Over a billion years ago
A man stood there gazing at the blackness of space,
The figure stood there a while, soon it's emotionless lips curved into a smile.
The man's eyes glowed with power, and with anger of being alone for centuries he created a child,a child with unlimited power, soon a child's cries filled the void of darkness and silence.
The man,smiled looking at the small child, happiness radiating of him and without meaning it created a second baby,this child was created with happiness and love though not as much power as the first one, but unlike the first one this child had no weakness or flaws.

He gasped," This wasnt expected," he said,as looked between the little girl about six years old that seconds ago was a newborn infant and the other baby.

"What will you do with him, Father," asked the girl glibly, though there was a trace of protectiveness and concern in her voice.
" I will keep him, Potentia," the girl grinned and said,
" Potentia? Huh? I like the sound of that, Potentia and Vires has a nice ring to it don't you think."

The man arched an eyebrow, " Vires?", he questioned and searched his future and saw it, might and selflessness that preserves the balance, "Vires it is, then", he said looking at the small baby.

" I will grow up with him after all he is my twin brother, said Potentia as he turned into an infant once again.

"Welcome Potentia and Vires", said Chaos, as the children's eyes and his glowed with power.