Who's winning now?

Disclaimer: Arrow, Delta, Yaku and Sakano are all characters that belong to me, Snowshinobi (AkiIsAwesome42 ((on deviantART)) )

Summary: Honestly, Arrow. What kind of idiot do you take Delta for? The tables are turning . . .

A/N: This is just an experimental piece with my Original Characters. A friend requested I try writing something other than fanfiction, so I gave it a go using characters of my own, and BAM, this is what happened. I know it's a fail of a story,but I like that I was able to feel out my characters a little bit. I feel like I know Arrow and Delta a little better now, and writing some interaction between them while also being able to hint at Yaku X Sakano was FUN 8D! Plus, the friend who wanted me to write this seems to like Arrow, so I'm glad I was able to give him some attention in this 8D.

". . . Arrow?!"

Said boy groaned loudly from his perch upon a thick birch bow not two feet above Delta's head. She peered up at him, a tad alarmed at first, but relaxed as his familiar form appeared to be unscathed. A moody aura hung about his knees-tucked-to-chin frame, and his head was hidden by his arms which wound around his compacted legs. He didn't even teeter as the vibrations of his reply caused the tree to shake. Delta smirked to herself - of course he was fine. The kid practically lived in trees, and kept popping out of them at the randomest times. His balance had to be incredible. It was rather unnerving, seeing him this down though. Arrow always had a witty comeback for any and every situation . . .

Delta flipped her head to shake her braid out of her face, flashed an un-amused look his way. " . . . And . . . ? What happened . . . ?" Her emerald green eyes twinkled with interest. She was genuinely curious by now.

Arrow merely glared at her, the tops of his furious black eyes glittering just above his taught arms that remained snugly wrapped about himself. ". . ."

Delta sighed and sat at the base of the tree, staring up at him. "Ok . . . lemme guess . . . you pissed someone off."

Arrow huffed irritatedly. Delta nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it's never anything else, is it? Well, who'd you bother this time . . . ?" And why are you so cut up about it?

"I fail to see why on earth you care about my problems." Arrow bit back, retreating back into his arms again. Now, only a tuft of his crow-feather-black hair gleamed down at Delta.

"Well, as you might not know, friends actually CARE about people," Delta answered curtly. Honestly, Arrow . . .

She was met with a bitter chuckle. "I don't have friends." That was typical. Arrow never liked connecting with people. He always said it made him vulnerable, too trusting, too soft. Besides, if he had 'friends' whom he trusted with important information, they could spill that info or blackmail him with it. Delta always scoffed at this. It was total crap - friends were there to support you, be your partners in crime, be there for you. Not having friends was like isolating yourself on a deserted island. Lonely as hell, and you'd be up s*** creek without a paddle if the wild critters decided you looked like dinner.

"You just keep telling yourself that." Delta knew Arrow actually did care about a few people. He might be difficult, once you got on his good side, he'd watch your back. She'd seen how relaxed he could get around people he'd begun to trust without really meaning to. Might even crack the occasional joke, too. Of course, Arrow would never admit he enjoyed the company of SOME, but Delta knew better. She liked to think she was one of the few whom Arrow would think twice about letting die in a life-or-death situation, but she couldn't be absolutely sure. Still, the fact that he wasn't just ignoring her right now was certainly a good sign.

Arrow glared down at her, a glimmer of confusion visible in his eyes as he studied her content face. The glimmer quickly morphed into frustration, and he looked away with a tart 'Hmph'. She was so . . . hard to read. That was what puzzled Arrow about Delta, and it was so very puzzling that he'd wasted the better part of an hour in this tree, thinking about it. From what he observed, her intent was always good. She seemed rather bland at first glance, but could be quite intense regarding things she felt strongly about. Like sticking together, relying on one another, how expressing yourself in any way you needed to was ok. She was level-headed, down to earth, but didn't have a stick up her butt. Delta could take a joke, and had a laid-back personality. It was almost . . . reassuring, her presence.

