Even if you think you're in Heaven...you could be putting someone else through Hell.

This story begins in a small town on Earth...

There is legend that long ago, in ancient times when angels visited Earth and mingled with the mortals, somewhere in Greece, there lived a boy and a girl. Not much is remembered of the two, and no one knows their names. However, it is known that the girl was beautiful, and had fair hair and dark, stormy blue eyes. The boy had short, brown hair and bright, crystal blue eyes. They were in love, and happy about it.

The boy and girl were very close, practically joined at the hip. They could never stand to be apart for very long, and they told each other everything. They often had playful battles of who could express their love in words.

"I love you...more than a horse loves its fields." The girl would say.

"I love you more than a bird loves to fly," The boy would counter. And on it went, declerations of love echoing around them as she fought to see who loved the other more. They had never been happier.

Even when they were in the company of others, they would express their feelings without shame. Sometimes it would be nothing more than a simple glance and a knowing smile when they were talking with their friends, and others it would be one bragging to their companions about the other.

After a long time of this going on - no one is quite sure how long they were like that - the boy went out to go see a concert that his friends had persuaded him to go to. He was terribly upset, because his love had gone away for a whiles to help with family in need. He missed her, and his attitude showed it. He snapped easily and was irritable. It had taken hours of begging and pleading from his friends to get him to agree to come to the concert with them.

He reached the large, cream-colored building and stepped inside, a symphony of sounds reaching his ears immidiately. One was a beautiful one, of smooth music being played by a harp or lyre. Another was the sound his friends, who had arrived some time earlier, yelling at him to get his butt over there.

'Over there' was a small table in the corner of the room where his friends sat. He easily picked out his friends but he also saw someone else there, someone he had never seen before.

The boy had long, spiky rusty-brown hair and the brightest blue eyes he had ever seen. His skin was pale and even, without a single blemish, and he practically looked to be glowing.

The boy walked over, taking a seat next to the newcomer. He did not say anything, but the other boy gave him a shy smile, and he felt his heart flutter.

Over the next few days, while the fair-haired girl was away, the boy spent much time with his new friend. they quickly became very close, and by the time the girl came back from her trip, her love had already moved on, now in love with the other boy.

The two boys were talking one day, sitting out in the field that the girl had once visited, the boy's new love confessed that he was not human. He was an angel.

The mortal boy was quite shocked, but he was overjoyed, and after the secret was out, their love only grew stronger.

Meanwhile, the girl watched as their relationship blossomed. She still went out with their group of friends, but it wasn't the same anymore.

She watched as the boys shared those knowing looks and soft smiles that she had once shared with the mortal boy. Every time they would do something, something that she had once had the pleasure of doing, the soft smiles, the loving looks, or the quiet whispers and bits of laughter, her heart would shatter just a little bit more. You wouldn't think that that little bit mattered, that tiny section of her heart that would break off, but it added up. Soon, she felt as if her heart was nothing but small, broken shards the size of grains of sand.

She thought, after her heart had surely been broken as much as it could, that she would only feel numbness, but no. Every night, she would return home, alone, and she would tell herself that she would be okay. That she would get over it, that she would heal. And her heart would heal, just a bit, and then she would go back to her friends the next day. One of the boys would declare their love, and her heart would shatter all over again.

The mortal boy's behavior didn't just change around the angel. It changed when he was near his past lover as well. He acted coldly to her, saying how she was only jealous because she was in love with the angel as well. She tried to tell him that she would only ever love him, that she had no feelings for the angel, but he would never believe her. Every time they were alone together, for whatever reason, he would start a fight with her. He would claim that she only ever talked to the angel, how she didn't love him anymore, to which she would counter that he was the one who left her.

The girl still loved him, but the situation only grew worse and worse. Every night, when she was alone at home laying in bed, she would cry. She would cry her feelings out, cry until she felt completely drained, cry because she felt like there wasn't anything else she could do.

She had tried every thing; She tried ignoring the mortal boy, the boy she used to love, but he only came back to fight with her once more. She had tried openly expressing her feelings to him, like she used to, the feelings that at one point she was sure he shared, but he only grew angry with her for 'acting so rash around his lover'. She tried to hate the angel boy, the boy who had stolen her love, the one who she was sure had ruined her life, but he was so perfect, as all angels are. He was kind, gentle, and patient. He was perfect for the mortal boy. She knew that, even if the angel left her love, she would never be good enough for him. Compared to the angel's love, nothing else would ever be good enough.

She couldn'y even hope that 'what goes around comes around', because she would never be able to stand to see her love the way she was. She was an emotional mess, barely held together by the thought that at least her love was happy, even if it was because of someone else.

She had always known that this would happen, that he would find someone better. She would think to herself, I messed up. What did I do wrong? I wasn't good enough! Why didn't I try harder? Why didn't I try to keep him?

She hated it. She hated everything about it. She eventually was able to almost hate the angel boy, for ruining her perfect life. She hated the fact that he was so perfect. She hated that her love had been stolen. She hated her life. The only reason she didn't kill herself was because she knew, that if she did, she would undoubtedly go to Hell, and never get to see her past lover again. She would be alone.

Although, when she thought about it, seeing him with someone else was Hell.