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Standing behind those huge wrought iron gates was a breathtakingly beautiful and magnificent edifice. It was as old as a palace with its stone walls, sprawling lawns, trees and gardens. I stepped out of the car and took in the view. I thanked my lucky stars to have been accepted here.

I took hold of my suitcase and walked up to the gates. There I turned and looked behind me once and then I stepped inside. The gates were wide open to let the students in. As I took that step in I could feel my life changing, I could feel myself leaving the world behind and that too with no regrets.

I walked a few steps and then looked to my right. I was staring right into the face of, "Amelia!" I cried out in excitement forgetting that she couldn't possibly know me. She did not even look stunned by a stranger shouting out her name.

She politely held out her hand saying, "Hi! Kristine".

I looked at her my eyes wide with shock. That shock was nothing compared to when she said, "Psychic huh?"

I was so shocked I just stared at her. She looked around and called out "Margaret!" and the second girl with the long nose and cute face of my vision appeared.

"Hey I'm Meg," she held out her hand. I shook it feeling dazed.

"Kristine, you look shocked. I thought you might already know what this is all about. This is the college for people like us. The ones with powers beyond the ordinary," Amelia said dramatically, "I can read minds' by the way," she added smiling.

Was all of this really happening? It took me a minute, well more than a minute, to wrap my head around it. I finally smiled back and added, "Call me Kristy."

Looking around I found the third girl Gabrielle of my vision walking towards the college building looking very confused. "Gabrielle!" I called out smiling to myself as the vision was finally going to be complete.

She came to us looking utterly perplexed and asked, "You, you know me?"

And that is when the laughing started and the image in my mind now had a memory to go with it. I controlled my laughter and was going to tell her what was going on because she too didn't seem to know what was going on unlike Amelia and Margaret.

But she started saying, "Oh my God, is this really what I think it is? A college for people like me!" she babbled on.

"Whoa! You think that fast all the time? You have a super brain or what?" Amelia said looking baffled.

"We are supposed to be in the auditorium. Come on let's go," Meg said.

We followed Meg into the auditorium which had several rows of semi-circular seats. We sat in the third row and chatted as the auditorium slowly filled with students. Some looked excited while some looked lost and confused.

"So when did you realize you could see the future Kristy?" Meg asked me.

"I had these visions for as long as I can remember but never thought of them that way until recently. I had a hard time not knowing what to believe," I said.

"I know how that feels," Gabrielle added gloomily, "I could solve any kind of problem within seconds before the other students could even comprehend the question. I was really terrified because I was not always that way. It started when I was 16. One day in the evening I was bored and was staring absent-mindedly into my physics book when the problem began to solve itself in my head. I thought it was because I was sub-consciously reading it for a long time. So I closed the book and did some other work. Next day it happened in class and I could solve all the problems within seconds. I enjoyed it at first but then I was really scared."

"Well my story is really funny. When I was ten I was playing some stupid game in the garden with Martha," Meg started.

"Who is Martha?" Gabrielle enquired.

"She is my elder sister. She is in her third year here." Meg replied and continued, "So we were playing and I climbed the apple tree acting as a lookout. And then I staggered and fell out of the tree."

"And how is that funny?" Gabrielle interrupted.

"Because I didn't fall but was somehow hovering in mid-air not knowing what to do. Martha called our parents. My dad caught me and brought me to the ground. I thought I was going to be punished for that. But my mom and dad were really pleased and explained to me that I had a super power. They asked me to be cautious the next time it happened," Meg said grinning.

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" Gabrielle asked Amelia. "No Gabrielle, I am an only child," Amelia replied.

"Don't call me Gabrielle, just Gaby please," she insisted. "And what is your story?" I asked curious.

But before Amelia could reply the auditorium became silent as our headmistress Susan Lind made her way onto the daïs. She looked at all of us and smiled and said,

"I welcome you all to the William Lawrence Institute. This institute is going to be your home for the coming 5 years. I thereby wish to tell you a few things about how and why it was founded. Sir William Lawrence was born in an ordinary family. But he was by no means ordinary. He possessed a power. He could sense and understand the powers of those around him. He made many friends as he was a kind man. He later married his best friend Katherine Murray. She was a seer and the best of her kind. She was considered a freak both by family and society. She had a troubled childhood. Sir William was moved by her troubles. He wanted to do something for young people with powers who were shunned by society. Because he knew they could misuse their powers and create danger for themselves and those around them if not taught properly. At that time his uncle died leaving him this beautiful place. He built this college and took in people with powers. He offered them place in his college. He and Katherine taught them and took care of them. He offered them a home while the world scoffed at them. He and Katherine sacrificed their lives to improve the lives of people with powers. And we shall all remain thankful to them to this day," she said and continued, "I hope all of you will learn from this college and its history valuable lessons and make us proud. But before that I hope you shall join me for lunch at the college cafeteria," she said smiling warmly.

Looking around i saw that the story made its impression on all of us. "Wow, they were so kind and generous," Gaby started. "Yes," I and Amelia replied.

"I know, I know but please let's go and eat. I'm starving," Meg interrupted. We laughed and joined the line of students exiting the auditorium.

The cafeteria was beside the auditorium. It was easily recognizable because of the huge fork painted on one door and the knife on the other. It had a glass dome for a roof. As we entered we saw a long table laden with food along one of the walls. Meg sniffed at the air approvingly. "

Yummy," Gaby said.

We filled our plates with food and sat down at one of the white square tables to eat. None of us talked as we gobbled our food.

"That was delicious," Meg said finally lifting her face from the now empty ice cream bowl in front of her.

I suddenly remembered, "So your story, Amelia?" I asked.

"There is nothing special. I could read minds from when I was a child. That's all," she said.

But there was a bitter note in her voice.

"I'm not bitter," she whispered to me.

I raised my eyebrows at her but she did not say anything more on that subject.

When everyone was done eating and the level of talking increased Prof. Lind stood up and asked us to join her in the college hall. We all stood up and followed her and the staff out of the cafeteria.