Written by : Nadeshiko (Please check our authors in our profile.)

Eleven years ago, my part of my family broke apart, and it was all because of one cheating, ungrateful secret. My mother was in labor and this is when I started my hatred. As my mother groaned in pain, and suddenly stopped. Her breath went away with her heartbeat. But when the doctor held a little boy in his hands, the boy cried carelessly no knowing, he took away my mother. She only promised me one thing when I was a child. To have a loving family, but I certainly can't fulfill the promise, not with him anyways. My father soon distrusted us after some blood work with me and my younger brother. I didn't know what to do anymore, when I found out the truth. I couldn't handle it. That night my father soon left us right until now.

"Mrs. Serah please get well soon." Worried on her illness, I gave her a wet towel, to cool her fever down. The door of the room soon creaked, as my head turned finding a male figure poking out his head. It was my horrid brother, Ouji. "Sister, are you done?" he told me with an innocent voice. I rolled my eyes in disgust but soon I smiled warmly at him. "Yes, I'm done; I'll be out in a minute. I just have to say good bye." I told him, while standing up from my chair. He nodded closing the door for our privacy. "Your 15 years old, Mae. Are you sure you're not going to tell your bro-," Serah stopped looking at my gloomy expression. "What was he thinking? Banging in calling me sister! " I thought displeased on the reaction. "My guest or so to say family members will be staying with us. So get well if you can quickly. Sorry for disturbing." I said with an expressionless tone. I held Serah's hands to give her hope, that I was okay. As I said my goodbyes to everyone in the hospital, Ouji clinged to me, even though he's three years younger before me. "Get off me….." I said simply annoyed by his breathing on my arm. Ouji let go without a fight. That was unusual… For me to be seeing this, something must be wrong since he always battles but loses. "Hey…" He stopped walking coving his eyes from tears. I stopped wondering what he was going to say. Maybe just an idiotic question? I stood there folding my hands looking straight at him.

"Is it true…. What Serah told me?" He said looking at me with sobbing tears. "Is it true! Is it true that were not even siblings…."