the shadow cast by my misery. No matter how bright the sun shines or how hard the wind blows the shadow does not move. I know I have to escape. But escape would mean running away to those distant lands where my shadow could not follow. But no matter how hard I try I cannot make myself move. I am overburdened by the reminiscences of my past. I am weak and my heart is scarred. It had been broken a million times. Even after I stitched the wounds they still bleed. Time necessarily does not heal all wounds- it takes a little love too…

There I stopped writing and read what I wrote. I realized the truth of my sentence. "Love" that was what I missed in my life. No one neither loved nor cared for me. Not my step-sister. Not even my parents, well, foster parents. I pushed those bitter thoughts away and closed my journal. I looked at the clock on my bed-side table. It showed 02:00 AM. It was very late. I climbed into bed and fell asleep at once.

"Kristy! Kristy, wake up!" my dad shouted from downstairs, "it's 7 in the morning and you're still in bed?!"

I sat up wide awake and called out, "I'm up Dad." I got dressed and went down to find mom cooking and dad reading the paper. "Where's Judith?" I asked.

"She's sleeping, the poor thing" mom replied proudly, "she studied late into the night. She works so hard."

"Yeah right" I thought to myself. "Studying?!" She was up all night chatting with her boyfriend. If only they knew the truth. Well it wouldn't matter much anyway. They would blame it all on somebody else (very likely me) and forgive her. I was not going to expose her and bring the wrath upon myself so I left them to think whatever they wanted about their "wonderful" daughter.

"Kristy, here get these groceries," my mom said breaking my reverie and handing me a list.

"Sure" I said and walked out of the house always ready to escape at the first chance.

It was a long way to the supermarket and I took my time walking slowly. It was a pleasant day of summer with the sun shining warmly and the soft wind blowing my long hair across my face.

As I walked along the secluded road I hoped I would get away from home soon and get into a college far away from home. I was a good student in school. My grades never let me down. I hoped to be accepted into the "William Laurence Institute". As much as I feared I wouldn't get accepted I had a feeling I most certainly would be accepted.

And usually these feelings or rather visions always proved to be true. I didn't know if it was instinctual or something else. I pondered all the way to the super market. Now that I was thinking of all the times this happened I realized something.

"Visions!" I entered into the market and concentrated on buying everything on the list. I shunned away from the thought which disturbed me as much as it intrigued me. I paid and left.

I was burdened with the groceries and my thoughts as I walked back home. It was ironic that I didn't see this coming. Maybe I was reading more into it. The weather seemed to be imitating my mood. The bright sun was obscured by clouds. The wind was growing strong. I hurried home seeking the solace of my bedroom. My bedroom and the terrace were the two places where my sister usually left me alone.