It made Arrow feel CERTAIN she had to be hiding something. For a while, he tried to discover it. He made cutting remarks, observed her when she thought no one was looking, even snooped through her stuff. Darn her for not keeping a journal, like Yaku did . . . heh, Arrow'd managed to reap a TON of decent blackmail from Yaku's oh-so-precious diary that Sakano had given her. Arrow smirked to himself, staring horizon-ward. It was so obvious the two were in love. Yaku's denial and Sakano's silence over the matter was the main reason Arrow kept bringing it up. Blackmail. Arrow absolutely LOVED the stuff, and had files full of it in his brain, conveniently stored and waiting for the right time to be flaunted. But with Delta . . . he had nothing. His mind went blank. And there was absolutely NOTHING Arrow hated more than not having something to hold over someone's head. If he had no dirt on Delta, she and he were at the same level. Meaning, he had no control, no way to ensure she would do what he wanted.

Merely ASKING someone to do him a favor was not an option. Way to sound weak and needy . . .

Delta's voice startled Arrow out of his muddled thoughts. "Arrow? Buddy? Uh, you look a little lost there . . ." She stood up hesitantly, arms bent and a little forward. If he falls . . . well . . . I sure hope he isn't too heavy . . .

He scowled down at her. "I'm FINE." So get off my case . . .

She smirked up at him, a hint of malice an superiority touching her features. "I have a new theory. About why you're sulking . . ."

Arrow's eyes blazed. "I am NOT sulking . . ."

Delta's smirk grew. "You are too. Your denial of the fact proves it." Darn her stupid keen observation skills that are almost as good as mine . . . Arrow clenched his teeth.

The pale-green-haired girl continued her thought. "Forget pissing someone off, I think YOU are the one who's pissed off. If someone pisses you off, you usually squish their pride with a cruel snide comment, and feel satisfied. So this isn't about a person . . ."

Wrong. Arrow's eyes narrowed and the thin line of his mouth eased into a tiny grin. Perfect. She was leading herself off-course . . .

". . . but about your control over a person!" Delta deduced with a wide grin.

Arrow just stared at her. What?! How did she . . . since . . . she said . . . it wasn't about . . . and yet . . . she got it . . . WHAT?!

"I'm disappointed, Arrow. How much of an idiot did you take me for?" OH no. Was she MESSING with him?! That was . . . HIS job! To mess with people . . .

Delta grinned happily. "So that's it, huh? You just can't stand the idea of someone in this world getting by WITHOUT you being able to ruin their life?" She laughed heartily for a moment, and then quieted.

Arrow grumbled grudgingly "Well?! Aren't you going to interrogate me about WHO I have yet to discover some decent blackmail on?!"

Delta settled back down at the bottom of the tree's trunk again. "No," she said in a contemplative tone, "You wouldn't go through so much effort to hide it from me if it wasn't a big deal to you. I'll leave the subject alone now. I've figured out enough."

And there was, yet again, another reason Delta infuriated him. How could anyone just leave the chase like that?! Arrow knew for a fact he'd pursue even the tiniest hint of a secret until he finally got to the bottom of it. And yet . . .

"You're . . . weird . . ." He muttered, not meeting Delta's gaze which flew immediately to his face as he spoke.

Delta seemed to ponder that for a moment before answering. "If that's your roundabout way of calling me 'clever' . . . thanks!" She smiled, one of those truly content, eyes-closed smiles, and rose. "I'm gonna head back now. Don't stay out too long, ok? I won't be here to cushion your fall if you drop off . . ." She even had the nerve to wink at him.

He grunted petulantly back, which only seemed to add to Delta's glee as she walked off, the usual cheery spring in her step. Arrow watched her go.

He was gripped by a sudden urge to leap down from his branch and run after her. 'Wait up!'

But of course, he didn't.

A/N: I dunno about that ending, it was supposed to get across how Arrow really is human and secretly craves company on the inside, but denies it because he feels it's 'safer' to keep to himself.
Alright, I hope now that you have an idea of Delta and Arrow's personalities ^_^! Please do let me know what you think of them, maybe even who you like better . . . ?
Also, very important: this was meant to be a friendship-ie fic, not anything romantic. I'm still debating about whether or not to pair Arrow and Delta off, but the evil part of me wants Arrow to die alone . . . XD!
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