Written by Nadeshiko (Names of all authors in this account in profile)

A girl living in Wonderland, being loved by everyone. I wish I was Alice…. Daydreaming

As I read my book in class the school bell range for lunch. "Hey Orihime-san." A voice whispered in my ear. I turned back looking at my old childhood friend, Ouji. His mother and father disappeared making his little sister and him live into an apartment. It was hard for him but he got through since he has high grades and is the student council president.

Closing my book and smiling warmly, I opened my mouth but got interrupted by our classroom door slamming open. "To. Close. Ouji Hikoboshi! You have no right or appointment with Kaguya!" a familiar voice shouted out. I turned my head towards my other old childhood friend, Aiko. She's very nice when you get to know her. Her twin is also nice. Both of them are in a band with another person named Dai. Hmm…. But she is mostly like a sister I never had; she is protective when Ouji is around me. In matter of fact she is close to me since she is the student council treasurer.

Ouji froze, thinking of a response in a descriptive way. "Come on, Kaguya, don't waste your time. I know you want to read than talk to this dumbass." Aiko said impatient and ticked off. I suddenly took surprise as Aiko went in front of Ouji and took off his glasses. "This will get in the way." Aiko smiled, putting her hair up. I stood there unresponsive since this is the first time she carried about his glasses, other than coming to help me. Ouji on the other hand stood dumbfounded just like me. "Hey dumbass snap out, It won't be fun to fight a wimp." Aiko slapped him senseless until he snapped out. Soon the battle begun but ended very shortly after. Aiko punched him silly until she aimed for his face. Ouji got chickened out running out of the class after fifty or so hits. All my classmates stared at Aiko surprised on her beating the president.

Death stares roam the room from Aiko but soon lightened up, hugging me senseless. Wiggling free from her tight grip, I soon dropped my book on her feet. "Huh? Alice in Wonderland?" Aiko said while picking up my book. Nodding in response, I held out my hand for the book. She gave me a weird expression but soon giving it back without a care. "Oi, Tsukina-san… Be nice to Hikoboshi-kun, Okay" I said softly tugging on her shirt while I held my book to my chest. "I'll think about it…." Aiko said folding her arms.

"So… Kaguya, your acting totally weird. What freakin' happened?" Aiko said sitting at the opposite side of my desk. Nodding only to stop her questions, I continued to read my fairytaile while daydreaming. Aiko is like Dee in the story maybe? Asking myself as I look deep in my book, while Aiko gossiped not knowing I haven't been listening. SLAM! I looked up from my book, looking at two faces staring at each other. Aiko with her hand on the desk, looking displease at a girl's face. Looking at both of them, I saw that they just have fire in their eyes. "U-Um… Aiko-chan, Alex-chan, please no fighting in the classroom!" I said in panic driving them to yell at me. "Oi, Kaguya! Why is she here?" Alex said grabbing one of my shoulders making a teasing tone. Hearing a sigh from Aiko, I knew it wouldn't be pretty. Putting my book in my satchel, I walked to the door. "Tell me when you're done. I'll be with Ouji in the student council room." I said quietly walking out of the room. Hearing behind the door was crashes and "NO NOT THE HAMMER!" was not a good sign for Alex. Giggling behind the door, I walked to the next floor of the school Swift-san was very quiet when I first met her. She told me she was a farm girl. Not knowing she was going to be this popular in drama, I took her as one of my best friends. Now look at her, she's the drama club queen! Opening the student council room door, I put my bag down on a chair. "What a dramatic fight…." I sighed under my breath. Looking around the room, no one was here. At least I could read in peace. Putting out my paperwork and book, I found a letter addressed to me.

Hello Miss Kaguya,

My name is Ouji Rabbit. I'm here to escort you to the Heart's castle.

When you read this, I'll be waiting out in the school's rooftop.

Thank you!

"WHA-….. WHAT THE HELL!?" I spoke out, crumbling the paper and throing it in the trash. "Ouji… Are you even alright!? Maybe Aiko did too much?!" I said clutching my fist tightly on my chest. Hearing a creak at the door, my thoughts pick up Ouji or Aiko. Looking with my two own eyes, I saw something rather odd.

Author Note: Haha... Yea =w =... Also uhm The other Oc's are going to be introduced in the "Wonderland" So U better be ready to figure out e ue|| i know Amu knows!