"Yes,I will,of course mum,love you bye!" Mums. Always have to be so over protective and want to know the latest gossip. It's MY life,I'm bloody 19! I'm an adult. I love my mum to bits but she could tone it down with the whole mumsy thing.

It was a normal morning,like everyday. I woke up,drank coffe,got ready and I'm out the door. It's raining,great. As I do every morning, I go to check my mail,didn't really expect anything special, I was just expecting to see bills really. But not today, today I got a different letter,from work? That's odd, i got in my car to read it, I wasn't really a fan of getting drenched through by the rain.

The letter read:

Dear miss Anderson,

We are sorry to inform you so late, but tomorrow we will need you to go to southern London. You will be staying at a 5 star private hotel, any information will be given to you at reception. Tomorrow morning at 10am your cab will be waiting outside. Everything is paid for, we just need you to get there on time. All paperwork you will need will be in your hotel room. You will be staying there for a week to do an induction for new employees at the forever 21 store. It's an important one because inspectors will be in too. So we need you there early. Wish you the best of luck.

Kind regards.

Forever 21

Great thanks, I'll need it. The day just gets better and better. Suppose it's not too bad, staying in a private hotel, more luxury for me! Well after that, I was pretty excited, Also nervous. As you may of figured out, I work at forever 21, I'm a manager of all the stores in London. Yep, I got lucky and got my dream job. Yay me. I live in North London and work about an hour away from where I live which is not too bad I suppose. I got used to it (although I've only had this job for a year).

I checked my hair and make up in the rear view mirror before driving off to work. On the way there I had Katy Perry on full blast and was singing along. I swear I'm going to die a lonely woman with 14 cats. Or however many it is. I stopped at the traffic lights and looked in the car next to me. It was an old woman-who was looking right back at me. Oh god. She scowls! Scary stuff. On that note,I turned my head to look at the road and drove off as soon as the light turned green before the old woman started racing me down the main road. That would never end well. Note to self: don't look at cars next to you when at traffic lights. Now I just need to remember it.

"TIMEA!" one of my friends at work squealed running over to me before she bear hugged me.

"Jessica!...I..can't,...breathe!" I gasped,not being able to breath,
"Oh,sorry" she looked down and slowly let go.
"It's fine" I said giving her a reassuring smile. Well the day went on pretty casually, I was in work for 8 hours. Nothing interesting really happened there, I just gossiped away with my colleagues and worked...obviously. Saying good-bye was simple enough, just a few quick hugs and kisses on the cheeks just before I left. It's not like I'm leaving forever, just 7 days. Although you never know what might happen, I could get chased down a dark alley by a green hairy monster which basically looks like hulk. Just a hairy one. Okay I'm exaggerating.

When I got home, I threw my keys on the window sill near my front door, kicked off my heels and then already started to pack, I'm sort of a fashion freak. I think I will be taking 2 big suitcases, just incase, never know what the weather will be like! My mum rang me while I was in the middle of packing. I explained to her everything that's happened in the past...day. She just said good luck and made sure I don't forget anything. Why on earth would I forget my underwear? Geez.

So after a long 2 hours of choosing what to take, I finally decided and only just fit into 2 big suitcases and one little one. After that I just watched dear John while eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream, how depressing? When the film finished, it was about 10pm. I just had a shower, put my pyjamas on, brushed my teeth and curled up in bed with my er...pillow. By 10:30 I was flat out. Big day for me tomorrow!