We followed Meg and Gaby up three flights of stairs and finally came to a hallway. There were three doors on each side. There was also one door at the end of the hallway directly opposite to the stairs. To our right side farthest from the stairs was our room. We walked towards our room. The door had the number 304 fixed on it. We looked at each other nervously.

"What are you waiting for? Open the door," Meg said, jumping up and down with excitement.

"Okay, stop being hyper," Amelia told her with her hand on the door knob.

Just then the lights flickered and the hallway became dark.

"Whoa, what happened?" Gaby said shuffling around.

"Ouch, that's my foot," I was complaining as we heard voices coming from near the stairs.

"Turn the power on Sophie," we heard a girl saying.

"I'm trying but I can't Jane," Sophie replied.

"Try turning it on the same way you turned it off," we heard another voice telling.

"I don't know how, it was an accident," Sophie replied.

"Um… hello," Amelia said to the voices.

"Who's there?" we heard the girl named Jane asking.

"We were here to check our dorm when the power suddenly went off," Gaby started telling her just as the lights flickered and came to life.

We saw three girls standing near the stairs looking at us.

"Hi Dorothy," Amelia said stiffly to one of the girls.

"Yeah whatever," she said and went into the room opposite ours with her nose held high and slammed the door on our dumbstruck faces.

"What was that all about?" I asked Amelia.

"Will explain later," she said and turned towards the other two.

"Hi I'm Sophie, and this is Jane. Sorry for the inconvenience with the power. I can influence electricity but can't control it much, yet," Sophie said.

"That's okay. I'm Kristy and this is Amelia, Gabrielle and Margaret," I said pointing towards the others.

"Hi," they all said to each other.

"Okay let's check our dorm," Amelia said opening the door.

We all followed her inside. I was the last one to enter the room. I shut the door and turned around. What I saw before me left me staring with my mouth hanging open. In front of me was a round table with four chairs around it. There was also a booklet named "Rules and Regulations" on the table. To my right was a wall with a bookshelf in one corner. But that was not what I was staring at. I was staring at the wall in front of me.

The west wall that was directly in front of me was completely replaced with glass. And beyond the campus grounds, far west, there was a beautiful lake in the middle of green fields. The view was gorgeous.

"Wow," I said, taking in the view.

"Wow is such an understatement," Amelia said.

"That is breathtakingly beautiful," Gaby said smiling happily.

"I know right," Meg said.

We stood there for a few minutes taking in the view in front of us. And then we started checking out the room. To our left was an archway in the wall. We went in and found our bedroom there.

There were four beds, two with their backs to the east wall and two to the west wall. Four closets stood side by side by the south wall.

"This is so cool," Meg said excited.

"Yeah I know," I replied.

"This one's mine," Meg said jumping onto the bed nearest to the archway on the east side.

"I choose this one," Amelia said sitting on the bed opposite Meg's.

"I want this one," Gaby and I said at the same time. I was pointing to the bed beside Amelia while she was pointing to the one beside Meg.

"Okay, now that's settled, I think we should probably choose our closets while we're here," Amelia pointed out. "And also Kristy thinks we must choose the closets in alphabetical order of our names."

"Hey, not fair," I protested.

"Yeah I agree," Gaby said on the closet topic.

"Don't you think the color of the walls is too dull," Meg said.

"Yeah we should probably change it to Magenta," I suggested.

"Let's paint the walls one weekend," Amelia agreed.

"I'll help only if you agree to paint the walls of the other room teal," Meg said sticking her tongue out at us.

We all smiled and went into the other room and started deciding where we wanted our books to be and which chair we liked the most. We were acting like a bunch of kids left overnight in Disneyland.

"This wall is so plain," Gaby said pointing to the wall behind the bookshelf.

"We should put up our pictures on this wall," I suggested.

We all agreed and sat down around the round table. The rules booklet caught my eye.

"We should probably read this," I said to the others.

"Yeah, go ahead," Amelia said and I started reading the rules out loud.


- Dress code shall be followed on all weekdays.

- First years should be in their dormitories by 10pm.

- Students will not leave the college grounds without permission.

- Students shall not misuse their powers.

- Any complaints can be addressed to Prof. Van Murom.

And so on I read for a few minutes. I finally put the booklet down with relief.

"Okay not too bad," Gaby said.

"Yeah," Meg agreed.

I suddenly remembered, "so Amelia," I asked, "what's the deal with Dorothy?"

"Isn't she the one with a twin," Meg interrupted.

"Yeah, she's the one," Amelia said and continued. "When I was 12, her family moved to the house beside mine for a year. In the beginning the three of us got on pretty well and we were always seen together. Later during games or discussions, when I was right most of the times and Derek, her brother sided with me, she began hating me. Derek and I being telepathic could tell that she hated me. He tried to explain to her that it was okay not to be right always, but it was no use telling her. She started misusing her powers."

"What do you mean by 'misusing her powers?'" Meg interrupted, now very interested in the story.

"Well since she is also telepathic, she manipulated my thoughts and made me do things. Bad things, like hitting Derek, breaking stuff and all that. Everybody thought I was the bad one. I tried explaining but nobody believed me."

"You are also telepathic, right? Then why didn't you get back at her?" I asked.

"Trust me I tried. But I couldn't overpower her power that came with vengeance. Finally Derek understood what was going on and explained the situation to our parents." Amelia said.

"So they listened to him?" Gaby asked.

"Yes they did. And they could see that Dorothy was changing and going in a bad path. So they decided it would be best for her if she started again in some new place. So they moved. We have hated each other ever since," Amelia said finishing the story.

"Oh so that is why she was so 'pleased' to see you," Meg said, quoting with her fingers in the air.

"Yeah," Amelia said, smiling at her antics.

We sat there talking until the sun began to drop down the horizon. Meg stood up and went to the glass wall to look at the sun set. She had her nose pressed against the glass.

"Hey look what I did," she shouted excitedly.

We all looked up. I could see that a part of the glass had moved away from the wall.

"Please don't tell me you broke the glass with your strength," Gaby said standing up from the chair.

"No. Of course I didn't break it. This glass can slide. And look, there is a balcony outside," she replied rolling her eyes at Gaby.

We went and stood in the balcony to enjoy the sunset. The sunset was very beautiful and the scenery was picturesque. All of us became silent watching the stunning sight. We could feel the warmth of the last rays of the sun on our faces. I bent forward over the railing to follow the sun's magnificent path down the horizon.

"What a pleasing, magnificent, charming, delightful, lovely and wonderful view," Amelia added after a few minutes.

"Ran out of adjectives, huh?"Gaby teased Amelia.

We stood there until sundown and then I began to wonder what the others were thinking.

"Meg is wondering which flavor ice-cream she wants to have at dinner," Amelia said looking at me.

We all started laughing except Meg, who pouted her lips and glared at Amelia.

"Well it's past 7:30 and I'm hungry," she defended herself.

"Let's go to the cafeteria and put Meg out of misery," Gaby joked.

We all agreed. We locked the room and made our way to the stairs. We met some other students who were going to the cafeteria as well. We introduced ourselves and talked as we went.

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