-The Last Chapter-

I have a confession to make.

You still run through my mind.

My heart was yours to take.

But as I was blind,

You threw it away.

For weeks I looked for the pieces

Gathered all I could find.

There are still some missing,

Maybe within good time.

Mind racing

Feelings pouring through me.

You're slowly being erased.

Only to try and set myself free.

I'm cursed you see.

Your smile. Your eyes.

They're burned into my mind.

I want to keep them..

But I also want to rid of you.

To think clearer.

And not be pushed down under

Drowning in your presence.

I still try.

Because I'm a fool.

Sometimes it's just hard to say goodbye.

Even if I was just a tool.

Still try to talk to you.

To see if I still exist.

Not completely vanished.

I got the message.

I understand the hints.

It's condolence I want.

Don't you get it?

Not another shot.

I already got hit.

Wounded now,

I ask for aid.

I'm a man down,

With a heart all stained.

A stranger that I happen to know

I know your story.

Or at least part of that show.

I can't even say sorry.

Cause I know I didnt do wrong.

It was you all along.

God damn me for falling in love.

This chapter is over.

I quit.

Time to work on a new cover.

And not put you in it.

You taught me alot my friend.

If I can call you that.

You taught my heart how to bend.

How to twist and to bear a dent.

You taught me how to smile

And to feel pride every once and a while.

But the real lesson learned

Was how to make the right choice

And not be brought down again.

This looks like the end of our chapter now.

So sad I know.

Don't worry though.

You're happy.

And I'm a ghost.

We had our laughs.

We had our cries.

Times up.

You don't deserve my goodbye.