Potentia POV

" Intrepidus, get in here," I yelled.

"Gosh Potentia, give me a minute will ya?" Intrepidus said, I could almost see him rolling his eyes.

"Were going to be late, Vires and Neutra are waiting," I reminded him.

"Ok, I'm done," he said flaming next to me.

"Good," I said, unfazed that he appeared out of nowhere," then lets get going."

And then we disappeared. Once we arrived at the restaurant we saw Vires and Neutra slurping happily on a drink, Vires' drink appeared to be a Mountain Dew Voltage, while Neutra's was White out.

We walked to the booth and sat down, immediately a waitress came with the menus, I ordered a Mountain Dew Pitch Black and a cheeseburger, and Intrepidus ordered a Code Red and some chili fries. I saw Vires roll his eyes.

"What?" I asked him.

"Must you be so emo even while ordering drinks?" he mused.

" Look whose talking, you and Neutra are drinking a voltage and whiteout," I retorted," its practically our nature, not wanting to associate with things we oppose."

Then the waitress arrived with our drinks, once she set them at the table, she told us that our food would be coming soon. Vires and Neutra already had food, chicken fingers and fries. I plopped my elbows on the table and grabbed a fry out of Vires' plate, as I munched on it I could see from the corner of my eye him glaring at me.

I only chuckled, and just in time he could say anything, the waitress came with our food.

"So why are we here, little brother?" I said after finishing my burger," I suspect not a family reunion."

"Quit being so… you Potentia, we're here because Dad wanted to give us a present, even I don't know what it is," he told me.

Now, I'm over centuries old, but even I have my moments, so this is why I responded like this,

" A PRESENT! OH OH WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IT!" I all but yelled, I heard Intrepidus and Neutra chuckling quietly, but I paid no mind to them.

"QUIET!" Vires hissed. Well what's his problem?

" Well what are we waiting for," I said," lets go!"

After we paid (when I say we, I mean we all just looked at Vires until he sighed and got his credit card out, all while muttering under his breath) we all left, using different means of transportation, Neutra orbed, Vires flamed, I shadow traveled and Vires light teleportated (lets call it light travel) to Dad's palace.

We all arrived at the same time, call us children if you wish but were older than you ever thought we'd be, but we only arrived at the entrance, dad's palace didn't allow anyone but him to powerport beyond the entrance, we once asked dad about it.

Flash Back

"Daddy!" Neutra and I skipped through the palace, my dad turned to look at us. Shock in his face I was acting so girly.

"Yes girls?" he asked.

" Well, daddy we were wondering why we can't teleport inside your palace," my voice had taken a deadly tone.

The king of the universe cleared his throat," Well, its so that no unwanted visitors come inside."

I felt hurt, we weren't wanted, I felt like I was going to cry, I put on my expressionless face, but once he noticed this and Neutra's hurt expression he quickly said," Not you of course but people who wish to harm me."

Now I understood, protection, I must admit it actually is a very good idea.

"But why can't we get in?" Neutra asked.

"Well, like your palaces, it is part of me and well it will protect me from almost everything, and since you are so powerful, the palace deems you as a threat. I do not, I trust you with my life, but it is one of the few things I can't control," he explained.

"But our palaces, allow us to enter all of us?" I asked, puzzled.

"Ah, yes, but your palaces do trust each other since they were created to hold you four, with a bond so extreme that the palaces, share the bond as well," he said.

And with that we left satisfied with his answer.

End Flash Back

So as soon we got there we ran like there was no tomorrow to the throne room, and I am proud to admit that I won.

" I let you win," muttered Vires grumpily.

"Suuure you did," I said sarcastically.

" Oh shut it!" he snapped, I smirked, I was barely getting started.

"Oh is wittle Vires a sore looser," I mocked him.

"Potentia, stop taunting your brother," my father said in a stern tone, I immediately dropped it.

"Daddy's Girl," Vires muttered.

In response I only growled at him.

Dad noticed this and said," This goes to you as well Vires."

"OWNED", I mouthed to him.

This time dad didn't notice. Instead he told us about the gift.

" I have a present for you but you will have to share it," he smiled.

My eyes widened, this was very important and valuable since we don't share anything, only our powers, but we are stronger than each other depending on what power it is, and Vires and I are stronger than Neutra and Intrepidus.

" I have decided to give you a galaxy," he finally said.

My jaw dropped, but it wasn't the only one. A galaxy is a great responsibility, it wasn't given to just anyone.

After my shock passed, I found the courage to ask," How big is it?"

" Over 500 billion planets", my father said.

"So wait, we get one hundred twenty-five billion planets each, but how are going to do that?" I asked, once again.

" Not all of them just one, you all share that one, give it the best attention. It is the only one that matters, give it life and create a live being each one of you, give it a life force, have fun, but remember, nothing lasts forever, and you will have a test, so try not to get attached," he commanded.

" Yes, Dad," we responded in unison, well that was creepy.

And with that we all went to check out our galaxy. We concentrated mainly on a a solar system, more specific, a planet we decided to name Earth. We created, animals and and a special species each, and its life sources, water and the sun. The sun is just a medium star we found floating around, we suspect dad decided to give us a head start.

" Well, now what do we name our galaxy?" wondered Neutra, everybody looked at me, "What?" I questioned them while opening a Milky Way Chocolate.

"You helped us all create a different species, you barely made yours strong compared to ours (Can you guess which species Potentia created, the one who guesses will get a preview on the next chapter) and since you helped us all, we decided, your species will be the most abundant and you get to name the galaxy," said Neutra.

I was touched, but I really didn't know how to name the galaxy. So just I kept on munching on my chocolate.

Wait… my chocolate, I got it!

"Milky Way Galaxy!" I said proudly.

My siblings stared at me like I was crazy. Vires was the first to speak up.

"You want to name our galaxy after a chocolate? ARE YOU NUTS!" he shrieked my other siblings nodded, too shocked to speak

I frowned," Well you were the ones that gave the right to name the galaxy, and I happen to like that name very much."

Neutra sighed," She's right, we did give her the right to do it, just let her name the galaxy after the damn chocolate."

"Fine, only you would find a way to screw us over like this, with such an honor like this Potentia," Vires said, smiling

"Are you sure you want to name it Milky Way, not Snickers, or Twix?" asked Intrepidus, needless to say we all cracked up.

And that folks is how the Milky Way Galaxy came to be.